Let’s Go Brandon: Biden Wants Unvaccinated Police Officers Fired

What a great idea, make the cops at war with cities, and even states, over vaccination mandates include the White House in that war. This might play well with the police haters in the Democratic Party, but, not so well with the regular citizens who want police around in case something bad happens to them

Biden says police officers, first responders should be fired for refusing jab

President Biden on Thursday said police officers and first responders who refuse the COVID-19 vaccine should stay home and be fired.

Speaking during a presidential CNN town hall, moderator Anderson Cooper noted that as many as one in three emergency responders in some major cities are refusing to comply with city vaccine mandates.

“I’m wondering where you stand on that,” Cooper said. “Should police officers, first responders be mandated to get vaccines? And if not, should they be mandated to stay at home, let go?”

“Yes and yes,” Biden replied, going on to suggest that he implemented his controversial vaccine mandate only as a last resort.

Yes, during the totally scripted “town hall” in a friendly atmosphere where Joe can get short, easy answers. Might police officers decide that if he wants them and their brothers and sisters in blue fired that there’s no need to provide protection for Joe when he comes to town? That their time would better be spent protecting citizens?

Biden went on to say that those who oppose vaccine mandates are attempting to make vaccines “a political issue.”

The president also scoffed at those who oppose vaccine mandates on the basis of “freedom.”

“I have the freedom to kill you with my COVID,” Biden said, mocking what he sees as the attitude of mandate opponents. “No, I mean, come on, freedom.”

Freedom is pretty much what Democrats hate. They like government force. This kind of talk actually harms the push for vaccination, as it says that the vaccine really doesn’t protect individuals from getting COVID, that it doesn’t work unless everyone else gets it. Or is forced to get it. Because it’s so good that booster shots are now recommended. And they want kids, the safest group, to be forced to be vaccinated.

In Chicago, seemingly the ground center for the fight, we see

A group of dozens of Chicago firefighters and water department workers are asking a federal judge for a temporary restraining order against Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s vaccine mandate, the latest salvo in a battle over city rules.

And their police?

With thousands of Chicago police officers at odds with the city’s new COVID-19 vaccine mandates, officials in the neighboring state of Indiana are trying to recruit disgruntled cops, some of whom are being punished for not complying.

As of Oct. 15, all of Chicago Police Department’s roughly 12,000 officers are required to share their vaccination status, outlets report, and those who aren’t vaccinated must get tested for COVID-19 twice weekly.

“Hey Chicago police officers, we’re hiring!” an Indiana State Police spokesman said in a tweet on Thursday. “No vaccine mandate … lower taxes, great schools, welcoming communities.”

How many will leave? Better working conditions that the crazy and crime ridden city of Chicago, right? So far, 21 officers have been placed on leave. This will come to a head by the end of the month/end of November in Chicago, along with New York City, Philadelphia, and so many cities. How many officers will leave/retire?

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8 Responses to “Let’s Go Brandon: Biden Wants Unvaccinated Police Officers Fired”

  1. Dana says:

    Meanwhile, in Killadelphia, the city has seen 445 homicides in 2021, and is on pace for 552 for the year. The current record of 500, set in the crack cocaine wars of 1990, is ‘scheduled’ to be tied on, appropriately enough, ‘Black Friday.’ So, naturally, Philadelphia needs fewer cops!

    • Philly is unusual in that they’re only down around 300 cops. Yet, still, dangerous. Surprisingly, Neighborhood Scout ranks them as a 9. Property crime isn’t that bad, the violent crime is. Of course, that’s not based on 2021 numbers, and maybe not even 2020, as they are hiding their reporting.

      • Dana says:

        There are two types of crimes: crimes of evidence and crimes of reporting. With a homicide, a shooting, or a serious assault, there is unmistakable evidence alerting the police that a crime has been committed: a dead body or a seriously injured person in the hospital.

        But rape, robbery, burglary, etc, are crimes of reporting; if someone doesn’t report the crime to the police, then as far as the police, and the statistics they compile, are concerned, there was no crime.

        And with the distrust of the police due to George Floyd resisting arrest, and the sadly low rate of crimes being solved, what incentive is there to report crimes, if nothing’s going to happen?

        So, no, I don’t believe that property crimes are down; I think it far more likely that the reporting rate for property crimes has dropped.

        Why? Murder and attempted murder are not normally ‘entry-level’ crimes. These are crimes committed by thugs who have been graduated from lower level offenses and have gotten away with them.

  2. Kye says:

    Philly is a shithole. Has been for years. Property crimes are bad and so are violent crimes. The demofascists that run the shithole are cooking the books. I know because I’m friends with several cops and even captains both working and retired. I drink with them. I was in Vietnam with some of them. They tell me shit they’d never tell a reporter or a media guy or even their own wives. The police force is crooked. Has been since I can remember. I never paid a ticket in my life. Nor got a DUI. I never had a robbery or any incident at any of my restaurants in Philly. I hosted poker games between Councilmen and Mafioso at my places. Never a problem. I was offered everything from confiscated unregistered guns to cocaine to stolen gold coins and bars.

    I watched as a kid while my father a Philly committeeman and his cronies rigged elections. The entire city government runs on nepotism and patronage and if you can find a city worker who can perform his or her job correctly you may as well hunt for a dodo bird.

    Philadelphia is not alone. I would suggest that every major city that’s been run by one party for 30, 40, 60, 80 years is corrupt. Regardless of party. It is just that the democrats have had the upper hand in cities for decades. But saying that I will point out that democrats have a peculiar penchant for fine tuning corruption to the point where they just deny, deny, deny until they wear you out. Then they win. Look at the 2020 election.

    The corruption of the left (both parties BTW) knows no bounds. Between the pay-offs, the money laundering, the patronage and the sex scandals leftists always leave a pile of dead bodies, ruined souls and dead babies wherever they go.

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      If you can be believed, your father rigged elections and you hosted crooked local politicians and the Mafia at your businesses, and coincidentally received kid glove treatment from the police. Nice privilege if you can get it.

      And now you redistribute taxpayer monies from the poor into millionaire’s pockets.

      And you’re the moral one…

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