Climate Crisis (scam) Is Damaging US Military Readiness Or Something

See, now, I was going to go with this laugh-riot

After Manchin nixes clean energy budget provision, youth climate change activists go on hunger strike in front of White House

Five young activists began a hunger strike in front of the White House on Wednesday in a last-ditch effort to preserve the most important measures to combat climate change in President Biden’s Build Back Better infrastructure investment proposal.

The protest arose in response to recent news that Democrats are reluctantly scrapping a plan that would have set a national standard for utilities transitioning to clean energy sources, in order to win the support of Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia, a centrist Democrat from a coal- and gas-heavy state whose vote is key to passing the budget bill in the evenly divided Senate.

What’s the over/under on their mom or dad dropping them off in a fossil fueled vehicle? I say, let the little buggers practice what they preach. Start with taking away their smartphones, Internet, and sweets like cookies and cakes.

But, I ran across this insane bit of cult moonbattery

Climate Change Is Damaging Troop Readiness, Pentagon Official Says

Climate change is already affecting the combat readiness of the U.S. military and providing opportunities for China to exploit, the Pentagon’s No. 2 official said on Friday.

“Climate change and extreme weather events caused by climate change affect everything from the number of days we can be flying in the air and training” to the ability to use military installations as sea levels rise or drought sets in, Kathleen Hicks, the deputy defense secretary, said in an interview with host Joe Mathieu on Bloomberg Radio’s “Sound On” program.

Climate change could affect the military’s fuel lines and even the ability of its planes to “loiter in the air,” she said.

Hicks’ commented after the Pentagon published a new climate risk analysis, which warned of “worsening implications” for U.S. national security, including the danger that China will try to take advantage of climate hazards in the Indo-Pacific region.

Sherman Potter Bull Cookies

This actually looks more like the Let’s Go Brandon admin is blaming ‘climate change’ to deflect from how Democrats are destroying the US military, turning it into an effeminate SJW virtue signaling organization, which empowers China, which is ramping up their own military. We never used to have to worry about the military preparedness, eh? One which has fought in hot and cold areas and periods.

Hicks said that in areas such as the Arctic, “we’re starting to see much more competition from Russia and China in and around strategic minerals and strategic reserves and resources.” She said there was a need to protect scientific missions in these areas and to manage potential “conflicts and miscalculations” with China and Russia.

It couldn’t possibly have anything to do with Democrats being weak on nation defense, could it? That Russia and China see Biden, with his dementia and bad policies (see Afghanistan), as weak, during his short time in the White House and his 8 years as VP, could it?

Victor David Hansen is asking what happened to our military. He makes some interesting points, but, misses something integral that I’ve mentioned before. Progressive have very long term plans of control. Early on in the 1900’s they went after education. Then government bureaucracies. The news and entertainment sectors. Unions. Over time things like the sports figures (who rarely practice what they preach). Lawyer and medical guilds, though, again, few practice what they preach. AARP. During the late 60’s into 70’s they wanted to eliminate the FBI, CIA, and military. That was not going to happen. So, they infiltrated, changing the organizations from the inside. That’s how we end up with the military letting in transgenders, who are a danger to themselves and the people are them, as they have a much higher level of self harm, depression, and suicide. That the military worries more about ‘climate change’ than protecting the U.S. Lowering training standards. You name it.

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5 Responses to “Climate Crisis (scam) Is Damaging US Military Readiness Or Something”

  1. Kye says:

    Ya know what’s damaging US military readiness?

    Or perhaps the fact that the fake president took a mentally ill man in a dress and made it an “admiral”. And what a beauty this putz is.

    So while the chicoms and North Koreans are creating warriors we’re creating cross dressing faggots and anti white racists to suppress the insurrectionist parents at school board meetings.

    Hey, junta joe. Ya know what doesn’t get stranded at sea interrupting our supply lines? Stuff made in America.

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      All the right has is hate.

      They hate the military. They hate America. They hate democracy. They hate school boards and teachers. They admire tyranny.

      • Kye says:

        At least we don’t murder little babies, close people’s businesses or steal their property, inflict unwanted medicines and violate their person,, mandate all kinds of shit on a power high.

        Elwood, you do realize a Guantanamo terrorist inmate released by junta joe now runs Afghanistan. How you can defend this illegitimate régime is incomprehensible.

        I’m not saying the democrats and their communist allies are intentionally trying to shut down small business, destroy the middle class, transfer the majority of the wealth to the worlds largest corporations and divide us with fear, hysteria and hatred. But if they were what would they be doing differently?

        Power used to be held by makers or at least people who had some connection to how difficult and risky it is to build something. Today’s so-called elites have never built anything, so their focus and excitement is dedicated to breaking what others have built.
        Another way of looking at it is America used to be a country of makers with a few but growing number of takers that benefitted from the success of others, but didn’t destroy that success. I put most politicians up to Obama in this ‘taker’ category. But now the takers are giving way to the breakers. These are the AOCs, Sanders, Omars and people behind Biden today who are either so hateful or stupid that they will turn everything to ash.

        The makers could mostly handle the takers, but not the breakers. This is the red line.

      • Joe says:

        This is a really great day to see that you have finally slipped from the bonds on sanity with that diatribe. Enjoy your pudding.

  2. Professor Hale says:

    It happens to be true. Climate change is a huge challenge to military readiness. Other than Lady Di’s crusade against land mines, this is the most expensive politically imposed sidetrack the military has ever had to deal with. Not the actual climate, or the idea that it is changing, or any attempts to curtail that change. No. Just the label “climate change” forces the military to buy things (like energy) at higher prices and the military uses a LOT of energy. So the military, controlled by congress and the White House, are forced to spend less time training, flying, steaming, and driving vehicles. And we are forced to buy into unproven expensive technologies that just happen to be owned by wealthy connected democrats. And we have to put up windmills and solar panels everywhere, even in places where Grid electricity is cheaper and more reliable.

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