Democrats Are Super Anxious Over Spending Conflicts Or Something

The Hardcores are Very Concerned over Let’s Go Brandon’s agenda. Which is interesting, considering Surrender Joe positioned himself as a moderate who would bring #Unity to the nation, yet, the agenda is beyond Leftist. Who’s driving the Crazy in the agenda, particularly the $3.5 trillion “It’s Totally Paid For” bill?

Democrats feel high anxiety in Biden spending conflict

Democrats are facing growing headaches over their sweeping social spending bill as they struggle to show momentum ahead of an end-of-the-month deadline.

President Biden will meet with groups of moderates and progressives on Tuesday, and he’s facing pressure from some in his party to take a tighter rein on the talks.

Instead of narrowing their differences, Democrats are dealing with a near constant whack-a-mole of new problems in recent days ranging from climate provisions and child care to increasingly intense infighting between moderates and progressives.

Sen. Dick Durbin (Ill.), the No. 2 Senate Democrat, characterized the mood within the Senate Democratic Caucus as “anxious, not frustrated,” as they struggled to figure out what could unite all 50 of their members, nearly every House Democrat and the White House.

“Time is of the essence. The longer we wait the less likely that we’re going to produce a product that the American people are anxious to receive. … We’ve got to have some mutual trust to bring this to a close,” Durbin said.

As if the American people really want this amount of government control in their lives. Perhaps we should pass it but with a provision that it only applies to people who voted for Let’s Go Brandon? Anyhow, passing Big legislation at the federal level is supposed to be hard. That’s the way the system was set up. Naming post offices and stuff like that tends to be easy. Passing something like the insane $3.5 trillion bill, even if pared down? Hard. If it was a good bill that made sense it would be easy, because there would be a clear majority in favor of it, not 50 Senators in the minority party and 2 in the majority party. Heck, maybe there should be a constitutional amendment, to go with one repealing the 17th Amendment and creating term limits, that would require 60 votes to fully pass a bill.

But echoing skepticism from some of his colleagues, Manchin indicated that Democrats weren’t likely to hit an end-of-month deadline to send both the spending bill and infrastructure legislation to Biden’s desk by Halloween.

“There is an awful lot going on. I don’t know how that would happen,” Manchin told reporters, adding that there still needed to be a “meeting of the minds.”

Even the “infrastructure” bill is barely about actual infrastructure

But even beyond the top-line figure, which hasn’t been agreed on, Democrats are struggling to close the door on key policy disagreements. Progressive and climate activists are fuming over Manchin’s opposition to a program meant to incentivize companies to move toward renewable energy.

Beyond climate, Democrats are facing internal fights over what limits to put on the child tax credit and new child care and education benefits, as well as tough decisions over what programs will get sacrificed, or shortened, as the bill’s overall size shrinks.

Perhaps this is all just way, way too much? Perhaps it’s time to simply scrap the Constitution, which has been ruined by the federal government ignoring the federalism provisions, and re-instituting the Articles of Confederation, just a tiny bit stronger. With the first 10 Amendments in the Bill of Rights and a smattering of numbers 11-27. Number 16 on a federal tax can be left out. And 23. The federal district, ie, D.C., should have no representation, and should have zero residents. This is all a longer conversation. Just know that the Democrats agenda is so extremist that several in their own party refuse to cooperate.

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2 Responses to “Democrats Are Super Anxious Over Spending Conflicts Or Something”

  1. Merck sucks says:

    Well, it is no wonder that Merck wanted to not run any kind of trials on their Ivermectin. Japan begged Merck to help with a double-blind legit Ivermectin Trial vs Covid-19 and they refused.

    Now we know why. They know this drug works but hey, they just applied for EUA from the FDA on a new version of Ivermectin in which they can charge 700 dollars per dose as opposed to 53 cents. Many countries are fighting mad that Merck would make 7 billion dollars in one year while forcing poor countries to go bankrupt.

    Incidentally the NIH has Ivermectin on their website as a drug to treat covid although they list the drug as “there is no clear evidence despite 83 studies and counting saying it works,” but critics, not the NIH, point to a few studies that were tainted to throw out the over 120 studies that have strong evidence it helps.

    It is not a cure, but then neither are vaccines, it does what vaccines are doing which terrifies big pharma and now we know how much blood Merck has on its hands for dollars. I suggest that Big Pharma be Nationalized so that we can get shit drugs for free paid by the government because we know they have no political agenda and that way the government can then farm all their medicine to China.

    • drowningpuppies says:

      I suggest that Big Pharma be Nationalized so that we can get shit drugs for free.

      That loud noise you just heard was Rimjob shitting his pants.

      Bwaha! Lolgf

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