Vox: There’s No Such Thing As A Climate Moderate

Apparently, you’re either a card carrying member of the Cult of Climastrology or a heretic

The myth of the climate moderate
“There isn’t a middle ground between a livable and unlivable world.”

After months of discussion and debate, Democrats are at an impasse on a raft of infrastructure legislation that could make or break President Joe Biden’s effort to fight climate change. The rift, as it’s framed in countless news stories, is between progressives who want an ambitious social and climate spending bill and moderates who have protested the price tag.

But there’s a problem with portraying these disagreements as a conflict between moderates and progressives. This picture leaves out the unarguable scientific reality that pollution is warming the planet at an unsustainable and dangerous rate. There is nothing moderate or debatable about the catastrophic changes that global emissions are wreaking on the climate. In August, a panel of United Nations climate scientists called it “unequivocal” that humans have warmed Earth’s skies, waters, and lands.

If you’re calling a trace gas necessary for life on Earth a pollutant, you’re a member of a cult, one not interested in science. Good grief, I just trotted out a saying that is so 2012.

“It is possible to find middle ground in many areas of politics; I know, because I have done it,” Sen. Ed Markey (D-MA), an advocate of swift climate action, said in a recent press conference. “But we cannot compromise on science. There isn’t a middle ground between a livable and unlivable world.”

A narrative that pits progressives against moderates runs the risk of spotlighting climate deniers and centering fossil fuel interests. It arguably distracts from the substance of climate policies that a broad swath of Americans already support.

They may support them in theory, but, in practice, few make any changes in their own lives to match those beliefs. Anyhow, this is framing a “you’re either with us 100% or you’re an Evil denier”. Us vs them.

To take ambitious climate action, Senate Democrats need every single member of their party (plus two independents) to vote for a version of the Build Back Better agenda, a proposed budget that would, among other things, boost clean energy and reduce US emissions. That has put two holdouts, Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona, front and center in the negotiations, and gives them disproportionate power over the future of the country’s climate policy.

Policy battles like this show that Americans need a new way to talk about the politics of climate change, as a range of strategists, pollsters, and lawmakers told Vox. Instead of focusing on “centrist” or “moderate” politicians, they said, political observers should distinguish between the many Democrats who support addressing the crisis at hand and the few who support an unacceptable status quo.

And that’s what this is really all about, going after Manchin and Sinema, who have, so far, refused to bow to the climate cult. Two who realize how bad the climate provisions of the $3.5 trillion bill are for America and the citizens.

The time to take a moderate approach to climate has passed, argued Dana Johnson, who leads federal policy office of WE ACT for Environmental Justice, a climate advocacy group. “If we would have done this 20, 40, 60 years ago, perhaps we could take a moderate approach,” Johnson said. “The moment right now called for us to go big, and to be bold, if we’re going to achieve any kind of meaningful change.”

These people are as hardcore in their beliefs as Islamists and jihadis. They’re already taking “direct action”, committing mild violent acts. How soon till we see jihad style violence from them?

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16 Responses to “Vox: There’s No Such Thing As A Climate Moderate”

  1. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    William: If you’re calling a trace gas necessary for life on Earth a pollutant, you’re a member of a cult, one not interested in science

    If you’re claiming that the Earth is not warming from atmospheric CO2 you’re a member of a cult of ignorance, one not interested in science.

    There are two issues here. One – understanding that the Earth is warming from CO2 added to the atmosphere by burning fossil fuels, and two – what, if anything, to do about it.

    • drowningpuppies says:

      Rimjob proving again he’s just a cultist.
      No facts, no science, just beliefs.
      Same old shit.

      Bwaha! Lolgf https://www.thepiratescove.us/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_cool.gif

      • Kye says:

        But he sure does prove Teaches point in spades. There is never room to compromise with a faith-based partisan. Their politics is their religion and whether it’s Fauxi Flu, climate hysteria or killing babies there is zero room for them to move. It’s like trying to tell us Christians Jesus isn’t our Savior. They just won’t listen.

        The real issue here is that their religion wants to force everybody to obey it’s tenets like Islam. It’s join or die!

        Now they’ve spread their terror over American workers who may lose their jobs, their retirement, their healthcare, and their homes over their wanton need to tell people what medicine to take.

        They won’t be happy until all the “nonbelievers” are either imprisoned or exterminated. You notice how their answer to everything is threats and force because theirs is a faith full of hate for people.

        • Elwood P. Dowd says:

          Kye once again exemplifies the projection of the American right.

          “Beliefs” and “understanding science” differ. Right-wingers deny many scientific findings that fly in the face of their “beliefs”.

          This is true regarding global warming, the Covid pandemic, vaccines, abortion and their own religious “beliefs”.

          Kye also accuses others of wanting to kill all the ignorati. No. It’s the ignorati/nuCons who want the “other” eliminated.

          • Kye says:

            Your opinions are steeped in fantasy and delusion. Your constant projection of your own hate and the almost word for word repetition of your demofascist parties beliefs are dull. You sound like the constant daily din of CNNMSNBCCBSABCNPR along with their propagandists in the DemNews media and their professional censors on social media. The Faith in your immoral beliefs is more like a disease than science, law or even opinion since no one is permitted to vary in the least. IOW, what you believe is neither science nor morality it is DOGMA! You ridicule us for believing in God and yet all you believe in is shit. You laugh at angles, and demons and such while putting your Faith in the changing bullshit of fake “experts”, phony rumors and the opinions of idiots and fools. You may as well sacrifice virgins as believe in Fauxi or the lying politicians you worship as gods. They are men and they are fools.

            Elwood, your party can’t even say the difference between men and women, refuse to say men can’t menstruate or have babies and give “maternity” leave to a man who did not have a baby, he bought one. You are a bunch of science deniers spouting off about babies in the womb being something else or some other creature than human knowing FULL WELL they are people. So on top of your science denial you are liars.

            You can’t even tell the temperature next week yet you fervently believe you know the climate in 2050. You climate cultists have made hundreds of fantastic and crazy claims over the years NONE have come to pass. That would mean to normal people you are on the wrong track but you guys just keep on saying and predicting stupid shit hoping someday one will actually be right.

            We also love when you project by calling us projectors. That’s a hoot!

            “Beliefs” and “understanding science” differ. Right-wingers deny many scientific findings that fly in the face of their “beliefs”.

            This is true regarding global warming, the Covid pandemic, vaccines, abortion and their own religious “beliefs”.

            These are both meaningless statements because your hatred of God blinds you to the truth. Right wingers as you call us are not denying any PROVABLE science but we do QUESTION all science and all scientific opinions especially those based in politics not science. You do not seem able to discern between the two.

            Again (for the 10 thousandth time) we do not deny global warming only the politicization of it and the exaggeration and bloviation of normal climate changes for political purposes. We are aware the climate warms. Are you aware it’s from the sun and nature and very little due to man?

            We are also aware of a Wuhan pandemic and the Trump vaccines that were developed to combat it. Are you aware of the cooked numbers relating to this scamdemic? Are you conscience that about 600,000 American whose deaths have been blamed on Wuhan Flu died of other “less profitable” diseases but for political and monetary purposes were listed as Fauxi flu deaths? Would you admit your culpability if you could?

            Now you power mad bastards need to be protected from the unprotected by forcing the unprotected to comply to the protection that failed to protect the protected. IOW, you are all BULL-SHIT!

            And once more, your “science” on abortion is not science. We all know the unborn have their own DNA etc. We all know a zygote is a human stage of development just as an embryo is or a infant, baby, tot, child, teen, adult or geriatric. They are all scientific stages of human development. Killing one is murder. You just hate to admit you advance baby killing like some Nazi ghoul. But you do!

            Leftist like you have no love of or for life. You have no love for anything save control and power over others. That’s why you love baby killing, lockdowns, firings due to vaxx, and every other form of control by mandate you can seize.

            As I stated. If you could you would have all of us who “bitterly cling to our guns and Bibles” and all of us “Trumpists” and “deplorables” eliminated just like your fascist and socialist ancestors did those who they hated and disagreed with.

            Frankly, all we really want is to be left the fuk alone and you power mad fascists can’t even do that. For tyranny to be successful, compliance must be essential. And universal. You cannot let any get away lest they breed Freedom like you spawn hate.

          • Elwood P. Dowd says:


            We didn’t claim there are no gods, devils, angels, miracles etc… only that there is no supporting evidence of their existence. But as we’ve said many times, we could be wrong.

            There is little credible evidence of space aliens, Bigfoot or unicorns, but that doesn’t “prove” there are none.

  2. Hairy says:

    30 or 40 years ago was when Ronald Reagan first warned us about carbon pollution changing our climate
    Likewise Teach feels that there is no middle ground on abortion All babies conceived through rape or incest have a right to life

    • Kye says:

      “Likewise Teach feels that there is no middle ground on abortion All babies conceived through rape or incest have a right to life”

      Do you believe there is a middle ground on abortion? We haven’t heard you voice if you do. Here’s your chance. What is the “middle ground” on a person’s right to life. Tell us O Great One.

      Doe the child of a murderer have a right to life? A bank robber? A NY Governor who deliberately killed 15,000 elderly in a faux epidemic for no reason but hate?

      And should an innocent baby who raped or committed incest against no ones be murdered for her father’s sins?

      That’s why you leftists who deny God are immoral ghouls. Life means nothing unless your personal wishes are met.

      DEATH TO THE BABIES…..THEIR FATHERS HAVE SINNED!!! Your existence is like an ongoing Salem Witch Trial condemning one group after another until no one is left but you. Last year it was the “Non-essentials” who were eliminated, today it is the unvaxxed, tomorrow the Christians, next week the gun owners, then who knows who is next.

  3. Hairy says:

    Thete are about 15000 homicides 12-15 qeach year
    Very very few are committed for any political reason
    But Teach wants us to be afraid of that
    He loves to create strawman arguments
    How long before Teach himself grabs his multie guns and uses force to stop the murder of babies st Planned Parenthood ?

  4. david7134 says:

    You have been here many years going on about CO2. Never, ever have you presented a paper demonstrating that CO2 causes disturbances in climate. You have correlations, you have theories from over 100 years ago (subsequently disproved), and then you have guesses bases on some math and upper atmosphere observations that do not take in other factors. But you have never demonstrated a definitive link.

    Now, some could cause concern, but the aspect of your argument that labels the whole thing a hoax is that the only remedy is political. All efforts are geared at restricting CO2 in the US and Europe. Little effort is directed at China and India. The people in your movement have even coincided that little would be gained by major sacrifice on the part of the US. But it is necessary to bring down our wealth. And we are not even touching the fact that peer review is not functioning.

    This is a pure hoax.

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:


      We can’t help that you don’t understand basic physics and chemistry.

      Of course, political issues usually require political solutions.

      For example, the scientific solution to unwanted pregnancies is to prevent sperm cells from fertilizing an ovum of a woman who doesn’t want to become pregnant. There are effective contraceptives for women, but the most effective also have side-effects. Some block the implantation of a zygote which according to some critics is an abortifacient.

      Maybe the answer is to vasectomize all boys when they turn 12 and reverse the procedure when they’re married and ready for a child. That way young men can plow through all sorts of girls and women and the abortion rate would drop.

      Conservatives place all the blame on women, although it takes two to tango. Since conservatives desire to control women but not men, shouldn’t a con-government go the extra mile to identify the sperm donor and force him to support the woman the entire time of her pregnancy, including medical costs, and support the child through college.

      • Kye says:

        As usual you begin with a shit load of false suppositions and go down hill from there.

        “Conservatives place all the blame on women, although it takes two to tango.”

        “Conservatives” do no such thing. Are you stupid? Where did you come up with that ridiculous statement?

        “Since conservatives desire to control women but not men,”

        Conservatives do not “desire” to control anybody. That’s your demofascist party of mandates, laws, regulations and oppression. Conservatives aren’t locking down businesses and forcing people to take drugs they don’t want. Look in the mirror.

        It’s not just conservatives who know that abortion kills a human being. It is all thinking people who do not deny the science of reproduction. Those of us who actually understand this want to control murder, not women.

        “…shouldn’t a con-government go the extra mile”.. Why are you bringing “the government into the equation? And what’s a con-government?

        “…to identify the sperm donor and force him to support the woman the entire time of her pregnancy, including medical costs, and support the child through college.”

        No. They are both responsible and should share the expenses. BTW, college, like a new bicycle is optional and not anyone’s responsibility other than the students.

        You suggest the “solution” is to vasectomize all boys when they turn 12. Was this ghoulish idea the result of our fascist “leader” getting away with forcing other medical procedures on the population? You figure if the fascist can fore everyone to get meds they don’t want he can force them to get vasectomies? What a brave new world you Nazi’s are creating with your Fourth Reich, Her Elwood.

        Or is this your way of “equalizing” the medical problems and pains of child birth because nature put it all on the woman and you demand change in nature? You figure if you get to torture every young boy’s ball it kinda even it out?

        Do you fascists stay up at night thinking of new ways to fuk with mankind?

        All this simply because you refuse to follow the science and admit you are for baby killing in the most grotesque way: vivisection and vacuuming out the pieces for resale on the market.

  5. Professor Hale says:

    “There isn’t a middle ground between a livable and unlivable world.”

    That’s just stupid. The existing planet is already a combination of livable and unlivable areas and it is patently obvious that many livable areas will remain livable for a very long time (thousands of years) even if the most at-risk areas decline and are made uninhabitable. And yet, the bottom of the ocean is unlivable. This doesn’t even count scientific solutions to cool the planet or help humans to genetically adapt to a warmer world that is covered by oceans. Think gills and flipper-feet.

    BTW. I am currently in an area of the world that should be called uninhabitable. As I look outside, I see lots of inhabitants. History tells me there have been inhabitants living here for thousands of years. This place is a regular scientific anomaly. Climate activists claim it can’t exist, and yet it does.

  6. I just returned from Las Vegas says:

    There are uninhabitable places all over America. Big Cities.

    I just returned from Las Vegas and there were a billion cars on the road. Masks everywhere and me and the missues and her elderly brother didnt contract Covid-19.

    Incidently you should know that I travel via a Winnebago and we traveled from Wisconsin to Las Vegas which took about 8 days down there, 6 days in Vegas and then 10 days back.

    Where are all the truckers people scream. Well we must have passed 10000 trucks on our journey, they were thick as flies on the major east west interstates of I80 and I90 and two major north south interstates of I25 and I35.

    In the middle of October every motel was booked every night. We must have been in a dozen stop and goes in the middle of every State along our route. States are using covid money to work on Highways instead of helping those the money was intended to help. This is the only conclusion we could reach as every state was doing a massive amount of road work. More road work then we have seen in our 35 years of Traveling the US of A.

    The point is simple. In October cars were clogging the roads from sea to shining sea. Every Uhaul in America must have been rented out as we saw an inordinate amount of them lugging all their possessions and heading out of big cities.

    Oh don’t get me started on the big cities. Denver Colorado was the worst I have seen in a long time. Millions of cars blowing evil co2 into the skies from a city that demands we give up cars. Do as I say not as I do was the lesson we took home with us this past month.

    Big cities we traveled were dirty, filled with dick head people that were very unfriendly. I have not seen this attitude ever. In all our travels we have always thought most people were friendly and approachable but not this trip. Everyone was fuk you dude, get out of my way, cutting in lines.

    Speaking of lines. Everytime we filled up we had to wait in lines for 20-60 minutes to fill up on interstate gas stations or truck stops. We had people screaming at us for driving a Winnebago while they sat in a gas guzzing Suburban telling us we were polluting the planet.

    For the first time in forever I loaded our weapons because for the first time in forever I felt like I just might need them. America is fubar. I told my wife I am not going on another trip and she agreed. At least not until sanity returns to this country. Which is probably never from what I saw in a month on the road in America.

    • Professor Hale says:

      No need to stop traveling and enjoying your life.

      As Solzhenitsyn famously said, ““And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if we had only taken that one extra vacation in our Winebago. If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”

      They may be a day when you can’t afford the gas, or can’t even get it. Or the covid police will prevent you from crossing state lines without a permit. Don’t wait for then and then complain. Enjoy your freedom now.

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