Surrender Joe To Pivot To Economy In Wake Of Afghanistan Or Something

Well, he learned this from Obama, who pivoted back to the economy after every disaster. He never really did much of anything but talk, and his Credentialed Media allies were happy to comply

Biden to revive economic campaign promises to pivot away from Afghanistan, aides and allies say

The White House is preparing to roll out new announcements on a number of President Joe Biden’s unrealized campaign promises this fall, even as Congress works to advance the president’s dual infrastructure proposals in hopes of final passage.

White House officials did not dispute that a number of Biden’s economic campaign promises, including pledges to alleviate student loan debt and installing a first-time homebuyer tax credit, were not included in the bipartisan or budget reconciliation infrastructure packages, which combined would account for nearly $5 trillion in new spending initiatives.

Those officials stressed to the Washington Examiner that “the president and his whole team are proud of and are fighting for the substance of his Build Back Better agenda, which is fully paid for by asking big corporations and the wealthiest Americans to pay their fair share and by empowering Medicare to negotiate lower prices with pharmaceutical companies.”

“We need to cut prescription drug costs, take on climate change, and help families afford childcare, care for older Americans, and education; and extend the biggest middle class tax cut in American history,” one official explained in a statement. “Think of all the ways that will cut costs for families. And importantly, Build Back Better and the bipartisan infrastructure bill will reduce inflation by making our economy more efficient, making it easier to move goods, and making it easier to enter the labor force — without adding to the deficit.”

It would be “more efficient” by putting the Central government even further in charge of all economic decisions? Good luck with that. Reduce inflation? Let us know how Modern Socialism worked in the Soviet Union and Venezuela, among others.

However, both senior Democratic and Republican officials suggested to the Washington Examiner that while the administration would always have continued to push Biden’s unrealized campaign pledges, the White House is urgently looking for new narratives to focus on following America’s Afghan troop withdrawal and the humanitarian evacuation that ensued.

Not too mention rising inflation, a lack of goods (that’s not really Biden’s fault, but, you can bet the media would be blaming Trump if he were still president), raging COVID again (at least we’re not Australia), and more. China Joe’s approval rating is falling fast, and Afghanistan is not going away. God help Joe if there’s a terrorist attack here in the U.S., especially as he turns the military completely Woke.

A senior GOP aide also stated that Republicans will do everything they can to keep the media focused on Afghanistan, but waved off the strategy as political sabotage.

“This isn’t about hamstringing Biden’s socialist policies, although there is a double-sided benefit there,” the aide told the Washington Examiner. “The American people were lied to for 20 years about what was happening in Afghanistan. Now that the war is over, they deserve to know the truth.”

Let me ask: why not let it be political sabotage? This is what Democrats attempted with George W. Bush and Trump. They did everything they could. Politics is a dirty, nasty business with a veneer of civility. Democrats mostly abandoned any civility during the Bush and Trump years. Republicans need to fight back.

And it won’t be easy to pivot with things like

Glenn Beck group-funded planes to be used for evacuations being grounded by Taliban

Six planes funded by a Glenn Beck-founded charity were identified as some of evacuation aircrafts being grounded by the Taliban in Afghanistan, a report said.

More than 1,600 people, including over 100 Americans are expected to evacuate the country on the planes, which were chartered from Afghanistan’s largest private airline, Kam Air, the report said.

Will anyone in the press ask the Biden admin what they are doing to get those Americans out, and demand answers rather than being cowed by the typical evasions from people like Jen Psaki?

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2 Responses to “Surrender Joe To Pivot To Economy In Wake Of Afghanistan Or Something”

  1. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    George W. Bush invaded Afghanistan and Iraq costing thousands of American lives and trillions of dollars, with tens of thousands injured Americans, to no benefit for the nation or the world. His administration constructed a false narrative to justify invading Iraq. Bush signed the Patriot Act leading to the surveillance of American citizens. GOP tax cuts and the Global War on Terror exploded US debt. Bush was the first US President to lose the popular vote since Republican Benjamin Harrison in 1888. And who can forget the mortgage/Wall Street crash that led to the Great Recession?

    Donald J. Trump also lost the popular vote (twice). During what was considered a continued growing economy, GOP policies added trillions to the growing debt mostly by cutting taxes for the wealthy and corporations. On Jan 6, under trump’s urging, a violent mob of supporters stormed the US Capitol building in an attempt to overturn trump’s loss by blocking the Constitutional certification of the the vote. Since, trump continues to divide the nation by insisting that he won the election he obviously lost. It is trump and his fervent supporters who have broken America by trying to destroy any and all confidence in American institutions. Oh, and over 500,000 Americans dead from the Covid pandemic.

    W and tRump are both fortunate not to be in prison for treason.

  2. Hairy says:

    Teach wasn’t it Trump who surrendered and said thst he would pull out by Christmas? Wasn’t it Trump who ordered the release of 5000 Taliban from prison ?
    Teach after seeing this completely stupid wars are you fding less guilty in not enlisting yourself?

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