North Korea Joins The Climate Cult

No one should really be surprised that a brutal dictator is now chiming in on anthropogenic climate change. It’s a great platform for instituting all sorts of authoritarian policies as being for the benefit of the citizens. Kim Jong-un is in great company, being that China, Iran, and Osama Bin Laden have stated their belief in ‘climate change’

Kim Jong Un says climate change is crippling North Korea and the country needs an ‘urgent’ response

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has blamed climate change as one of the reasons for the country’s ongoing food crisis and cataclysmic floods that have battered its northeast regions.

He called on his officials to enact an “urgent” response to the slew of disasters his regime is facing at a politburo meeting, according to state media KCNA on Thursday.

Kim stressed the need to improve North Korea’s land management after floods destroyed bridges and homes on the country’s east coast last month.

The “danger” of an “abnormal climate,” he said, has risen in the last few years. Kim added that he wants officials to begin an “active and ambitious plan” to improve rivers, manage erosion control, maintain dykes, and start tide embankment projects as part of the country’s regular Five-Year Plan.

He added that “disastrous weather is getting ever more pronounced worldwide” and that North Korea will be vulnerable to the change, per KCNA.

Kim doesn’t really sound all that different from the climate cultists in Western nations, does he? Will the climate cult embrace Kim? How about the Biden administration? Will climate envoy and big time climahypocrite John Kerry be sent to North Korea to discuss ‘climate change’ while ignoring North Korea’s human rights abuses? Kim fits right in with the rest of the cult.

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5 Responses to “North Korea Joins The Climate Cult”

  1. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Didn’t Kim and tRump fall in love? Who decided to give that murderous thug an international platform and prestige?

    Who knows what a murderous thug such as Kim really thinks? What one needs to consider is how a murderous thug (and tRump lover) such as Kim is trying to use the issue for his advantage.

    Besides Kim and Iran, the Vatican, Dalai Lama, corporations, scientific associations and scientists, governments, reality etc also understand the threat of global warming. In fact, it’s only right-wing conspiracists/deniers who don’t. QAnoners deny it. Gosar, Boebert, Greene, Jordan, Rand, tRump, McCarthy, Teach, jimhoft, Tucker, Sean et al deny it.

    We have met the cult and it is Teach.

    • Jl says:

      The “North Korea, Iran, the Vatican, the Dali Lama, corporations, scientific associations and governments believe in the threat of global warming so it must be true!” argument. I think you left out a bunch of Hollywood actors form your list..

  2. Hairy says:

    For decades Trach and the Norks were brothers in arms denying climate change
    Teach hasn’t won of his strongest allies
    A sad day for the climate deniers

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