Bummer: Data Shows A Mixed Record On Vaccination “Equity”

So, I’m guessing it is time to force “people of color” to get the COVID vaccine? Somehow, low vaccination rates among black and brown people is the fault of you white folks

Federal vaccination data show mixed record on equity

Nearly three out of every four shots administered at the federal government’s Covid vaccination center in Cleveland went into white arms, according to site-by-site data provided exclusively to NBC News by the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

That compares to a city-wide population that is 33.8 percent non-Hispanic white. At the same time, Black people were given just 10.8 percent of the shots, despite accounting for nearly half of Cleveland’s residents. And, in figures that comport with broader national vaccination trends, Asian Americans got shots at a higher rate — and Hispanic people at a lower rate — than their share of the local population.

The full data set, covering 39 federal Community Vaccination Centers in 27 states, suggests President Joe Biden met his promise to “fight this virus with equity” in some parts of the country but not others. Where the administration fell short, it was not for lack of effort: Both political appointees and career officials at federal agencies say that equity was the watchword of the program.

Asians were much more likely to have a very high percentage of their population being vaccinated. Blacks and Hispanics are very low. So, what to do? These Wokesters can yammer about equity all they want, but, in the real world, their high minded social justice warrior beliefs run into the road block of reality.

The FEMA official said community engagement was an outgrowth of trying to figure out how to reach the most vulnerable populations — and those least likely to have easy access to shots.

“Our whole-of-government and whole-of-community approach both achieved results and served as a generator of best practices at every level,” Criswell said. “At FEMA, we’re leveraging this experience to ensure we continue to equitably deliver our programs and assistance.”

Have you ever noticed that the Wokesters have very low opinions of blacks and Hispanics, always think that those populations cannot do anything themselves, always needing the Hand Of Government?

Why some US Blacks and Latinos remain COVID-19 ‘vaccine deliberate’

Notice that they do not even want to use the phrase “vaccine hesitant”, in order to not Offend blacks and Latinos? Rest below the fold

Much has been made about people of color being hesitant to get a COVID-19 vaccine. Numbers have shown that Black and Latino vaccination rates are lagging behind those of white people in America.

About 40% of Black people and 45% of Latinos have been at least partially vaccinated as of Aug. 16, compared to 50% of white people, according to the latest data by the Kaiser Family Foundation.

And as of Aug. 16, 72% of people eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine were at least partially vaccinated, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. So far, researchers only have race or ethnicity data of 58% of the vaccinated population, of which 58% is white, 10% Black and 17% Hispanic.

Kinda low

There have been myriad efforts to explain the racial and ethnic vaccine rate disparity. Misinformation online has been blamed. Throughout the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, many were exposed to a slew of misleading health information, including hoaxes about the COVID-19 vaccines, some specifically targeted at Blacks and Latinos. Other experts identify structural barriers to vaccines, including health literacy, vaccine safety concerns, and physical access as contributing factors. Distrust of the medical system and government was also cited as an underlying source of vaccine disparity.

Did they just say that blacks and Latinos are dumb about healthcare? As for access, they have the same access as everyone else. This is all just putting the blacks and Latinos in the Victim category. Funny, though, how it’s OK for them to have “vaccine safety concerns”, eh?

“The most common reason respondents gave for not wanting to get vaccinated, or being unsure about getting vaccinated, is fear that the vaccine is not safe… 37% of Latinx respondents said they had seen material or information that made them think the COVID-19 vaccine is not very safe or not very effective,” said Lauren Goldstein, the lead researcher on the poll.


For older African American adults, culturally tailored health information – using plain or colloquial language – can help enhance understanding and receptiveness, Lincoln said, but there is currently a lack of structured intervention with tailored information about the vaccines.

Did they just call older blacks stupid? Perhaps if they stop treating blacks and Latinos as dumb children vaccination rates would rise. But, Progressives have always had low opinions of “minorities”.

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17 Responses to “Bummer: Data Shows A Mixed Record On Vaccination “Equity””

  1. Joe says:

    “and those least likely to have easy access to shots.”, I guess burning down the local pharmacy to show your rage against “wypepo” has its consequences.

  2. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    It could be that poor people are less likely to have easy access.

    Did any commenters or Teach have to take a bus to get their vaccination?

    • david7134 says:

      Now why would “poor” people be put upon?

      Have you not heard the poor people have Obama care and Medicaid. In fact the average “poor” person has greater access to medical service than others. But, guess what, they are too lazy to get their collective butts down to clinics.

      • Elwood P. Dowd says:

        Doogie Hoser,

        We didn’t say that poor people were put upon.

        You’ve made your opinion of “poor” people well known before – stupid and lazy compared to “your” kind.

        • david7134 says:


          Of course you know so much about “poor”. You see them every day, arrange to get them medications, help with social services. No, I laugh thinking you would do such things. Because pieces of shit just complain and want others to do the work, and you are a major POS.

    • The Philadelphia Inquirer was full of stories, at least initially, about vaccine hesitancy among blacks, something off of which the backed, probably because it offended published Elizabeth Hughes in her determination to make the Inquirer “an anti-racist news organization.” I know that you don’t read my site, but if you did, you’d see tons of documentation on the journolism of the Inquirer.

      The Inquirer published vaccinations by zip code in August, and I went through the numbers, something the Inquirer declined to do. It seems that the most heavily white zip codes have the highest percentage of people vaccinated, while the most heavily black zip codes have the lowest.

      Here’s the chart. The 15 zip codes shaded green have the highest vaccination rates, while the ones shaded orange are the 15 zip codes with the lowest vaccination rates. This chart is sorted by the racial percentage of the population in the zip code, with the black percentage at the top:

    • Dana says:

      And here it is again, again sorted by race, but this time with the zip codes with the highest white percentage of the population.

      Philly, governed by Democrats since George VI was King of England, took extra efforts to get the vaccines to minority neighborhoods.

      • Kye says:

        With due respect Dana, the blacks in Philly are currently occupied trying to break their murder record to concern themselves with another demofascist vaccine trick.

        • Dana says:

          Actually, though still way too high, the homicide rate in Philadelphia has actually come down a bit. Since the middle of July, the average daily homicide number has declined. I’ll probably write something on that soon.

      • david7134 says:

        There seems to be a myth in black communities that the vac will disturb your “nature”. In more conventional terms, you can’t get it up. This is more important than life in some groups.

    • gitarcarver says:

      It could be that poor people are less likely to have easy access.

      Interesting point.

      Except for the fact that cities and states set up phone lines to help people get vaccinated. Buses with vaccination facilities have been in poor areas. Uber and Lyft were donating rides to get people to vaccination sites.

      It would almost appear that your point doesn’t hold water and once again, it is hatred of the facts that are driving you.

      It is somewhat interesting that you have said all along that conservatives must think that blacks and the poor are too stupid to do what is best for themselves. Now when vaccination rates for blacks are lower, you want to blame others, and seem to think that those who black and poor cannot make decisions for themselves.

      It is amazing how hate twists and warps ones thinking.

      Then again, all the left has is hate.

      • Elwood P. Dowd says:

        Despite your tales, it’s true that poor people are less likely to have easy access. Being poor is more difficult than not being poor. Perhaps that’s why so many rural whites are unvaccinated. Why do you and the other white nationalist commenters assume all poor people are Blacks? There are many more unvaccinated whites than Blacks.

        It would almost appear that your point doesn’t hold water and once again, it is hatred of the facts that is driving you.

        It is amazing how hate twists and warps your thinking.

        Then again, all gitarcarver has is hate.

        • The sympathetic Mr Dowd wrote:

          Despite your (tables), it’s true that poor people are less likely to have easy access. Being poor is more difficult than not being poor.

          I present data; you respond with a platitude.

          Yes, it’s true that life is harder when you are poor, but, had you been a frequent reader of my site, you’d have known that the city of Philadelphia had undertaken extra efforts to bring the vaccines to poorer communities.

          Perhaps you missed that I had noted the stories in the Inquirer about vaccine hesitancy among blacks. The newspaper gave the excuse that researchers had, in the past, been less than fully honest with blacks, and had even used Negroes for medical experimentation, while even if true as reasons for black hesitancy as far as the vaccines are concerned, still means that black Philadelphians have taken the vaccines at lower rates than whites, Asians and even Hispanics.

        • gitarcarver says:

          Despite your tales, it’s true that poor people are less likely to have easy access.

          More programs have been implemented to address what you claim than other programs. Clearly your hatred of the truth is driving your unsubstantiated opinion here.

          Why do you and the other white nationalist commenters assume all poor people are Blacks?

          Isn’t that what the left always tells us? That Blacks are oppressed and poor?

          And if you read what I wrote, you’d see that I used “Blacks and the poor.” The only person here who made a racist connotation was you. Then again, the left hates the idea of people being viewed as people and insist on viewing everything through a racist lens.

          There are many more unvaccinated whites than Blacks.

          Not as a percentage of the demographic population and you know that. In other words, you still feel the need to distort and lie because it feeds your hate.

          After all, all the left has is hate.

        • Kye says:

          “Despite your tales, it’s true that poor people are less likely to have easy access.”

          Again, easy access does not mean no access.

          Poor people are less likely to have easy access to toilet paper, should we wipe their asses too? They don’t have easy access to lobster, you gonna buy them dinner? Frankly, being poor sucks and they don’t have easy access to very much in life. Perhaps instead of fostering generational welfare with SNAP, paid housing, cash payments, EBT cards and other oppressive demofascist programs designed to keep people poor therefore voting demofascist you could try giving a hand up rather than a hand out?

          But when you hate blacks like you do taking them from slavery to ghettos is a piece of cake. You are all lies!

          • Dana says:

            Kye and I met, in a restaurant in Hatboro, Pennsylvania maybe fifteen years ago, and one thing he said was, “I’ve been flush, and I’ve been busted, and believe me, flush is better.”

            That’s one thing that the apparently flush Mr Dowd doesn’t seem to realize: even those of us who aren’t poor now were once poor. I don’t know just how ‘busted’ Kye was at one time, but I know how poor we were when I grew up.

            I can’t remember the year, sometime between 1967 and 1971, somewhere in the middle of that, I think, and the water line in the basement of my mother’s house froze, and burst. I was able to figure out how to shut the water off, but heck, I was just in high school, and I didn’t have the skills to repair a steel water line. My mother couldn’t afford a plumber, and we were without running water in the house for something like six weeks.

            Yeah, I know what it’s like to be poor.

  3. Kye says:

    People don’t need easy access, they just need access. Are they being denied access? If not it’s a spurious argument of no value.

    “Easy” is a code word for leftist racism. They claim that if access isn’t easy it’s the same as access being unavailable or denied. It’s all lies. As usual.

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