Next Up: Having To Prove Your Deeply Held Religious Beliefs To Avoid Vaccine Mandates

No one saw this coming, right? That the vaccine pushers would look to limit people’s 1st Amendment Rights of religion?

Religious exemptions to vaccine mandates could test ‘sincerely held beliefs’

Bill Of RightsReligious exemptions could prove to be the latest legal battlefield of the pandemic, as Americans opposed to the coronavirus vaccine attempt to find ways around employer and government vaccine mandates.

Some evangelical pastors are reportedly providing religious exemption documents to the members of their church, and right-wing forums are sharing strategies to skirt vaccine requirements. Religious freedom groups are sending threatening letters to states, schools and employers and preparing legal challenges to fight vaccine mandates.

Only some federal agencies and states have made vaccination mandatory for workers, and more private companies are doing or considering the same. But experts anticipate that religious liberty challenges will pick up as more mandates are put in place — especially when there is no national standard.

“There are some First Amendment implications here and there’s a patchwork of laws that could potentially be implicated by these mandates,” said James Sonne, a law professor at Stanford Law School and founding director of its Religious Liberty Clinic. “It’s certainly something we’ll see getting worked out in the courts.”

The challenge for governments and institutions is balancing American civil liberties with a worsening public health crisis.

There’s no challenge. The 1st Amendment is rather clear, and all 50 US states include freedom of religion clauses.

Experts say that the threshold for religious exemptions could come down to proving whether the person attempting to obtain one has “sincerely held beliefs” against getting vaccinated on religious grounds. They may even have to show a track record of opposition to receive an exemption.

Those challenging employer-created mandates cite Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, which requires employers to make reasonable efforts to accommodate employees, while government-created mandates are being challenged under the First Amendment. Both, however, bring up the question of whether a person’s religious beliefs are sincere.

I don’t remember there being any sort of requirement in the 1st Amendment. As usual, I’ll say I’m pro-vaccine. I’ll take a booster if they think it’s recommended. That said, the 1st Amendment, and the state constitutions, are rather clear, and this could lead to a lot of lawsuits. And a lot of protests and problems.

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5 Responses to “Next Up: Having To Prove Your Deeply Held Religious Beliefs To Avoid Vaccine Mandates”

  1. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    We’re pro-choice and support conservatives, Republicans and evangelicals refusing vaccinations.

    Obviously, if they contract Covid they must suffer the consequences without any government support.

  2. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Yes, the sacred texts of Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism and Christianity are very clear on vaccinations, especially mRNA vaccines.

  3. Kye says:

    A person doesn’t need to justify their beliefs to you or any other Nazi MF. And regardless of whether or not you agree with another person’s politics (especially when you’re a fascist and they are Patriots) you have no right or justification from denying them the same treatment as any \other American. That come free of charge in our Republic. It’s called “Equal Treatment Under Law”.

    Keep your filthy Nazi opinions to yourself. We’re tired of the shit you’re selling. We don’t have the strength to hate everybody that much you little fuker.

  4. Kye says:

    “All societies are based on trust. It doesn’t matter how the society is organized. It could be a democracy, king and country, or even a totalitarian dictatorship. What matters is that the people of that society have trust in their system and in their leadership. Without that trust there is chaos.

    The imbecilic way we withdrew from Afghanistan has created a monumental crisis, not just domestically, but for the entire world. Everywhere now, within and without, trust in United States has been irretrievably lost. We are now at a pivot in time around which all of history is in rotation. As a result of the stupendous incompetence of the [illegal biden junta] the world will never be the same.

    The American order following the Second World War has been permanently demolished. What will replace it we don’t know. Will the world be more dangerous? Again, we don’t know. Perhaps it may even become safer. What we do know is that it will be very different.”
    Chet Richards

    The corrupt biden junta and it’s insane hateful followers have caused a collapse of trust in American institutions also. Stealing elections, murdering innocent unarmed women and branding them “insurrectionists”, incarcerating innocent protesters without bail in solitary for endless months and lying about a fukin flu for going on two years to win an election and to institute fascism in America has eroded the once cherished Trust we Americans had in our government. The constant lies, the cover ups, the obvious use of media social media and American institutions as extensions of the government has created hate for our leaders.

    Outsourcing unconstitutional actions to private companies in a big fukin lie and we’re not gonna take it any more.

  5. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Speaking of deeply held religious beliefs…

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