Teen Vogue Wants Fossil Fuels Companies To Climate Reparations

I just have to wonder, for all the work writers for Teen Vogue put in on screeds like this, do any of the teen girls actually read them? Or, are they more interested in the fashion, makeup, celebs, hair, and the other things that most teen girls are interested in? Or, is TV driving teen girls away as readers, because most aren’t Woke Warriors? Also, will TV stop pushing all the stuff that requires fossil fueled trucks to deliver to stores for teen girls to purchase? Starting with the print edition of TV?

Fossil Fuel Companies Should Pay Reparations for Fueling Climate Change

If you look out at the water off the coast of Southern California long enough, you’re likely to spot some dolphins. Another easily spotted local sight, though much less scenic: the oil-producing and transporting facilities dotting the shoreline. In late June, near the coast of San Diego, Captain Domenic Biagini of Gone Whale Watching San Diego filmed a pod of dolphins swimming in oil sheen. The United States Coast Guard tells Teen Vogue that the source of the oil sheen is unclear but that there is an ongoing investigation.

First, they do not know where it came from. Second, that is environmentalism, not ‘climate change’.

The evidence is out there, but we know the fossil fuel industry’s lobbyists and PR teams have for decades minimized the impact of carbon emissions in contributing to the climate crisis. The industries and individuals that have devastated this planet should not be able to continue to profit. What we need now is an end to destructive new fossil fuel projects, and climate reparations.

Yet, these same people continue to use fossil fuels themselves.

Pearson says he believes that his community and family deserve reparations from the U.S. government and companies that contribute to the poor air quality, though he adds that he doesn’t often use the term “reparations” to describe the work that needs to be done. He mentions ensuring health care for those impacted and closure of the facilities that have been polluting the community. “There’s going to have to be a rethinking of the value of people’s lives in those communities,” he says, “and an intentional investment in the millions, if not billions of dollars, to remediate a lot of the harm that has been done.”

CO2 is not a pollutant. This sounds more like a redistribution scheme designed to dupe voters. The article spends a lot of time hating on pipelines and pipeline projects, before diving into hatred of law enforcement and how police are Bad.

When thinking of the scope of harm that the fossil fuel industry has caused, it’s hard to imagine financial compensation that could ever be substantial enough. What cost can be put on the mass extinction of wildlife, the illness and deaths of human beings, and the destruction of the Earth’s land and waters? The companies and individuals that have benefited from so much destruction must be held responsible, and we must stop them from creating more violence. We must look at the world we live in and how colonialism, anti-Blackness, and capitalism have allowed industries to be so negligent for so long. It’s not just one pipeline that needs to be stopped; it’s a complete value system that needs to be eradicated.

Nope, this is totally about Science and not politics. And the climate cultists are trying to shift blame to others, rather than their own big carbon footprints.

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  1. ruralcounsel says:

    I want Teen Vogue to pay reparations to all the teenage girls whose minds they’ve rotted over the decades with their junk journalism.

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