20% Of Voters Want To Take Back Their Biden Vote

Well, gee, perhaps they should have thought hard before casting their vote for against the guy with mean tweets who was doing a heck of a good job in getting America back. Roaring economy, lowest black unemployment ever, prices low, freedom high, and so much more. Instead, the checked the box for Biden/Harris, the guy who has been wrong on most things since he entered the Senate in 1973

One in five Americans want to take their vote for Biden BACK: Poll shows 20% regret voting for him

Illegitimate President Joe BidenOne-fifth of voters who marked Joe Biden’s name on their ballot now want their vote back, according to a new poll.

A poll conducted by Zogby Analytics  found 20 percent of Biden voters now regret their choice, 4 percent aren’t sure and 76 percent still have confidence in the commander-in-chief.

Nearly three in ten (29%) Republicans who voted Biden regretted it, while one-fifth (20%) of Democrats felt the same and 14% of Independents.

Men were far more likely to regret their vote than women – 27% of males regretted their vote for the Democratic ticket, where only 13% of females felt the same.

Young people and minorities were also far more likely to regret their vote. Hispanics regretted their vote the most, 33% of them, where 25% of African Americans felt the same, as did 16% of white people.

Meanwhile, 27% of voters 18-29 regretted their vote for Biden, 30% of voters 30-49 felt the same. Only 10% of voters 50-64 regretted their Biden vote and 6% of those 65+ felt the same.

Voting is something that people should really think about, not just go ahead and pull the trigger for a candidate. It takes careful consideration of policy position, what the person has done in the past, what it’s thought this person will do now. People now, though, tend to focus more on personality, and not much else. And you can’t take a vote back for a presidential race except 4 years later.

The survey, conducted online with 2,173 Biden-voting respondents, was taken the week of Aug. 5-13, before the fall of Kabul and the most recent onslaught of criticism Biden has faced for his handling of the Afghanistan withdrawal.

I wonder if Zogby will take the poll again post Afghanistan? And even if they didn’t vote for Trump, that would have still made a huge difference in the election outcome in battleground states, which were rather close. Especially once you throw all the cheat votes out. But, see, mean tweets are more important than a president who isn’t messing things up. What has Biden done correctly since assuming office?

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7 Responses to “20% Of Voters Want To Take Back Their Biden Vote”

  1. est1950 says:

    Several polls that are sympathetic to the left have Biden underwater. He is polling below Trump at this time in his presidency.

    However I would be suspicious of these polls because I do think the left Wants Biden OUT. BADLY. In the meantime the Biden team is poisoning the Harris bid at becoming president by leaking all kinds of bad things about her, including her staff is dysfunctional etc.

    The reason you are seeing this infighting is that Biden Teams WANTS THAT POWER as do all people who ever ran for president even if their guy was in a coma they would be leaking shit about K. Harris.

    Remember K. Harris polled at almost ZERO when she dropped her bid for the Presidency and then was selected by BIDEN and the TWO OF THEM GOT THE MOST VOTES EVER IN THE HISTORY OF EVER. Even though Trump smashed the record for votes for an Incumbent, Biden who the progressive disliked and K. Harris whom everyone disliked suddenly were the most popular two people ever in the history of ever.

    Our internals have the GOP set to retake the Senate with 54-46 and the house by a margin of 238-200. Mo Brooks will win in Alabama against Doug Jones and We see Nevada and Wisconsin flipping Red permanently while Arizona and Georgia become purple because of a concerted effort to ship in 1000’s of immigrants to those states.

    However be mindful of one thing. IF the GOP can rid itself of the OLD GUARD GOP who had a deal with the Old Guard Democrats to be racist then the switch will fully occur for the Gay and lesbian movement as well as the Hispanic vote will become more of a 50/50 thing and black voters will join the right along the lines of about 20 percent blacks voting GOP.

    If these things happen which I do believe are happening.


    The GOP is becoming Socially and Fiscally Liberal. Meaning, they are much more tolerant now of things such as Gays and lesbians. Women’s rights has always been a big lie by the left only because the only place the religious of this country….aka 77 percent of the country can turn is to the right. Additionally the right is showing they are accepting of Hispanic, Muslims, Cubans, Columbians, and Venezuela Latino’s moving more and more Hispanics to the GOP column.

    The left is failing with their 2010 ideal that the only way they can remain relevant it to let staggering numbers of Hispanics into the country. With Donald Trump the GOP has switched drastically, embracing Gays, Lesbians, Hispanics, Latinos and Blacks, while maintaining Law and order.

    Law and order are something that a vast majority of Blacks, Hispanics and The Gay community is drastically in favor of. That is why you have seen the BLM movement STFU and the left is running from Antifa.

    However political memories have a life span of around 2 years. The midterms barring drastic cheating by the left will allow for the voters to punish the left.

  2. Conservative Beaner says:

    Like many people they let their emotions do the thinking instead of using reasoning. In this case they hated Trump because he used mean tweets and had boorish behavior, never mind he did a good job with the economy and we became energy independent for the first time in 50 years. The media did it’s best to hide Biden’s flaws such as being a racist, pedophile and just plain corrupt asshole and many people bought it.

    So now like a drunk guy in a bar who sees a hot chick and jumps into bed to have sex only to find out the next day that she is butt ugly and just gave him the clap. Just when he thinks it can’t get any worse she announces she’s pregnant with his child and he will be paying for it the next twenty years.

    Well America we will be paying for this mistake for the foreseeable future.

  3. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Teach typed: Especially once you throw all the cheat votes out.

    So far most of the verified “cheat votes” were for tRump. Teach has gone full tRumptard on the election!

  4. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Teach typed: … roaring economy…

    LOL. Just another right-wing myth. Remember when trump said the GDP would increase 4, 5, even 6%!

    Q2 2021 up 6.5%. Thank you President Biden.

    One term tRump had the WORST economic performance of any President since Eisenhower. To be fair, presidents have little influence on GDP growth, but tRump considered it important. And he was “unlucky” enough to be in office during the roaring Covid pandemic. He was also “unlucky” enough to be president during the roaring expansion of the national debt.

    GOPhers and the media loved the Afghanistan story, but it will be replaced by the next nuGOPher outrageous act, you know, banning abortion, ignoring global warming, the next coup attempt…

  5. Kye says:

    When the alliance of commies and Nazi’s that form the demofascist party today conspired to overthrow the government in November of 2020, the economy had been deliberately crippled by their allies in the governorships across the blue states. Unconstitutional closings of private businesses, the deeming of some Americans as “essential” (like politicians and leftist’s colored servants) or “non-essential” like carpenters trying to feed their families or millionaire demofascist donors.

    This act of blatant Constitutional hostility alone drove the unemployment which up till then had been the highest in years (especially for our black and brown citizens who the fascists claim to love so dearly yet totally unemployed with all the compassion of an Auschwitz guard). Now that things are slightly settling down it’s interesting to see how when a demofascist is in office lockdowns no longer seem necessary.

    The lockdowns were successful they helped the communists and fascists steal a national election, oust a sitting US President who won by a huge margin and forever turned the Great Nation into what has become an international laughingstock, a corrupt political institution run by oligarchs and crooks with a failed military and a senile idiot and liar in charge.

    There can be no more loathsome a person than a bidenista and a traitor to our country. They should all be hanged.

  6. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    LOL. Zogby is the world’s worst pollster. He even admitted that this was a notorious “online” poll.

    As much as the increasingly violence-prone tRumpitista cultists desire to overthrow the US and hang all non-tRumpitistas, it’s unlikely to happen.

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