Woman With Extinction Rebellion Goes Topless For Protest

Update: apparently, the tweet with the XR lunatic (nice boobs, though), was deleted, you can see the video here.

What are the unhinged lunatic Marxist Extinction Rebellion folks up to?

Extinction Rebellion Protesters Paint London Red

Extinction Rebellion protesters poured red paint over the entrances of city institutions as they marched through London’s financial district in a protest against the ‘“blood money” on which they say the UK economy is built.

In what appeared to be the biggest mobilization so far this week by the environmental protest group, several thousand demonstrators took a tour of the city, stopping off at the banks and law firms they saw as most culpable in the climate crisis.

All week, groups based on local areas, or around issues such as gender, race or politics, have staged actions in different locations in central London. On Friday, the protest was staged in solidarity with black, brown and indigenous people, especially in the developing world.

Awesome! Committing vandalism while all the uber-white XR folks white-knight for the black, brown, and indigenous people, who mostly do not care, except in terms of getting free cash. This is seriously a 1st World white people issue

Activists then went to the Guildhall, from where the financial district is governed, and sprayed the building with red paint. At 3 pm, they reached Paternoster Square, where the London Stock Exchange is located, for rallies and a speech. A mass civil disobedience was planned. “Today’s protest is highlighting that racial, social and climate justice are all intertwined,” said Bhavini Patel, from east London, an activist with XR Unify. “There is no separation and we recognize that, because where’s that profit going and how does it impact us?”

I’m starting to think this has nothing to do with science. Nice of the cops to do absolutely nothing in the face of vandalism.

But, maybe that’s cause they were distracted? (below the fold, don’t need this popping up on your work PC screen

Those are as fake as the climate crisis. Nice, though.

Hopefully the embeds work correctly.

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2 Responses to “Woman With Extinction Rebellion Goes Topless For Protest”

  1. Conservative Beaner says:

    As long as they’re nice tits by all means show them

    For the good of the planet of course.

  2. Abe Froman says:

    Rule #1 of topless protests: The people protesting have no business topless in public.

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