Pentagon Supposedly Strikes ISIS-K Planner In Afghanistan

Good if this is real, but, consider me skeptical. Did we just bomb some randos, or get people who were actually important?

‘We killed the target’: Pentagon drone strike KILLS ISIS-K ‘planner’ two days after Kabul airport bombing that left 170 people dead

Joe Biden Ice Cream AfghanistanA Pentagon drone strike has killed the ‘planner’ behind the ISIS suicide bombing at Kabul airport that left more than 170 people dead.

The missile struck an ISIS fighter while he was in his car with another Islamic state associate in Nangahar province, eastern Afghanistan. US officials said the strike was approved by President Joe Biden.

The retaliation came less than 48 hours after a suicide bombing claimed by the group killed 13 U.S. soldiers, two Britons and the child of a UK national outside an entrance to the runway.

U.S. Navy spokesman William Urban confirmed the military ‘conducted an over-the-horizon counterterrorism operation today against an ISIS-K planner.’

‘Initial indications are that we killed the target. We know of no civilian casualties,’ he added.

There’s no footage released of the strike, which is interesting. Hey, maybe we got the guy. Which begs the question, how do we know this guy was the planner? Did we already have intelligence on ISIS-K? Did we get the intelligence from some other intelligence service? If we got the guy, great! With this crew in the White House, you have to be skeptical. And, let’s be honest, if Trump was in the White House all the media outlets would be skeptical and would be demanding proof.

It wasn’t clear if the individual killed in Saturday’s drone strike was involved specifically in the Thursday suicide blast outside the gates of the Kabul airport, where crowds of Afghans were desperately trying to get in as part of the ongoing evacuation from the country after the Taliban’s rapid takeover.

A reaper drone, which took off from the Middle East, struck the militant who was in a car with an Islamic State associate. Both are believed to have been killed, an official said.

Well, gee wiz, if Joe hadn’t shut down Bagram (you know, the one we left in the middle of the night), we could have hit them from there.

And for those who want to Blame Trump for ISIS-K

The group first emerged in 2014 as a splinter from another terror group, Tehrik-e Taliban Pakistan (TTP) — often known simply as the Pakistani Taliban.

The Center for Strategic and International Studies say that many of ISIS-K’s top leadership came from the TTP — among them spokesman Sheikh Maqbool, and their first emir, Hafiz Saeed Khan.

Khan, a Pakistani citizen, established an early stronghold in Afghanistan’s Nangarhar province — on the border with Pakistan.

In 2015 ISIS-K’s formation was officially announced by ISIS’s leadership in Iraq and Syria, and the terror network’s headquarters have funneled money into their Afghan outpost.

Who was president then? Who was VP? I’m not going to take the word of the Biden admin or any of its Woke military leaders without proof.

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4 Responses to “Pentagon Supposedly Strikes ISIS-K Planner In Afghanistan”

  1. Kye says:

    The military has trained its soldiers to kill Americans!

  2. Hairy says:

    ISIS was born from Our idiotic invasion of Iraq
    You think Saddam would have allowed that to happen ?
    ISIL was founded in 1999 and pledged Allegiance to AL Qaeda
    The destabilization of both Afghanistan and Iraq allowed the formation of these extremist groups
    It was a bad idea to destabilize countries hoping that democracy would then bloom
    Teach if we overthrew the current government in Iran who do youbthink would reach it ?

    • Kye says:

      Agreed. They are seventh century mooslem barbarians practicing a theocratic form of governing that has not yet seen it’s reformation. So why would traitor biden want to bring them here except to undermine Western Culture, Christianity and our Republic. They certainly bring nothing to the table but Sharia law, barbarism and hate for all those not in their specific cult and that is all shit. Why, it’s almost a middle east version of the demofascist party here. Since we already have millions of “Americans” that literally hate America in the demofascist party why import more haters?

  3. STW says:

    I was brought to mind the incident in the book Fahrenheit 451 where a man out for a normal night time walk is targeted as the bad guy when a bad guy is needed for execution on the news.

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