Pressure Grows On Sleepy Joe To Extend Afghanistan Deadline

As most rational people can see, this is a disaster thanks to the incompetence of the Biden administration. In most private businesses, and even in governments in countries around the world, there would be mass resignations and firings, with potentially even the head quitting. But, Vacation Joe doesn’t seem particularly engaged. As the NY Post editorial board notes, Biden is a disengaged, befuddled president. And Michael McKenna writes

Joe Biden Ice Cream AfghanistanWe can, however, say with some precision a few things about his schedule, his apparent lassitude, and that of his administration.  For at least the last six months, the president’s daily schedule seems to have consisted of the Presidential Daily Briefing (usually in mid-morning rather than at the start of the day as is typical for presidents) followed by one internal meeting or perhaps a phone call or video chat with a small group of whoever.

There are seldom two meetings on the presidential schedule, and there have only been a handful of trips to places other than Delaware.  Announcements of the closure of the news-making portion of the day (“lids”) have been called as early as 11 am.  During and after the fall of Kabul, the president was at Camp David, apparently by himself.

He’s really just not up to this. So, what makes people think he’ll have the fortitude to extend the August 31 deadline?

Pressure Grows on Biden to Extend Afghan Withdrawal Deadline

As the evacuation from Afghanistan plunged more deeply into chaos and violence, President Biden is considering extending the deadline for U.S. troops to withdraw, amid a groundswell of pressure from global leaders and veterans concerned that a security vacuum could risk lethal consequences.

Violent clashes at Kabul’s airport on Monday reinforced fears that the American withdrawal will aggravate the already precarious security situation. The German military wrote on Twitter that a member of the Afghan security forces had died in a firefight with unidentified attackers in the early hours. It did not specify which group the Afghans were affiliated with.

That’s on Feckless Joe. This did not need to happen. So shot

Mr. Biden said on Sunday that his administration might extend his Aug. 31 deadline, and he pledged that all evacuated Afghan allies would be given a home in the United States after they are screened and vetted at bases in other countries.

And chaser

But the Taliban have made it clear that an extension of the U.S. deadline for troop withdrawal would be unwelcome. “They should finish the evacuation by Aug. 31 as they have promised,” Mohammad Naem, a Taliban spokesman in Qatar, said on Monday.

Oh, it’s much, much worse than that. It’s necessary to get away from the protective U.S. Credentialed Media

‘There will be consequences’: Taliban warn US and Britain to get out, saying August 31 withdrawal deadline is a ‘red line’ and it will ‘provoke a reaction if they are intent on continuing the occupation’

The Taliban has said it will ‘provoke a reaction’ and has threatened ‘consequences’ if the US or UK do not leave Afghanistan by August 31 and extend the deadline for the withdrawal of troops.

President Joe Biden wants all Americans to have left the country by the end of the month although he admitted on Sunday night that an extension was under discussion, while this morning UK Defence Secretary Ben Wallace said the evacuation effort is ‘down to hours now, not weeks’.

Taliban spokesman Dr Suhail Shaheen said the group will not accept an extension to the deadline and warned of retaliation if Western forces extend their ‘occupation’ since the group dramatically swept to power.

He told Sky News: ‘It’s a red line. President Biden announced that on 31 August they would withdraw all their military forces. So if they extend it that means they are extending occupation while there is no need for that.

‘If the US or UK were to seek additional time to continue evacuations – the answer is no. Or there would be consequences.

Most likely, Bumbling Joe has no idea of that interview. He might be alerted to it at his 930 daily briefing or at his 10am meeting with his national security (fail) team. The only other thing on his schedule is a meeting with the Seattle Storm at 330pm.

Boris Johnson is expected to press him and other G7 leaders to delay the final withdrawal in a virtual call on Tuesday, despite his armed forces minister warning Kabul will become a ‘warzone’ if the West stay and ignore the Taliban’s demands.

Tuesday. Biden couldn’t fit this in Monday? Kinda important with all the Americans and European nation citizens stuck in Afghanistan, eh? What does this guy do all day?

Photo comes from Newsweek, with a story about a billboard in Wilmington, NC which showed that graphic. Weird that none of the local news outlets posted about it from 3 days ago.

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  1. Hairy says:

    How do you think the taliban might react to an extension?
    Perhaps you have forgotten that Trump first promised all out by last Christmass and then he extended it to May

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