Here’s How Our Woke Military Can Fight The Climate Crisis (scam) Or Something

Back in the 1970’s the Left wanted to defund the U.S. military. Well, that wasn’t going to happen. Especially when Ronald Reagan came into office. They didn’t give up. Instead, they infiltrated and changed the military from the inside. They have Woke idiots in positions of power. How else to explain our military leaders saying they won’t go protect U.S. citizens in Afghanistan, and we end up with

And, being die-hard leftists, they are also card carrying members of the Cult of Climastrology, and the LA Times’ Michael Klare has Ideas

Op-Ed: Here’s how the U.S. military can better fight the ‘existential threat’ of climate change

Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III declared global warming an existential threat to U.S. national security at a White House climate summit earlier this year. Using language normally applied to conventional adversaries like China and Russia, Austin described the climate crisis as “a profoundly destabilizing force for our world,” generating widespread havoc and bloodshed.

Same guy was the one who said the U.S. military wouldn’t protect U.S. citizens, wouldn’t go get them. Not “can’t”, “won’t.”

Clearly, the U.S. cannot reduce its national greenhouse gas emissions rapidly without a sustained drive by the Pentagon to abandon carbon-based fuels in favor of renewable energy. Of course, the technologies it must develop to achieve such advances would have widespread application to the civilian economy as well.

Clearly, their job is to be ready to defend the U.S. and it’s citizens, not worry about ‘climate change’.

But, crucially, these targets did not apply to ships, aircraft and combat vehicles — almost all of which continue to be powered by petroleum and remain a major source of greenhouse gases. Jet fuel for military planes is a huge emitter. A B-2 bomber, for example, uses 4.2 gallons of fuel to travel just one nautical mile; a single air mission puts hundreds of tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

And blows up quite a bit of enemy stuff and fighters. Which is what matters.

Anyhow, Michael rather fails to provide the “here’s how” part, other than

However, the Pentagon has yet to outline specific actions or objectives that would include far greater reductions in fossil fuel use and greenhouse gas emissions than its 2010 sustainability plan included. If climate change poses an “existential” threat, it is imperative that these goals be extended to tactical as well as nontactical military vehicles. Additionally, all U.S. military installations should be required to obtain all of their primary energy from renewable sources by 2035.

Cool, it will be like pre-industrial times, where armies would fight only in the day time, because it was too dark to fight at night. Well, that would be our army. China would have no sort of problem.

Oh, hey, I know, let’s apply this to the operations of the LA Times and all those who write for it. They’d be good with this in their own lives and operations, right? Energy only from renewables, no fossil fuels at all.

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11 Responses to “Here’s How Our Woke Military Can Fight The Climate Crisis (scam) Or Something”

  1. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Remember when the American conservative was a patriot and supporter of America and our military? Good times.

    Now the nuCons are trying to tear down America and rebuild it as a right-wing, authoritarian, white nationalist, christian theocracy. The new WHAZI Party!

  2. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    More Americans died from the Tennessee flash floods than died in Afghanistan.

    Maybe our military can contribute in some way to mitigating climate change.

    • Kye says:

      Are you saying bumbfuk biden was responsible for those floods too? Wow. That asshole is fuking up everything.

      I love how when commies can’t defend their position they bring in some other atrocity with the casualty count like it makes their killing okay cause Tennessee flash floods.

      So much hate so little time.

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