You Might Have No Choice In Choosing Climate (scam) Friendly Foods

These people just can’t mind their own f’ing business

5 Climate Friendly Alternatives to Your Favorite Foods
You might have to think twice about your next meal.

Yeah, they’ll make you think twice

The global food system is broken. For way too many people, good food is too expensive and affordable food isn’t always nutritious. To make matters worse, industrial agriculture harms the environment by destroying forests, polluting soil, and depleting sources of water. And the current food system isn’t even efficient — roughly a third of all food produced is wasted, thrown away to rot and release greenhouse gases.

Yeah, there is a problem with food waste. So, Warmists will take that and ramp it up into force.

Anyhow, avocados are bad, so

Climate-friendly alternatives: Sauté some local, seasonal vegetables and pile them onto a slice of bread. If you live near an avocado farm, feel free to eat as many avocados as you want. Fair-trade avocados are also a lot better for the environment and farming communities.

And hamburgers

Climate friendly alternatives: Any plant-based burger. Some of the leading fake meat brands convincingly imitate the taste and feel of beef, but more traditional veggie burgers pack their own unique flavors.

Milk chocolate

Climate friendly alternatives: Dark chocolate made from cocoa that’s grown in ways that support the health of surrounding forests and communities. You’ll have to pay more, eat less, and do your research, but buying chocolate that regenerates the global environment will help you feel good while feeding your sweet tooth.


Climate-friendly alternatives: Vegan sushi or sushi made with yellow-fin, albacore, or other kinds of fish that are caught in sustainable ways.


Climate-friendly alternatives: Various teas including matcha, yerba mate, and black tea. You can also check out some of the mushroom-blended coffees that promise the energy of coffee with no crash. And if you’re really feeling bold, you can just cut out energy drinks altogether and embrace the unfamiliar feeling of being well-rested for the first time in years.

These people want to suck the fun out of life (though I can do without sushi and avocados). Certainly by government regulation.

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  1. est1950 says:

    Future Foods: 5 Ways to Eat a Low Carbon Diet That Might Surprise You
    Yellow mealworms have just been ruled safe to eat in Europe — so what’s next?

    The AGW Gestapo is coming for you hamburger, taco, steak.

    You will eat bugs and like it. You will live in a high rise and like it. You will have a covid passport and like it. You will not work and like it. You will walk anywhere you like and like it.

    If you don’t your a canceled white nationalist, even if your black.

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