Hot New Idea To Force Vaccine Compliance: Businesses Charging More For Health Insurance

See, this idea is not really coming from business owners, but from government nags and advocacy groups (the original article is behind a USA Today paywall, but, available in full at Yahoo News)

Won’t get a COVID vaccine? Some bosses may charge you $20 to $50 more for health insurance on every paycheck

Tyson Foods, United Airlines, CNN, the U.S. military.

A wide variety of employers such as those four are imposing COVID vaccine mandates on their workers, and experts believe they’ll have a lot more company soon after the Food and Drug Administration gives the shots its full approval.

Some employers aren’t ready to impose mandates but may still penalize workers for not getting vaccinated, possibly by requiring them to pay an insurance surcharge costing several hundred dollars a year.

“I think they’ve decided that in order to get that needle to move, they need to do something more,” said Wade Symons, leader of the regulatory resources group at Mercer, an employee benefits consultancy. Big snip)

Could I face other penalties for not getting vaccinated?

Yes. This could include a surcharge on your health insurance.

Mercer’s Symons said clients have been contacting him asking about how to charge vaccinated employees more for their insurance to cover the costs of massive hospital bills.

“It’s something we’ve just started getting questions about in the last couple of weeks,” Symons said. “The number of questions has been surprising in the volume. This is something they’re more willing to take on. It’s less than a mandate.”

Symons estimated that some workers could face an additional $20 to $50 per paycheck, though he said he would expect it to be on the lower end of that scale.

The unvaccinated would then be looking at hundreds of extra dollars a year for failing to Comply. BTW, how would they know? Those vaccination records are supposed to be private and not shared with companies or health insurance providers.

Could vaccine mandates backfire on employers?

Definitely. Employers recognize that resistance is particularly strong in some quarters. Nearly 3 in 10 American adults still haven’t gotten at least one dose.

Because vaccinations have become a political issue for a portion of Americans who continue to refuse them, employers could face mass resignations if they require shots. (Other employees are hesitant due to safety concerns and other fears.)

On the flip side, where do they go if lots and lots of employers in their field require vaccination, especially when the FDA approves the vaccines? Meanwhile, what the hell is this?

PS: I recommend people get vaccinated. I’m not in favor of use of force to do so. You make your decision, I’ll make mine.

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7 Responses to “Hot New Idea To Force Vaccine Compliance: Businesses Charging More For Health Insurance”

  1. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Those dang corporations making customers pay for their products!!

    Maybe it’s time for universal healthcare.

  2. Hairy says:

    Higher rates for the unvaccinated

  3. Kye says:

    So far the only immunity provided by any Covid vaccines is for the manufacturers.


    • est1950 says:

      In the 80’s there was a slew of complaints that vaccines were causing much grief to a lot of people who were told they HAD to be vaccinated or literally become a citizen non gratis.

      So the Government set up an agency to deal with Vaccine issues.

      They provide monetary compensation if things go badly with a vaccine since the government absolved all makers of vaccines immune to being sued.

  4. est1950 says:

    Current Covid-19 numbers. And remember that the left is blaming TEXAS and FLORIDA for being idiots with covid.

    TEXAS…196,000 active cases
    FLORIDA…481,000 active cases.

    Them evil red states.

    CALIFORNIA……..1,872,000 active cases where they are locking down, wearing masks, and having the Gestapo patrol the streets.

    WASHINGTON…..256,000 active cases where they again are boot heeling people.

    MARYLAND….454,000 active cases. Another boot heel state.


    So let’s summarize. Five Blue states, One Purple state, and three red states account for states with over 100,000k active covid-19 cases.

    MORE CASES in the blue states than the red ones but let us blame TEXAS and FLORDIA while California singlehandedly dwarfs everyone along with Maryland.

    This is the classic example of why the MSM is not believable as they blame all the countries’ ILLS on conservatives.

    Did you know that the current vaccination rate shows that only about 51 percent of independents and 46 percent of Conservatives have been vaccinated?

    That accounts for roughly 65 percent of the voter base resisting the vaccines. Bad news for the MSM, DNC and others.

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