COVID Today: Washington Post Calls For Lab Leak Investigation, Biden’s Coming Door To Door For Vaccination

I do remember the Washington Post editorial board, along with many opinion writers and opinion pieces disguised at straight news, slamming anyone who thought the COVID19 bug came from a lab leak

WaPo urges US to ‘get serious’ on COVID origins after calling Wuhan lab-leak theory ‘debunked’ ‘conspiracy’

The Washington Post editorial board is calling on the US to “get serious” about the origins of the coronavirus pandemic after the paper previously declared the Wuhan lab-leak hypothesis a “debunked” “conspiracy theory.”

surprise surprise surprise“An impressive roster of political leaders and experts in science and public health have called for a comprehensive investigation of the pandemic’s origins and potential future dangers… Now is the time to turn all the talk into action,” the Post editorial board began its piece on Tuesday, listing President Biden, the G7, the Senate and the World Health Organization’s director-general among them.

The Post called the WHO’s first investigation into the origins “highly unsatisfactory” in part because of China’s “manhandling of the probe” and insisted that Biden’s ordered intelligence review is “hardly enough,” urging him to support an “independent commission” that Congression should join.

“The WHO is working on a Phase 2 investigation plan with its global partners. The WHO is a member organization and lacks muscle but has expertise and relationships. China’s intransigence is not going to disappear. But the WHO should try again,” the editorial board wrote. “It might usefully draw from the world’s best and brightest specialists, and seek to engage China at the level of science first, perhaps wrapped in a longer-term project to create a structure and incentives for global disease tracking and cooperation.”

The board continued, “If China continues to resist, then independent investigations should proceed without it. The more time that passes, the harder it will be to find the truth. No opportunity should be missed to draw lessons from a global catastrophe that has taken nearly 4 million lives.”

The Post previously had demeaned Tom Cotton and all those who were saying that a lab leak makes way more sense than someone eating a bat in a wet market. Funny how the WP has now changed their tune, eh?

Biden admin launching ‘door-to-door’ push to vaccinate Americans, sparks major backlash

The Biden administration is launching a new “door-to-door” effort to vaccinate Americans after falling short of its Fourth of July goal of having 70 percent of the adult population with at least one shot of the coronavirus vaccine.

Amid the administration’s ongoing concerns of a surge of the more contagious Delta variant of the virus, President Biden pitched his plan to boost the vaccinated population during remarks he made on Tuesday.

“Now we need to go community by community, neighborhood by neighborhood and often times door-to-door- literally knocking on doors, to get help to the remaining people protected from the virus,” Biden said.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki also referred to the “door-to-door” effort while listing the five objectives of Biden’s COVID response earlier in the day at Tuesday’s briefing, citing “targeted community door-to-door outreach” to “get remaining Americans vaccinated by ensuring that they have the information they need on how both safe and accessible the vaccine is.”

Well, that’s not going to go over too well, will it? Sure, it’s not as nefarious as it originally sounded, but, who wants some nag coming uninvited to their front door to yammer at them to get vaccinated? Do they think having some activist yahoo yap at them will change their mind? Also, where will they get the data from? Wouldn’t that rather be against a whole raft of laws? Does the state have the legal authority to share the data on the vaccinated with the federal government, whereby the federal government uses that list to determine which US citizens are not vaccinated? That does seem shady, and a massive breach of trust, does it not? A massive overreach of the Biden administration, eh?

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9 Responses to “COVID Today: Washington Post Calls For Lab Leak Investigation, Biden’s Coming Door To Door For Vaccination”

  1. est1950 says:

    Global health officials have stirred up a new wave of COVID-19 fears with the so-called Lambda variant. According to University of Chile, the Lambda variant has spread across Latin American countries and may be resistant to COVID-19 vaccines.

    OMG the Lambda variant might be resistant to Vaccines. Were all going to die. Its been in Chile since last year where they are not vaccinating hardly anyone but it MIGHT BE resistant to vaccines.

    Notice how a new variant is even more deadlier and scary as we turn the corner and campaigning for the next election starts? Forget not my friends we have many elections in 2022 in The EU coming up not just the mid terms in the USA.

    The world watched the chaos of 2020 and the elite power brokers are planning a repeat of 2020 around the world with scare mongering tactics over Covid-19 variants.

    • est1950 says:

      Vitamin D3 folks. Take it daily. One of the course of regimens routinely administered if you are admitted to the hospital for covid-19 is a shot with Vitamin D. It protects your respiratory system. It does not prevent you from getting covid. It does not prevent covid from affecting your lungs but what they are finding is that the symptoms are reduced greatly if you have good levels of D3 in your system when contacting Covid.

      Vitamins. Be sure your taking a multi vitamin of quality. Take Vitamin D3 in addition to any multivitamin that might have vitamin D in it. Again Vitamins and Vitamin D3 are not a cure or a prevention they are just finding in study after study that those people with strong vitamin counts in their blood tend to fare better against covid if they catch it than those who have low vitamin D3.

      This is why dark skinned people(Ie Blacks) have a hard time with covid. The darker your skin the more sunlight you need to absorb adequate amounts of D3 into your system. This is why I encourage especially Hispanics, Latino’s and Blacks to take multivitamins and vitamin D3.

      No I am not a doctor and this is not medical advice. But there are enough studies now to conclude vitamin D3 is very essential in maintaining respiratory health.

      Just like if you have history of colitis you might want to have your B-12 levels checked because there is a certain part of your intestine that absorbs Vitamin B-12 and low levels of B-12 can lead to fatigue and even worse a foggy brain and memory issues.

      Etc. Ad Nauseum

  2. Dana says:

    I’d suggest that there are places like Nicetown-Tioga or Strawberry Mansion where door-to-door vaccination canvasers might not want to go, especially after dark, when they are more likely to catch people at home.

    But there’s an obvious question the idea raises: will these canvasers go to every door, or will they be directed by government instructions based on information on who is, and who is not, vaccinated? The former is inefficient, while the latter is a violation of our privacy rights and HIPAA privacy protocols.

    The vaccine has been available to everyone, free of charge, since March. With all of the panic over COVID-19, and the pleas of government at every level, everybody with an IQ over room temperature — which, admittedly, would exclude significant swaths of St Louis — has heard about it, and knows that they can get vaccinated. Let’s face it: almost everyone who wants to get vaccinated already has gotten vaccinated.

  3. Kye says:

    As I suggested before, the door-to-door vaccinations have nothing to do with Cuomo Covid. It is a preliminary test run for how to carry out gun confiscation in the next made-up national “health emergency”, legally owned firearms. Just ask Cuomo.

    • drowningpuppies says:

      “It’s the Beto O’Rourke of vaccine outreach.”

      Bwaha! Lolgf

  4. Hairy says:

    Me lives in a world of fear just as Teach does
    Same gender rest rooms
    Mercury laden CFL lightbulbs

  5. Kangarew says:

    Can’t you check for illegals while you’re there?

  6. drowningpuppies says:

    LOL, Big Bro can’t validate citizenship or voter IDs yet they’ll dispatch vaccination storm troopers to make us safer? Give me a break.
    — S. Bitchley

    If only Trump had come up with this…

    Bwaha! Lolgf

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