Surprise: Country Has Become More Divided Under China Joe

Mr. Unity. Mr. Bipartisanship. How’s that working out?

Poll: More Americans Believe Country Has Become Divided Under Joe Biden Presidency

A greater amount of Americans believe the country has become more divided since President Joe Biden took office than see the country as more united.

Twenty-eight percent of Americans believe the country is “more divided” under Biden compared to 23 percent of Americans who believe the country is “more united” under his leadership, according to an ABC News/Ipsos poll Sunday.

But the negative poll number for Biden, which contradicts the media’s narrative, did not stop ABC News from writing the headline, “Country optimistic after Biden’s 1st 100 days: POLL” with the subtitle reading, “Nearly two-thirds of Americans say the country is headed in the right direction.”

They should take this poll again every few months, see how that works out. All the far left unhinged policies that have zero to do with unity and bipartisanship, with China Joe barely acknowledging elected Republican lawmakers. Almost every idea makes AOC and the Squad happy. But, all you Republican Never Trumpers and sorta Democrats, you got rid of Mr. Mean Tweets who actually had pro-American policies and wasn’t interested in burdening your life with government, right?

Additional polling demonstrated “49 percent of voters disapproving of Biden’s handling of immigration issues, rising eight points since mid-March. Forty percent approve, down from 46 percent in mid-March,” Breitbart reported.

It should be noted Biden spoke to Congress Wednesday with a 44 percent decline in TV viewership from former President Trump’s speech in 2017. Nielsen’s ratings estimates 26.9 million viewers tuned in across 16 U.S. television stations.

He got 80 million+ voted and only 26.9 million tuned in?

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One Response to “Surprise: Country Has Become More Divided Under China Joe”

  1. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Teach and Breitbart find one small turd in the poll and bray about it. 28% think more divided, 23% think more united. Whoopie. LOL. Teach then blames his misrepresentation of the poll on others!!

    You trumpublicuns have gone crazy – e.g., storming the US Capitol; threatening rebellion; McConnell telling business to stay out of politics, except for giving him money, LOL; and white nationalism openly permeating the GQP. From the 60s through 2015 Republicans had the good sense to hide their racism.

    It’s hardly surprising that Democratic voters and Republican voters differ on their opinions.

    From the Ipsos summary:

    A new ABC News/Ipsos poll finds Americans are optimistic about the direction of the country over the next twelve months, even as most say the country has not become more unified in the first months of the Biden presidency. As testament to that continued division, Americans are almost evenly split on continued government economic stimulus versus increased taxes with a bare majority (52%) preferring the continued spending. However, when asked about if President Joe Biden and Congressional Republicans have done enough to work across the aisle, half (51%) say Biden has compromised with Republicans about the right amount versus a large majority (67%) who say Republicans have done too little to compromise with the President.

    1. Americans are optimistic about the next twelve months.

    Almost two-thirds (64%) of Americans say they are optimistic about the direction of the country over the next twelve months compared to just over a third (36%) who describe themselves as pessimistic.
    Partisanship appears to be the largest driver of pessimism with Republicans (60%) most likely to say they are pessimistic. Aside from Republicans, no other group appears to be more pessimistic than optimistic.

    2. Americans are divided on government spending versus tax increases.

    About half (52%) of Americans say it is more important right now to have “the federal government spend money to help the economy, even if it increases taxes” versus just under half (47%) who say “keep tax rates the same, even if it means not spending money to help the economy”.

    3. Americans believe President Biden is doing enough to compromise with Republicans in Congress, but Republicans are doing too little to compromise with the President.

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