China Joe Plans To Build Lots Of Massive Offshore Wind Farms

I wonder if Joe is ready for all the lawsuits from people who do not want their ocean views and fishing areas disrupted. From enviros who aren’t happy about seabirds being sliced and diced and marine mammals having their travel routes messed up from the vibration sounds. And those who will sue over the transmission lines. And so much more. Heck, maybe climate envoy John Kerry will join a lawsuit, as he did with the Cape Wind Project (which, by the way, after all the hoopla, ended up providing way less energy than they said it would)

Joe Biden plans to build huge offshore wind farms to tackle the climate crisis

President Joe Biden’s administration has detailed a plan to build huge offshore wind farms in the United States as part of his plans to tackle climate change.

The project, which was unveiled on Monday, aims to create 30 extra gigawatts of offshore wind generation to US coastlines by 2030, while creating tens of thousands of jobs.

The White House said meeting that target would cost $12 billion a year in capital investment on both US coastlines and would employ 44,000 workers, as well as 33,000 additional jobs in communities supported by offshore wind generation.

If this was so important then the private sector would be jumping to do it. Why is it necessary to spend federal taxpayer money on this, and then see the taxpayers charged to use this expensive energy? And what happens when a tropical storm or Nor’easter takes them out?

The wind farms would supply power to 10 million homes and cut carbon dioxide emissions by 78 million metric tons, the White House said.

As one part of the efforts, Interior Department announced a new “priority wind energy area” in the New York Bight, a shallow area between Long Island and the New Jersey coastline, where the agency hopes to construct a wind farm by 2030.

We could have several 5th or 6th generation nuclear power plants up before that, providing way more energy, and much more reliable. Same with natural gas plants.

“The announcements we’re making today I hope will just jump-start everyone’s understanding of the potential for offshore wind energy, and move this industry forward in a way that’s going to allow us to really focus on the supply chain issue as well, because we’re not just talking about erecting wind turbines in the oceans, we’re talking about massive turbines that are actually manufactured in the United States,” national climate adviser Gina McCarthy said Monday, in comments reported by Politico.

Interestingly, neither the White House nor the private homes of Gina McCarthy, John Kerry or Joe Biden are powered by wind or solar. Go figure.

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7 Responses to “China Joe Plans To Build Lots Of Massive Offshore Wind Farms”

  1. Dana says:

    Our esteemed host wrote:

    If this was so important then the private sector would be jumping to do it.

    The private sector will be doing it; you don’t expect a bunch of pencil-necked federal bureaucrats to be building anything off-shore, do you? They have to call in the pros to assemble a bookcase from Ikea!

    But it was the Kennedys and their opposition to Cape Wind, ’cause it would spoil their view, that made it a government necessity. No private investor was ever going to try to do a project like this knowing the opposition he’d get from Our Betters. Now we’ll see whether the left in office really mean what they say, or whether the elites will be able to torpedo things again because it spoils their view.

    Remember: Barack Hussein Obama bought his home on Martha’s Vineyard!

    At sea level, the horizon is only 3.1 miles away. But wind turbines are very tall:

    Each wind turbine is 262 feet high and the tower has a diameter of 14 feet. The blades of the wind turbines are 120 feet long so that the total height from the ground to the tip of the blade is more than 380 feet, approximately the height of a 32-story building.

    The wind turbines will have to be far enough off shore that the blades cannot be seen, and that means several miles. Several miles means deeper foundations and longer turbine shafts underwater to have enough height above sea level. It also means stouter towers, because our entire east coast is subject to hurricanes; these things will have to be designed to handle them. The highest hurricane wind speed measured was Hurricane Allen — males, being far stronger than females, you knew it would be a ‘male’ hurricane that was strongest — in 1980, with winds up to 190 miles per hour. The wind turbines would need to be made to withstand at least 220 MPH, if not 250 MPH winds, plus the turbulent seas stirred up by hurricanes.

    More, these things will be more heavily concentrated in the New England area, because ocean winds tend to be stronger further north; a wind farm off the Florida coast wouldn’t generate nearly as much power.

    Of course, these things will all require undersea cables, to get the sparktricity generated back to shore! That’s going to mean huge substations right on some of our most expensive oceanside property. Here, in the landlocked Bluegrass State, I’ll enjoy the angst of the east coast liberals!

  2. Hairy says:

    The Cape Wind project was poorly sited being in the 6 mile channel between Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard
    The new already permitted and in the beginning construction stage puts th project south and esst of Marthas Vineyatd in the open ocean
    It is generally favorably approved by most locals
    I haven’t become aware of Obama objecting to his views possibly being degraded
    The depth of the water will not really be a factor the project will still be in shoal waters
    Scandinavian countries countries can put them safely into the North Sea
    Teach it was really kudtvthe 1st generation turbines with blades that swept close to the ground that were major bird killers
    Audubon is in favor of properly sited wind turbines

  3. Hairy says:

    Dana I don’t recall any hurricane over level 3 hitting New England
    Remember that more oftenbthan not it is flooding that causes death and destruction
    There are crrwny operating wind turbines less than 20 miles from where the new Cale wind project will be
    No turbine failures yet

  4. Hairy says:

    Dana they will not require “longer turbine shafts” the genetstorvis at the top of the mast only a wire cable goes down inside the mast

  5. Est1950 says:


    The solution. They are quiet, small, almost maintainece free and can be mounted on everyones roof along with solar panels.

    If the left Truly want’s green who cares who invented it. I am personally shocked that one of the billionaires has not taken this from this guy.

    These can be used in hurricanes and can accept wind from 360 degrees. One of these on every roof along with solar panels and you have solved the Fossil fuel conundrum for decades to come.

    BUT DONT TELL THOSE COMPANIES BUILDING HUGE MONSTROSITIES IN THE OCEAN or all across the MIDWEST. Anyone recently seen North and West Texas? I have as I travel constantly Texas is a ginormous windmill factory obviously getting 25 percent of their power for 40 million citizens via wind turbines.

    ICEWIND is the solution now I am just waiting for a billionaire to scoop up the company and make it go away.

    • Est1950 says:

      THIS…see my above post is what the MSM refuses to tell you.

      The MSM lies out its ass with an agenda to keep people in the dark about honesty, integrity and the truth. There are solutions to co2 that does not have to destroy fossil fuels which are important in the health and wellbeing of the world.

      IE. National Defense, Farming, International Trade.

      Biden wants an infrastructure bill and yet 80 percent of it is going to pay off big business which in turn will take the money and pay off their CEO’s and laugh at the Democrats WOKE insanity.

      Wind and solar can replace all coal and most natural gas fired power plants. Fusion energy is in the near future with already a fusion reactor operating in the EU albeit not cost effective.

      How are they doing this?

      It is simple, In 1948 alien technology was discovered in an Archeological dig. No one is for sure if it was a ship or not but it was alien technology of some type. This technology was so advanced that they would reverse engineer 1 percent of it and then the world would experience massive leaps forward in technology.

      They would then put it away for a decade or so until science caught up to it and then break it out again and techology would leap forward again.

      Think 1969 and the trip to the moon. The computer running the Apollo 11 took up and entire building and had less computing power than and hand held calculator of today.

      20 years ago the CEO of INTELL was saying they had ultimately reached the limit of Computer chips at around 50 Nanometers. Today they are making 5 nanometer chips.

      THE US FINALLY ADMITS THEIR ARE UFOS while at the same time::::::

      The US navy just applied for patents on High Energy Electromagnetic Field Generator and According to these newly released documents, another branch of this work deals with the concept of a:::

      compact fusion reactor

      “Under uniquely defined conditions, the Plasma Compression Fusion Device can lead to development of a Spacetime Modification Weapon (SMW- a weapon that can make the Hydrogen bomb seem more like a firecracker, in comparison). Extremely high energy levels can be achieved with this invention, under pulsed ultrahigh current (I) / ultrahigh magnetic flux density (B) conditions (Z-pinch with a Fusion twist).“

      THE UNITED STATES does not have control of this technology but rather a private corporation. Had the USA been in charge of this the entire world would be nuking each other with space time weapons and we would no longer be here since people can so easily be bought with Sex and money.

      Stand by for news. One of the many reasons that we were able to develop a vaccine in a month was because they had already developed the mRNA type of sequencing which allowed for plug and play vaccines for decades to come. Expensive to be sure but if you have 190 nations willing to pay, they can build anything…..which is why the discovery of this Alien tech was kept away from governments thank God.

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