Who’s Up For A Climate Conscious Lent Or Something

What happens when a doomsday cult infiltrates a major world religion? This

A Climate-Conscious Lent: Healthy food for people and the planet

A complex food system — which includes production, transportation, processing, packaging, storage, wholesale and retail sale, as well as consumption, loss and waste — feeds most of the people in the world and provides an income for more than 1 billion people, according to a report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

But although food production per capita has increased over the past six decades, so has malnutrition. And the entire food system is under increased stress from climate change, which is shifting growing seasons and contributing to weather extremes like drought and severe storms. This leads to decreases in crop and livestock productivity and, in some cases, to conflicts. (snip)

Individuals can contribute by making more climate-friendly food choices, but there must also be public policies that include comprehensive solutions to improve and protect food systems, the report says. This includes things like crop insurance for farmers, shorter supply chains that are less prone to disruption in emergencies, better storage for crops and food, more production of healthy food and less of carbon-intensive products, and government food nutrition programs.

The past year has shown the importance of preparing the food production and supply chain for emergencies, whether they come in the form of pandemics or climate change.

Lest you think this comes from the typical Climate Cranks, nope, from the National Catholic Reporter, which seems to be attempting to substitute the actual meaning of Lent (at its heart, following the teachings of Christ more faithfully) with climate cultism.

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One Response to “Who’s Up For A Climate Conscious Lent Or Something”

  1. Dana says:

    Hey, we already have two fast and abstinence days, Ash Wednesday and Good Friday, plus other meatless Fridays during Lent. Doesn’t that help?

    I will confess: I have never been quite sure how fish does not constitute meat, but whatever. However, theologically it has the same effect: it forces concentration on what you are eating.

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