China Joe Admin Won’t Call What’s Going On At The Border A Crisis

Of course not, because they pretty much asked for this. Maybe they didn’t think it would be so bad, but, this is what they got. Of course, Dementia Joe probably has no idea what’s actually going on

The word the Biden administration won’t use when it comes to the border? ‘Crisis’

The Biden administration is facing what it admits is an “overwhelming” number of migrants at the southern border while scrambling to construct new facilities to hold child migrants — but it is doggedly refusing to describe the situation as a “crisis.”

Agents in the Rio Grande Valley sector in Texas are encountering 1,500 migrants a day, overwhelming the sector — and Fox News on Saturday obtained exclusive photographs of a temporary outdoor processing site there in Mission, Texas.

This site is near the point of contact after the migrants illegally cross the Rio Grande River. There, they sort them among family units, unaccompanied minors and single adults and bus them to the appropriate destinations.

“Bus them.” Why? Send them away. Don’t let them in. We have no compelling need to bring them in. What happens if you show up at the White House and demand to be let in through the fencing? How about the Congressional buildings (main one and offices) surrounded by lots of fencing? CIA building? FBI? Fort Knox? Military bases? Only if you are authorized, if you are meant to be there. Why are we simply letting in people who will disappear into the US interior?

But the administration isn’t calling the situation a crisis.

“It doesn’t matter what you call it. It is an enormous challenge,” White House press secretary Jen Psaki said on Thursday, before saying: “We don’t feel the need to, you know, play games with what it’s called.”

While numbers have been increasing at the border for months, particularly of unaccompanied children (UACs) and family units, they have spiked since President Biden took office. The number of UACs in custody has tripled in recent weeks, while there were more than 100,000 migrant encounters in February.

The Biden administration has claimed it is moving to replace the “cruelty” of the prior administration with a more “humane” system and warned that will take time. But it has refused to acknowledge that there is in fact a “crisis” — preferring instead to describe it as a “challenge.”

It’s “cruelty” to not let people in who have no business here? Let’s see Democrats put them up at their own homes. You how not a crisis it is?

Mayorkas, who last week flat-out denied there was a crisis, this week emailed DHS staff urging them to volunteer to help CBP at the border amid what he described as “overwhelming” numbers.

“Today, I activated the Volunteer Force to support Customs and Border Protection (CBP) as they face a surge in migration along the Southwest Border,” Mayorkas said in an email to staff, seen by Fox News.

“You have likely seen the news about the overwhelming numbers of migrants seeking access to this country along the Southwest Border,” he said. “President Biden and I are committed to ensuring our Nation has a safe, orderly, and humane immigration system while continuing to balance all of the other critical DHS missions.”

So not a crisis that they activated the Volunteer Force. And we have a safe, orderly, and humane immigration system. People apply for work and other visas to come for a period of time. Others apply to become citizens, are accepted, and go through a long process. Rather than just bringing in people with limited skills, limited education, limited money, and often have lots of 3rd world diseases.

EDITORIAL: How the border crisis could define Biden’s presidency

Joe Biden has spent his first couple of months in office enjoying what his predecessor never had: a presidential honeymoon. Americans have rewarded Biden with early approval ratings of 60 percent or higher. He may be benefiting from the inevitable diminishing of the coronavirus as cases decline and more states reopen. Or the public may simply be relieved to have a president who isn’t perpetually in the spotlight, even if he doesn’t always seem aware of the fact he is president.

But no honeymoon can last too long, and Biden’s is coming to an end at America’s southern border, where a crisis is escalating. Eighty thousand people tried illegally to cross the border in January, double the figure of a year ago. In February, nearly 100,000 did the same. At current rates, the spring and summer may bring hundreds of thousands more. Caught off-guard, the Biden administration has scrambled to reopen ‘facilities for migrant children’. Just weeks earlier, Democrats had called such facilities American ‘concentration camps’.

America’s border has become the first serious failure of the Biden presidency. Texas congressman Vicente Gonzalez has warned that the rate new arrivals are being admitted at will invite thousands more to make the journey north, and will be ‘catastrophic’ for his district and the country. Gonzalez isn’t a white nationalist; he is a Hispanic Democrat.

In Tijuana, migrants have sported t-shirts and printed signs begging ‘Biden, Please Let Us In!’ And why shouldn’t they? It is exactly that kind of sentimentalism that will inevitably push Biden to do exactly that.We can all pretend to be merciful.

But the difficult truth is that no act of God created the disaster at the border. It is a wholly human mess, created by America’s leadership class. Migrants have discovered that if they arrive at the border and say the right words about violence in their perpetually violent home countries, they will be freely admitted without fear of deportation. Once inside the country, they can benefit from a glacial asylum-review process, and even if their petition is rejected, they had little to fear from US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

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