Gun Grabbers Set To Vote On Two Gun Control Bills This Week

On the surface these two bills don’t look incredibly burdensome, and, if it wasn’t for knowing what the gun grabbers want to actually do they might have some GOP support. We know that these pieces of legislation are just steps, and might actually have some poison pills

U.S. House set to vote on bills to expand gun background checks

The U.S. House of Representatives is set to vote on Wednesday on a pair of bills to expand background checks before gun purchases, two years after a similar House effort failed to make it through the Senate.

The House Rules Committee on Monday will take up the two bills that Democrats, who control the chamber, say are aimed at closing loopholes in the background check system.

One of the bills under consideration would make it illegal for anyone who is not a licensed firearms importer, manufacturer or dealer to transfer a firearm to any unlicensed person without a background check. The bill has exemptions, including gifts from relatives and transfers for hunting, target shooting and self-defense. A version was introduced in the Senate last week.

Democratic Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said the bill, which would extend background checks to gun shows and other sales, would close “dangerous loopholes in the existing background check system to help keep all of our communities safe.”

The other bill extends the initial background check review period to 10 days from three. Under existing law, the sale of guns can proceed if a background check is not completed within three days.

For the first bill, it requires a background check for almost every single transfer, but, at this time there are no requirements to register a firearm, so, how would Los Federales even know? If I sell my gun to my friend, the feds would have no idea unless that friend went on a rampage, then I’d just say they must have stolen it. And, heck, this is already the law in North Carolina.

Raising the review period makes it that much harder for people to get a firearm in a timely manner. Even with the 3 day period it can still take up to two weeks to receive a pistol purchase permit here in Wake County, and that was when we had a Republican sheriff. Make it 10 days and it could take a month.

The National Rifle Association’s Institute for Legislative Action (NRA-ILA) opposes both bills, arguing the three-day requirement “ensures that the FBI carries out its background check duties in an expedient and responsible manner.”

The NRA-ILA argues the other bill makes it a crime “to simply hand a firearm to another person” and suggests exceptions “are overly complicated and create many traps for unwary gun owners.”

One big question would be “what will Democrats try to stuff into either of these bills? Could be pork, could be unrelated wish list garbage, could be something like requiring registration or ammo taxes.” Regardless, even if passed as written, these are just small steps to the Dems gun grabbing. And the gun grabbers are demanding that Joe Manchin help nuke the filibuster to make this happen. If you have to do that, it tells you all you need to know how partisan this is.

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5 Responses to “Gun Grabbers Set To Vote On Two Gun Control Bills This Week”

  1. Hairy says:

    Teach tell us all about that protest st the nabby killing place in Raleigh
    You know the one ehetevthe gunbgrabber grabbed his gun and dhit himself in the leg
    Were you there to stop the baby killing ?

  2. MrToad says:

    Why bother with Manchin? Wave some of those sweet, sweet Visas for cheap Indian and Communist Chinese labor, and the Utah republicans may vote to Nuke the filibuster for them…

    • Professor Hale says:

      I think it is an option we taxpayers are not considering. We should probably consider hiring cheap labor from India to be our congressmen and Senators. If we are going to be sold out to foreign interests, we should at least pay less for it.

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