House Climate Cultists Introduce Massive Legislation

Interestingly, every single one of the climate Fascists took a fossil fueled trip to the capitol to introduce this bill that controls your life and costs you money

House Energy and Commerce leaders unveil sweeping climate change legislation

Senior House Energy and Commerce Democrats unveiled a template of their plan to combat climate change this Congress that would take a sector-by-sector approach to eliminate carbon dioxide and reach net-zero emissions by 2050.

Their 981-page bill — an expanded version of last year’s CLEAN Future Act — calls for a federal clean energy standard that sets an interim goal of 80 percent clean electricity by 2030 and 100 percent by 2035. The bill represents a push from Democrats for aggressive action on climate change that’s in line with the goals laid out by President Joe Biden and as part of his Build Back Better agenda.

“I really believe that the time for slow, marginal change has gone,” Chair Frank Pallone (D-N.J.) said Tuesday. “You can’t just watch from the sidelines as the climate crisis wreaks havoc on Americans’ health and home. The cost of inaction is staggering — it already is.”

Pallone, Environment Chair Paul Tonko (D-N.Y.) and Energy Chair Bobby Rush (D-Ill.) unveiled the bill at a virtual press conference. They plan to take up the legislation through regular order.

Pallone also acknowledged that the bill did not call for imposing a price on carbon emissions, since that type of measure lacked political support.

“We don’t have a carbon tax … I think it’s time to try something new,” he said. “The votes are just not there for a price on carbon.”

Clean energy standard: Arguably the most consequential title is a clean energy standard, which would create a credit trading system for utilities to meet clean energy goals. Utilities would get at least partial credit if their carbon intensity is lower than 0.82 tons of carbon dioxide per megawatt-hour of power — including emissions calculated from producing and transporting the energy to the utility — through 2030 but that threshold would drop to 0.4 by 2035.

This appears to be a carbon credits/trading scheme. These have led to much higher energy prices for consumers and private entities, which leads to a higher price of living

New provisions: Overall, the legislation would authorize $565 billion in spending over ten years as the U.S. pursues deep decarbonization efforts. It includes a host of new provisions in areas like environmental justice, energy transition, waste reduction and transportation.

Of course it has to do the justice thing. Silly.

The bill would create a national green bank, seeded with $100 billion, to leverage public money for investments in new technologies needed to hit emissions reductions goals. The legislation also includes a requirement that 40 percent of funds go toward environmental justice communities that have suffered persistent pollution — a priority for the Biden administration.

In other words, a taxpayer funded (and you don’t have a choice) slush fund for Progressive (nice Fascist) priorities, often simply for patronizing certain groups for their votes.

The Democratic bill also would direct the Securities and Exchange Commission to require disclosure from public companies about their climate-related risks. And it seeks to aid communities affected by the transition to cleaner energy through a host of new programs, including one providing federal grants to communities suffering significant losses of revenue as fossil fuel production drops.

Giving the federal government even more control over private entities.

The press release from the House climate cultists is here, with links to a “fact sheet” and the full bill at the bottom (it will take a while to go through it). Here are some bulletin points of what it touches on

  • The Power Sector (so, higher prices and less availability)
  • The Building Sector (higher prices for every building, with more government regulations)
  • The Transportation Sector (this will make it more expensive AND harder for you to travel anywhere, even around the block)
  • The Industrial Sector (kill jobs, sending them to China)
  • A National Climate Target for Federal Agencies (a higher cost of government, meaning they’ll need more tax money)
  • State Climate Plans (every state will be forced to Comply and create a plan. This should go well when the Red states resist/refuse)
  • A Clean Energy and Sustainability Accelerator (they somehow think private companies will dump lots of their money in the climapits. If it was so great they’d be doing it without Los Federales)
  • Worker and Community Transition (this will force companies to do all sorts of things, which means jobs killed, and so much more)
  • Environmental Justice (slush fund/payoffs)
  • Waste Reduction (yes, the use of plastic could definitely be reduced, I’ll 100% agree. But, this will also increase federal government involvement in all aspects of your individual life, as well.

So, basically everything and everyone Must Comply. As written by people who refuse to practice what they preach.

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5 Responses to “House Climate Cultists Introduce Massive Legislation”

  1. Hairy says:

    OMG !! 50 billion a year !!!
    That is so much money scary!!
    Of coursevit is like what ? 8% of the military spending ??

    • Bill589 says:

      Big Difference:
      Spending on the military helps us.
      Spending on controlling the climate hurts us.

    • Jl says:

      John can’t argue that it would do any good, so he resorts to implying it’s really not that much money..

  2. Kye says:

    Are you really so obtuse that wasting $50 billion a year of taxpayers money is treated so glibly? I find you not only politically foolish but economically stupid. Wasting our money is not OMG moment. People like you have created this type of waste, fraud and abuse of our funds.

    BTW, what does the military have to do with spending on this stupid shit? They have their own budget. Which BTW could be reduced by more than $50 billion and it wouldn’t make a difference. So could the welfare payments and the LGBTQ money that is wasted.

  3. MrToad says:

    Did they stick in some language on more work visas for Indian and Communist Chinese “tech workers”? That’s when we need to worry, the Utah Senators will vote for anything if you insert some cheap immigrant labor provisions that favor India and Communist China into a bill.

    Green new deal? Sure, as long as I get my Communist Chinese tech workers…

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