China Joe Opens His First Illegal Alien Child Concentration Camp

Because Democrats want unfettered illegal immigration, the set the conditions where foreigners send their kids willy nilly across the border. Sometimes with the parents themselves, sometimes with other relatives, sometimes with coyotes, sometimes alone. That way there’s sympathy for bringing/keeping the parents in the US. Both Obama, who didn’t take any real heat on it, and Trump, who took lots of heat, including what Obama deserved, had to put the kids somewhere. Now that Biden is finding the same, well, the media coverage is just a bit different

First migrant facility for children opens under Biden

Dozens of migrant teens boarded vans Monday for the trip down a dusty road to a former man camp for oil field workers here, the first migrant child facility opened under the Biden administration.

The emergency facility — a vestige of the Trump administration that was open for only a month in summer 2019 — is being reactivated to hold up to 700 children ages 13 to 17.

Government officials say the camp is needed because facilities for migrant children have had to cut capacity by nearly half because of the coronavirus pandemic. At the same time, the number of unaccompanied children crossing the border has been inching up, with January reporting the highest total — more than 5,700 apprehensions — for that month in recent years.

But immigration lawyers and advocates question why the Biden administration would choose to reopen a Trump-era facility that was the source of protests and controversy. From the “tent city” in Tornillo, Tex., to a sprawling for-profit facility in Homestead, Fla., emergency shelters have been criticized by advocates for immigrants, lawyers and human rights activists over their conditions, cost and lack of transparency in their operations.

Criticized is putting it mildly. He was blasted. Which the Washington Post is not doing. Also, not migrants. Migrants come legally on work visas. These kids are crossing the border in violation of U.S. federal law.

Mark Weber — a spokesman for the Department of Health and Human Services, the agency that oversees services for migrant children — said the Biden administration is moving away from the “law-enforcement focused” approach of the Trump administration to one in which child welfare is more centric.

At the 66-acre site, groups of beige trailers encircle a giant white dining tent, a soccer field and a basketball court. There is a bright blue hospital tent with white bunk beds inside. A legal services trailer has the Spanish word “Bienvenidos,” or welcome, on a banner on its roof. There are trailers for classrooms, a barber shop, a hair salon. The facility has its own ambulances and firetrucks, as well as its own water supply.

The operation is based on a federal emergency management system, Weber said. The trailers are labeled with names such as Alpha, Charlie and Echo. Staff members wear matching black-and-white T-shirts displaying their roles: disaster case manager, incident support, emergency management.

Are they holding them in detainment facilities? Yes? Then they are cages. Concentration camps. Just like under Trump, as started by Obama. And taxpayers are funding the extra extravagance, rather than seeing the children deported with their parents/right back to their parents.

“Every kid that comes into this program is a symptom of a broken immigration system,” said Weber, who has worked at HHS since 2012. “So today, we’ve got over 7,000 symptoms of a broken immigration system.”

The only thing broken is the government refusing to fully implement federal immigration law, which requires them to stop people coming across the border and deporting them when they make it across. Let’s not forget that many of the illegals, including the children, are simply showing up at the border and demanding to be let in for various reasons, and U.S. authorities letting them in and sticking them in facilities. Democrats are enabling people sending their kids on long trips, not knowing what will happen to the kids.

“When I read they were opening again, I cried,” said Rosey Abuabara, a San Antonio community activist who was arrested for protesting outside the Carrizo camp in 2019. “I consoled myself with the fact that it was considered the Cadillac of [migrant child] centers, but I don’t have any hope that Biden is going to make it better.”

The Washington Post is having problems blasting China Joe for reopening facilities other than mild chiding. But, hey, Joe has nice signs!

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5 Responses to “China Joe Opens His First Illegal Alien Child Concentration Camp”

  1. Hairy says:

    The average stay is for 6 weeks while their new homes a d sponsors are being g checked out
    Their status as being “illegal’ will be. Determined by an immigration judge not by Teach

  2. Est1950 says:

    Biden is Obama 2.0.

    Obama was totally opposed to immigration as was the entire Democratic party until it was determined that the Democrats would not be a viable party without a massive influx of Illegals and legal immigrants.

    Then of course everything changed but the reality is this. If you have 1000’s of illegals trapsing into your nation daily, then you need a means to hold them until they can be processed. That is more than just asking their name, shoving a court date in their hands and moving them on their way.

    ICE needs to make sure they are not bringing Ebola or Leprosy or other dangerous sickness unfettered to this nation. They need to make sure they are not on a terrorist watch list. All of this takes time. During that time these people need to be held in a facility until such time as they are deemed safe for entry.

    To make matters worse it was Obama and Biden who started the cages. They went to the courts run by democrats who said well if this is what you want to do then by all means put them in cages. They were NEVER IN CAGES. They were in holding cells made of Wire fencing.

    The end result is that to ensure that BIDEN is not letting in mass murderers who will then mow down 1000’s of Americans or who will give Ebola or small pox to the nation and destroy the lefts immigration needs, they are put in cells, cages or holding centers.

    It is what it is. That’s why LEGAL immigration is crucial and by the way. The right is going to have about 45-50 percent of the Hispanic voters in the coming years as the establishment right is removed and the party transitions away from supporting Big Business and corporations and focuses on UNIONS and the little guy.

    • Est1950 says:

      This massive switch in party loyalties is panicking the left. For the first time you have 3 moderate Democratic senators standing up to Biden and the far left in Manchin, Sienama and Tester all 3 of which hold enormous power and come from red states.


      The state legislature ruled they wanted a forensic audit of the vote of Maricopa county.

      The election commission told them to go fuk themselves. The legislature then threatened to hold them in contempt. At the last moment a single GOP senator switched his vote and the contempt failed.

      The commission said okay we will do an audit.

      The Senate said no, WE WILL DO THE AUDIT. Impasse.

      Then they demand the ballots and The Sec of State says I would love to give them to you but they were never delivered to me as per STATE LAW. The legislature is then told not until a far left judge rules in favor and against the legislature of the state of ARIZONA.

      So the senate says fine we will go get the ballots ourselves. The police surrounds the building and tells them to eat lead and die.

      Now why would the county of Maricopa controlled by Democrats and at the center of the VOTER FRAUD in ARIZONA be ready to have a gun battle with the state legislature over a forensic audit?

      You see regardless IF there is voter fraud or it was a perfectly legal election run impeccably by the democrats in Maricopa county this type of behavior which includes violating the law to protect those ballots from being audited by an outside agency says to every voter in Arizona..

      THEY ARE HIDING SOMETHING SINISTER. True or not, its what’s being implied.

  3. Professor Hale says:

    There are no moderate democrats. When needed, they can be depended on to vote party line on every single absurd thing from impeaching Trump to health care, to gun control, to confirmations. If the democrats need a 50+1 majority on anything important to them, they can count on every last one of their senators to tow the line. What they say in campaigns back home is irrelevant.

  4. Dana says:

    The most important vote cast by representatives and senators is their first one of the session, the one which determines the leadership of the chamber, and therefore the agenda. I don’t care how ‘moderate’ a Democrat is, if he votes for Nancy Pelosi as Speakess, or Chuck Schumer as Majority Leader, he has cast not a ballot for moderation, but for a far left agenda.

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