Your Fault For Wiggly Jet Stream Causing Cold Weather Doom? Not So Fast

Usually, ARS Technica is chock full of climate crisis (scam) hysteria. This article actually shoots down the notion that it was you and your forebears who caused the doomy winter weather in Texas. Which is a shame that someone actually has point out that these climate cultists are nuts

Blaming a wiggly jet stream on climate change? Not so fast

Some songs are earworms—catchy whether you like them or not. (I won’t infect the rest of your day with an example. WT – I will. Electric Crown by Testament) Some explanations in science seem to be the earworm equivalent: inherently intuitive, making them stick readily in the mind. That’s obviously the case for the hypothesis that a warming Arctic leads to a wigglier jet stream, producing weather extremes in the mid-latitudes like the recent epic cold snap in the central US.

The cold arrived after the spinning “polar vortex” in the upper atmosphere above the Arctic was disturbed in January, unleashing its contents southward as the jet stream detoured from its usual commute. Could this behavior actually be a consequence of global warming? The suggestion has appeared in news articles and Twitter threads across the land. But the idea is stickier than the science says it should be. (snip)

Weather data from the last few decades contains some trends in the mid-latitudes, implying that the warming Arctic could be messing with weather patterns there. However, this is a case where the mantra “correlation is not causation” serves well. Climate scientists don’t just hunt for trends and then blame them all on human-caused climate change. They study the mechanisms that could drive those trends to evaluate which hypothesis (sometimes among many) can actually explain them.

Two points. First, I’ll acknowledge that a warming world could cause weather pattern changes and “freak” weather. We just don’t truly have the observed data from previous warm periods to truly know if this is usual or unusual. Second, the climate cult scientists and the cult disciples do, in fact, blame Other People for what is happening now, without real evidence. What if what we see is the norm during a Holocene warm period, but, mostly caused by nature? Unfortunately for the cult, that would cause problems with their cult dogma, just like having winter weather is problematic, hence the Blamestorming to make winter weather part of their beliefs set.

A 2017 study, for one example, concluded that trends in the stratospheric polar vortex were likely to be the result of natural variability rather than human-caused sea ice loss. And an article published in the journal Nature Climate Change last November noted that observations and studies in the last few years haven’t strengthened the case. “The short-term tendencies from the late 1980s through to early 2010s that fueled the initial speculation of Arctic influence have not continued over the past decade,” the authors wrote. “Long-term trends in the Arctic Oscillation and [jet stream] waviness, updated to winter 2019/20, are small and indistinguishable from internal variability.”

IPCC reports, too, have evaluated the state of the science on this question. The 2019 Special Report on the Ocean and Cryosphere in a Changing Climate checked in quite recently. “There is only low to medium confidence in the current nature of Arctic/mid-latitude weather linkages because conclusions of recent analyses are inconsistent,” the report stated. “Overall, changes in the stratospheric polar vortex and [Arctic Oscillation] are not separable from natural variability, and so cannot be attributed to greenhouse gas forced sea ice loss.”

Until the Warmists can offer up actual, hard evidence that winter weather can be worse because jet stream polar ice melting yada yada yada due to you eating a burger, it’s just natural variability. Just like always.

But, don’t expect the cult to give up on their doomsday cult dogma talking points. They never do. Space aliens could show up and give them definitive proof through watching the Earth and lots of planets and being super advanced that what is happening is mostly natural, and the cultists would call them deniers.

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9 Responses to “Your Fault For Wiggly Jet Stream Causing Cold Weather Doom? Not So Fast”

  1. Dana says:

    Look, we all know that wiggly jet streams, unseasonably cold and unseasonably hot weather, too much rain or too much snow, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, forest fires, tornadoes, hurricanes and all the rest are caused by Donald Trump and White Supremacy.

  2. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Wow, so it turns out this is just the way science works!

    That said, some climate scientists do find the evidence that climate change helped cause the event convincing, even as others don’t. And this isn’t a fake debate involving a few contrarian gadflies, like those who reject human-caused warming altogether. There truly isn’t a consensus either way because the research doesn’t dictate a clear answer yet. That means that confident statements linking jet stream weirdness to a human-caused trend make many climate scientists grumpy.

    In fact, it seems the so-called skeptics (i.e., deniers) are the cultists.

    • Kye says:

      “In fact, it seems the so-called skeptics (i.e., deniers) are the cultists.”

      Typical fascist reasoning. How can not believing in the cult make one a cultist? Also, once again for the retard: Nobody is denying climate change. (You really have a problem with accepting change, don’t you?)

      I see the woke commie haters erased Aunt Jemima from the syrup bottle. Man, are her ancestors pissed off. I’m glad though. I got tired of seeing that over hyped black broad on the bottle. I still won’t switch from Log Cabin but I’ll bet millions will dump AJ. Hahahaha.

  3. Jl says:

    But….but…how are we going to blame cold weather on “global warming”…?

  4. Phil says:

    There is actually some fairly good evidence that warmer temperatures cause more severe weather events. The 1930’s were very warm and there were a lot of hurricanes, droughts, tornados, etc.

    The problem for the warmist lobby is that they cannot use this evidence, because they have made huge manual adjustments to the temperature record, lowering the 1930’s (and increasing the 1970’s) to fit their “constantly rising temperatures” mantra and because they don’t have an explanation how a decade like the 1930’s could be one of our warmest when you had so little automobile usage (and economic activity in general) going on.

  5. Hairy says:

    Anyone else remember when Teach daid the world was cooling because the warmest year was 1998?
    Teach WHY is the world warming?
    Past earming was determined to from things like orbital tilt or volcanic eruptions or asteroids
    Why is the earth warming now ?

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      “Scientists” such as the Teach bury their mistakes. According to the deniosaurs, warming peaked in 1998 followed by the Great Pause. Yet today it’s warmer than the 1998 peak.

      They lie. They shovel bullshit atop bullshit and never, ever look back.

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