China Joe Looks To Help “Climate Migrants” Or Something

Leftists (we really need to call them Rightists, since their Marxist/Socialist/Progressive/Stateists/Etc beliefs are way to the right of the political scale in the Authoritarian model, but, whatever) love using the notion of ‘climate change’ to push all their crazy political views. That’s one of the reasons why they like to blame the slight increase of global temperatures since 1850 mostly/solely on Mankind. And, heck, let’s say the increase is caused 51% or more by mankind: why does that require Big Government, Modern Socialist policies? Because this is about politics, not science, and the Elites love the notion of cheap labor and people being beholden to government

Biden Pushes U.S.—and the World—to Help Climate Migrants

A growing number of migrants are forced from their homes each day by climate change, and President Biden signaled last week that he wants the United States and the world to pay more attention to the problem.

His first step in that effort was the approval of an executive order Thursday that directs administration officials to undertake a six-month study of climate change’s impact on migration, including “options for protection and resettlement.”

The changes under consideration could far surpass current international practices, experts said—potentially vaulting the United States to global climate leadership after President Trump spent four years dismantling the United States’ capacity for both climate action and refugee resettlement.

Climate migrants lack protections under international refugee laws, despite their ballooning numbers.

“Those of us who have been working in this space have been waiting for this kind of development—and at the highest levels—for years,” said Maxine Burkett, a professor of international and climate change law at the University of Hawaii, Manoa.

Originally designed for people fleeing armed conflict or persecution, the international refugee system is unequipped to help people displaced by climate impacts. It struggles even to define them, because climate change is often an indirect or contributing factor to the proximate causes of migration, such as famine or floods.

That’s because weather and natural events, including disasters, have always happened and will always happen, and it doesn’t mean we need to bring in 10’s of thousands or more of people who aren’t interested in joining the US, being part of the melting pot, and don’t care about American ideals, they just want free stuff and to live like they’re back in their 3rd world shithole country. But, see, on one hand these “climate migrants” feel they are owed all this stuff because Other People have big carbon footprints. On the other, they then will vote for the party that brought them in and are used to being beholden to the authoritarian governments where they come from.

The elites set out a condition where the U.S. “owes” these migrants, who don’t speak the language, don’t read it, have few usable skills, little education, etc, and they will either end up on the government dole, and possibly working low wage jobs (some under the table), doing things like cleaning the houses and pools of the elites. And will vote the way that the elites want, as the elites jam through things like allowing illegals and non-citizens to vote in cities, and counties, and states, and keep attempting to jam through amnesties and just give these “climate migrants” free citizenship.

Biden’s order directs his administration to analyze how to identify, protect and resettle people “directly or indirectly” displaced by climate impacts. It also instructs the government to consider how U.S. foreign aid can help prepare climate-vulnerable areas. Those findings are expected to be published publicly.

China Joe will spend tons of U.S. taxpayer money, better spent on American citizens, on a scam.

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6 Responses to “China Joe Looks To Help “Climate Migrants” Or Something”

  1. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    this is about politics, not science, and the Elites love the notion of cheap labor and people being beholden to government

    This has become the central argument of Teach and his acolytes here – it’s all about controlling the masses!

    This is not to say that EVERY conspiracy tale erupting from the right is false, but with their track record it’s likely.

    Again, our apologies for calling all your falsehoods “delusional”, when you’re really just wrong a lot based on your flawed assumptions.

  2. The Election Was Stolen says:

    What you call “flawed assumptions” we call common sense and observations. Like your steadfast refusal to consider hydroxychloroquine simply because the hated and vilified Donald Trump supported its use. You are an idiot who believes every fake claim from your fake news sources and all your propaganda won’t change that. So now that the CDC, WHO, the Fake News Media and all the “experts” are saying hydroxychloroquine works and could have saved hundreds of thousands of lives will you finally admit you and your legions of fascist partisans were wrong?

    “Even Joe Biden called me crazy,” she said. “I demand an apology from every single one of you.”

    Dr. Stella Immanuel, who was lambasted by the media and establishment medical community after she swore to the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine at treating COVID-19 in a viral video last year, is now demanding an apology, as much of the medical community and establishment media now agree with her.

    “I demand an apology,” wrote Immanuel. “When we said Hydroxychloroquine works we were ridiculed. Now studies are coming out saying it works.”

    Immanuel added, “What about hundreds of thousands that have died and are still dying.”

    “I demand an apology,” she said in the video. “From the media, I’m talking about CNN, CNBC, the New York Times, all those people that called me crazy, from Hollywood.”

    “From all those people that sat there and made videos calling me crazy when I said hydroxychloroquine works and we should not allow people to die,” Immanuel continued. “I’m talking about FDA, CDC, NIH, I’m talking about all of you. My colleagues, the ones that called me names, the ones that threatened to report me to the board and all that stuff, because I said hydroxychloroquine works.”

    Of course not! You’ll all flush the truth down the ole memory hole and move on to your next hoax just as if nothing has happened.

    The same response you fools have to the Stolen Election. Admitted and explained in detail by Time Magazine interviewing those who pulled it off is not “evidence” to the comrades. Even after videos, signed affidavits and finally the Time piece they still call us names and try and dehumanize us in preparation for the Great Reset or as I call it the fascist Purge.

    You are all liars and sadly you believe your own lies which makes yo pathological liars.

    Stop the Steal.

  3. The Liar Junta says:

    Nothing says a fair election like surrounding DC with a fence, razor ribbon and armed troops. You fukin liars should be afraid!

    • Professor Hale says:

      Nothing says “peaceful transition of power” like rounding up your political enemies and holding show trials for them.

  4. Jl says:

    And who’s been “directly or indirectly” displaced by climate impacts that are attributed solely to humans? Sorry, there no way to prove that-not that it would matter to China Joe.

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