Democrats Says Environmental Justice Is Racial Justice, Push Partisan Legislation

We all know that the Cult of Climastrology has hijacked real environmentalism, so any talk of “environmental justice” is about Hotcoldwetdry. Racial justice? Well, considering the way Democrats treat “minorities” in Democratic run cities, well, yeah, they could use some of that. But, but using climate crisis (scam) justice as the basis Democrats can enact more restrictions on people’s lives along with taxation

Ed Markey, Cori Bush Introduce ‘Environmental Justice Mapping’ Bill: ‘Environmental Justice Is Racial Justice’

Sen. Ed Markey (D-MA) and Rep. Cori Bush (D-MO) introduced on Thursday the ‘‘Environmental Justice Mapping and Data Collection Act of 2021’’ to gather data and direct federal money to communities around the country they say face environmental injustice.

Those injustices, they say, include pollution, police killing black Americans and other minorities, and poverty, among others.

“Environmental justice is racial justice,” Bush, who was a Black Lives Matter activist before winning election to the House of Representatives in 2020, said at the virtual press conference.

President Joe Biden has said he would direct 40 percent of environment-related funding to communities with high numbers of low-income and minority residents. The funding, Biden said, could pay for clean energy and wastewater projects.

Markey said at the press conference that the bill is a tool to make sure the money is properly directed.

“That tool is going to be essential to direct at least 40 percent of the funding for a clean and climate safe future into communities facing environmental injustices,” Markey said. “So that’s our goal and it’s completely consistent with what President Biden has laid out as his agenda.”

“When we talk about gun violence and when we talk about community violence, we’re talking about where the disparities are to make sure that funding is there to fix decades of injustice that have opened the door to this,” Bush said. “It’s not just pointing a finger at the issue, but it’s about how we can fix the issue.”

So, something like this is all over the place, and, because it is a smattering of Virtue Signaling and SJW insanity, it would never achieve anything of consequence for the people it proports to help. Like other Dem pushes it would most likely harm said minorities.

Bush said at the press conference that a safe environment is about more than air or water quality.

“If we fix those things, but if we continue to have this stressor [sic], this situation, where the police can just murder us disproportionately and without impunity, then did we fix our environment? Is our environment now safe?” Bush said.

Perhaps Bush should be talking to her community, since she thinks the Black community is separate from everyone else, about committing less crime per proportion. It may be called raaaaacist, but, by percentage, the black community has a much higher portion of crimes committed, including violent crimes. You look at all those Democrat run cities, and the vast majority of shootings and murders are committed by blacks. Against other blacks. FBI crime statistics bear this out.

Bush is also the person who got caught in a lie in attempting to say Republican Marjorie Taylor Green (who’s rather nutty) and her staff attacked Bush and her staff, when it was Bush and her staff who initiated everything.

BTW, when are both Bush and Markey going to give up their own use of fossil fuels?

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6 Responses to “Democrats Says Environmental Justice Is Racial Justice, Push Partisan Legislation”

  1. Est1950 says:

    The left laugh at walls on the border saying they don’t work and yet they are and have been erecting walls AROUND THE CAPITOL.

    The left demands that the Capital be a DMZ. A war zone. 1000’s of FEDERAL TROOPS remain in DC.

    A show of force.

    The COMMUNIST NEWS NETWORK is pounding the IDEA 24/7 that the right are TERRORISTS. Making America Afraid of conservatives.

    And so the purge begins. A woman who has 1.3 million followers on Instagram and her channel is exclusively about helping mothers put their babies to sleep. Has been HASHTAG CANCELED?

    Her Crime? She and her husband donated a couple thousand buks to Trump from 2016-2020.

    Former CIA and FBI officials are on the airwaves 24×7 declaring to their listeners that America is the most unsafe its ever been and that Al QUEDA and ME Terrorists are nothing compared to gramps and granny waving an American flag and singing the national anthem.

  2. Est1950 says:

    A few days ago the real war began. This Sunday REOCCUPY WALL STREET BEGINS with both Right and leftist groups descending on the STREET.

    I wonder if Cuomo will bash heads because they are violating his dictatorial powers to assemble.

    Gamestop shows the divide in this country. It is not left vs right or democrats vs republicans but rather the ruling ELITE vs the little guy.

    While you and I were forced to lose our jobs, homes and small businesses Gavin Newsome kept his vineyards open. When The Bitch with an itch kept us locked down her husband was getting their boat ready for a jaunt in the lake.

    Gavin Newsome is facing recall. He is actually concerned. They need 1.5 million Signatures and have 1.2 already. He and an entourage of 15 people dined out WHILE YOU COULD NOT and spent 15,000 dollars on BOOZE and 24,000 dollars on the meal.

    The disconnect is real. The Rich Vs. The Poor. It is class warfare but not in the sense that the left portrays it. It is the uber rich vs the rest of the country. Not the haves vs the have nots as they describe it.

    Game Stop shows this clearly.

    • Est1950 says:

      Liz Cheney is done. Polling in Deep Red Wyoming who voted for Trump by 45 points polled her and she is pulling in a whopping 13 point approval rating. That would be from the democrats in the state by the way.

      The truth is the left is terrified of Donald J. Trump who is no longer president. They must destroy him or else the populous uprising which the far left is joining will only grow and become stronger. The ELITISTS in positions of power know they are losing their grip.

      AOC has fallen in love with power and forgot why she went to congress. She says whatever she needs to say, even defending why they won’t vote on the things SHE RAN ON LIKE HER HAIR WAS ON FIRE> The other members of the squad have at least a semblance of personal honor demanding that they vote on the things they ran on.

      Especially since they have the votes. But no…..Lets spend 6 weeks impeaching Trump and then after that 6 weeks doing something else and then 6 weeks doing another thing because we all know that You can’t solve problems.

      Hell no. That means there is nothing left to rag on each other about and get re-elected.

      Donald Trump’s life is in danger. The ruling elite AROUND THE WORLD must cut off the head of the Populist uprising that is challenging the great RESET. I AM in now way THREATENING TRUMP. I am pointing out the obvious.

      TRUMP…BETTER HIRE A FOOD TASTER…..Seriously sir. That goes for your family too.

      And NO I am not accusing Biden or the Democrats of this, but there are people around the world standing to earn Trillions If the Great Reset HAPPENS, or lose billions if the Great Reset doesn’t happen. Trump has a lot of enemies both inside and outside this country.

  3. ST says:

    Vitamin D and COVID 19: The Evidence for Prevention and Treatment of Coronavirus (SARS CoV 2) – VIDEO

  4. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Excitable Russia Teach typed: Republican Marjorie Taylor Green (who’s rather nutty)

    It’s Greene, not Green. Rather nutty? She advocated executing Democrats. She pimped QAnon conspiracies. She claimed that the Sandy Hook and Stoneman school shootings were “false flag” gov’t actions. Greene is an authentic run of the mill right-winger. Her beliefs are hardly outside of what most commenters here type. Greene is what the nutRump* party has become.

    The racist, anti-Semitic and Islamophobic Greene’s video was not exactly probative, was it. She was walking and talking in the hallway without a mask and was called out. She was excusing the attack on the Capitol and was called out.

    Unsurprisingly, the excitable Russia Teach used this story to attack black Americans.

    *Pronounced new-trump, not nut-rump.

  5. Jl says:

    The sun must be racist. I knew it…

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