CNN: Congress Is In Total War, And It’s All Trump’s Fault

This “analysis” piece, as in, it’s total opinion, is the top story on CNN at the moment, so, not actual news is #1. Surprise? It also looks like CNN just can’t give up on Trump Derangement Syndrome, but, then, that’s a lot easier than explaining why Joe is blowing off wearing a mask and, oh, yeah, destroying American jobs

Trump’s legacy of mistrust sends Congress into total war

Former President Donald Trump may be gone from the White House but his legacy of catastrophic mistrust is poisoning Washington, dimming hopes of a unified effort to crush the pandemic before mutant viral strains take root.

Nine days after newly sworn-in President Joe Biden told America that “every disagreement doesn’t have to be a cause for total war,” recriminations between the parties and the Republican meltdown are consuming Congress.

It’s now clear that the January 6 mob attack on Capitol Hill, while failing in its bid to reverse Trump’s election loss, has utterly fractured the basic level of trust needed to make a political system function — at a critical national moment.

In the quarter century of bitter political battles since former speaker Newt Gingrich’s Republican revolution, Washington has never been this inflamed.

At times on Thursday, it appeared that the whole of Congress was fixated on its own civil wars, cut off from behind its high iron fence from the reality of America’s darkest modern winter.

Interesting. Democrats have been at total war since Bush was elected with the backdrop of Clinton’s impeachment, and CNN had zero problem with the invective launched at Bush, Dick Cheney, and the whole administration. Condi Rice, a black woman, was treated disgustingly. Barack Obama did a very good job at dividing us, especially since he was so untrustworthy. He would negotiate in good faith, then renege and/or demand more. That’s what led to the big shutdown. We’ve seen Democrats go Category 5 Moonbat since Trump won election, willing to go to war on everything, but, hey, now that Republicans are being the dissenters, and willing to fight CNN has an issue.

Oh, hey, perhaps attempting to impeach then convict a guy no longer in office, a quixotic attempt when they know they can’t get 67 votes, isn’t helping. I’m sure there are lots of examples of Dems starting it you can offer, right?

And with more than 432,000 Americans dead from Covid-19 and the economy in ruins, hopes are fading — amid the acrimony — of a bipartisan effort to beef up the crucial vaccine drive.

Remember how Democrats held off on doing a second big stimulus for almost eight months because they wanted to hurt Trump, and couldn’t have cared less about the American people?

The magnitude of that death toll has much to do with Trump’s neglect when he was in office. The tumultuous forces now rocking Capitol Hill are, in most cases, linked to Trump or the extremism of his acolytes who have fully bought into his alternative reality that rejected truth and democracy itself.

Told you this was opinion. I don’t think it was Trump putting COVID patients in nursing homes, etc and so forth. You know this all.

In another sign of the toxicity paralyzing Congress, House Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York lashed out at Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, who had appeared to agree with her on the need for an investigation probing chaos on Wall Street. The New York Democrat, who has said she felt her life was in danger during the insurrection, tweeted that “you almost had me murdered.” Just before a pro-Trump mob stormed the Capitol, Cruz had objected to the certification of Arizona’s electoral votes, embracing the baseless allegations from Trump of an improper election.

Strangely, no words of admonition from CNN for AOC going unhinged. (as usual)

The pandemonium on Capitol Hill contrasts with the methodical calm that now prevails at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue just over a week into Biden’s presidency.

That’s right, CNN is fan-boying. I’ll stop on this big of lapdog.

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12 Responses to “CNN: Congress Is In Total War, And It’s All Trump’s Fault”

  1. Est1950 says:

    Day before yesterday everyone was tweeting out about the travesty of the Wallstreet fiasco with Game stop. AOC and many members of the squad were up in arms over it, it was gainning traction in the house and senate to be investigated and then TED CRUZ retweets AOC.

    AOC then throws a giant turd in the bowl by demanding Ted Cruz resign and saying he tried to have her killed and then the rest of the thread was attacks on TED CRUZ instead of looking at an egregious way in which the SUPER ELITE in their own private CASINO are protected by the Wall Street crowd.

    WE are at war. AOC should step down. To the everlasting Credit of several other SQUAD MEMBERS they were ranting AGAINST the PATRIOT ACT 2.0 which says we should spy on AMERICANS.

    Our Dear Commrades on the left are all in favor of spying on American Citizens the very thing they protested against in 2003-2008. The patriot act would be used to SPY ON AMERICANS THEY SCREAMED…..

    peshaw said the right. Well now the left wants to spy on Americans and the right is still NOT ONLY NO BUT HELL NO.

    • Est1950 says:

      IN case many don’t understand what is going on with the gamestop thing. In a quick nutshell. RobinHood told everyone to buy a certain few stocks because hedge funds were short selling those stocks. Its no secret.

      So 4 million Americans bought primarily Game Stop which drove up the price forcing these hedge funds…one in particular to pay huge sums of money to cover their short position.

      HOWEVER a cute little work around was for Brokers to protect the hedge fund by saying YOU CANT BUY ANYMORE GAME STOP and this would force the price of Game Stop down…..THIS is what Congress wants to investigate.

      Not only were these hedge funds shorting at 120 percent which is illegal but the operators of the market colluded to drive the price back down so that the short positions did not have to be paid back exposing massive corruption even in WALL STREET.

      See this is the elites vs the little guys. The elites get to fuk you over and over and over again and the little guy gets to lose his home, life, property and BUSINESS in the middle of the GREAT RESET.

      • Est1950 says:

        The Great Reset is ON. They are meeting in DAVOS as we speak. They are firing out tweets at people like Glen Beck bashing him for attacking their plan to turn the world into not a shareholder economy but a stakeholder economy.

        Bragging that countries such as Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands and GERMANY are stakeholder economies.

        Shareholder economies are like the USA and many other nations.

        However Stake holder economies is a code word for the ELITES of the WORLD to fully be in charge, telling Corporations and businesses what they CAN and CANNOT produce. IE…FASCISM.

        If they go forward with this the entire world can unite against the UNITED STATES and more specifically against Red States who secede from the Union if that were ever to happen.

        Folks there is a world wide COUP in the making. Led by the elites to dictate to the governments of the world how much to pay, who gets what and even more disturbingly a redistribution of wealth to poor countries of the world based upon how much you can pay.

        What they don’t realize is that when they start redistributing the wealth of people who have some money, live a simple comfortable life that their will be rebellion all over the planet. It is coming folks. These people are so fuking desperate to take over the world and hand it to CHINA on a silver platter because China has taken over everyone’s production and they hold all the cards.

        Raise your hand if you think China is going to join this COUP and give up all their power and wealth and divy it up among CHAD, Somalia and the Marshall Islands.

  2. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Marjorie Taylor Greene aka MTG (R-GA) is the now the face of the nuGOP.

    Here’s a short list of beliefs:

    The QAnon conspiracy theory, that Donald Trump is secretly fighting a worldwide child-sex-slavery ring that was supposed to culminate in the mass arrest of his political opposition, Clintons, Obamas etc

    Muslims should not be permitted to serve in the US government.

    9/11 was a US government job.

    Shootings at Parkland, Sandy Hook, and Las Vegas were staged to take away 2nd Amendment rights.

    Jews are secretly masterminding Muslim immigration to Europe in a scheme to outbreed white people.

    The stage is being set for hanging the Clintons and Obamas. FBI agents will also be executed. Nancy Pelosi should get a bullet in the head.

    She claimed that PG&E, CA Gov Brown, the Rothschilds developed space lasers that beamed down blue light to start the CA wildfires. The reason was to clear out the land for high speed rail.

    She described the Jan 6 insurrection as a “1776 moment” and that Donald Trump would remain in office because removing him is an attack on those who voted for him.

    • Est1950 says:

      How do you know so much about Qanon Elwood? Are you one of those guys with nothing to do but chase conspiracy theories?

      • Professor hale says:

        He just cut and paste what he’s told to cut and paste.

        • Elwood P. Dowd says:

          Every morning at 5AM EST, Lord Soros (coordinated with Xi, Oprah and Liz Cheney) send out directives with 5-10 topics to hammer “patriots” that day. We get 3Â¥ per comment, and got a 10Â¥ bonus when Biden was elected!!


      • Elwood P. Dowd says:

        We read. How do you know so little about those you support?

    • the American junta says:

      So you believe all that totally ridiculous nonsense about what amounts to a on line scam without one iota of evidence but you refute the stolen election?

      You are saying that you will believe whatever your handlers tell you to believe regardless of how idiotic it is but when thousands of people point out fraud, sign affidavits and literally film corruption you refuse to even CONSIDER there may be something wrong.

      You’re a brain washed useful idiot.

      • Elwood P. Dowd says:


        We do wish it was all a dream, but Marjorie Taylor Greene is exactly who she claims to be. As are trump supporters.

        Proud Boys, QAnon conspiracists, neoNazis, white supremacists, “evangelicals”, Oath Keepers, nuGOPs were overrepresented in the mob that sacked the US Capitol and thought they could overthrow the government.

        Part of the right-wing, trumpian conspiracy is that DJ Trump won the election, which is an absolute fantasy. Didn’t happen. The other part is that DJT would be able to retain the presidency through some magical superpower, but America said no, we have laws.

        So soothe your bruised ego, rest up, stand down but stand by, and allow time to heal your dysfunctional and fantastical thoughts. Trump didn’t win, there was no fraud that whupped him, there is no cannibalistic pedophile movement led by liberals that Trump was put on Earth to stop, there is no fascist/communist/Maoist/Nazi movement to dominate the world and take your privilege and inheritance. That said, it behooves the US to push back against China and Russia as they try to expand their global influence. Note too, that the US also needs loyal allies but our recent history of attacking our allies was not helpful.

        You’re a brainwashed USELESS idiot. But we all hope you get better and return to rational thought.

  3. Zachriel says:

    “I knew this would end badly. I did not think it would end with Trump supporters beating a cop with poles adorned with American flags as they try to enter the U.S. Capitol to execute Mike Pence.”

  4. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    No, no, no. CNN is wrong. Donald Trump is but an extreme and serious symptom of the dysfunctional GOP, not the cause of the diseased party.

    The party houses Mitch McConnell who pledged 12 years ago to block any and all Democratic plans forward. It was McConnell who wielded his Majority Leader position as a cudgel, even blocking any consideration of the moderate judge Merrick Garland as a Supreme Court candidate. It has Marjorie Taylor Greene, Ted Cruz, Matt Gaetz, Louis Gohmert, had Steve King and Todd Akin, Lauren Boebert, Gym Jordan, the reactionary “Freedom” Caucus and residual Tea Partiers. The nuGOP hates government, regulations, taxes, Blacks, gays, transgendered, Muslims, brown immigrants etc. The nuGOP has become a dedicated white, christian, nationalist movement willing to use violence to secure power and intent on spreading misinformation as part of their strategy.

    Trump’s role now is to be a nuGOP power broker by mobilizing his volatile base/followers to oppose Republicans who don’t acquiesce to the white, christian, nationalist ideals of the nuGOP. Time will tell if he is successful.


    Sorry we tried to assassinate you & overthrow the election.
    We didn’t expect it to fail & create this awkwardness between us.
    Let’s move forward & get back to normal with us blocking any legislation you
    introduce while we continue to feed a racist terrorist movement.

    Love, GOP

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