Biden To Sign Another EO On Hotcoldwetdry, And Fight Like No Other President Has

That sound you hear is the “Trump has mean tweets so I’ll vote for Joe” folks groaning when they go to the gas pump

Biden to sign executive order on climate change

President Joe Biden is set to take a series of actions on climate change on his seventh full day in office, fulfilling campaign promises such as freezing new oil and gas leasing on federal land and kicking off his ambitious agenda to reduce greenhouse gas emissions — making tackling climate change a priority across the federal government.

Biden’s actions Wednesday will follow up on several climate-related executive orders he signed in his first few days in office, including rejoining the Paris Agreement on climate, and revoking the permit for the Keystone XL pipeline.

In addition to Biden’s domestic policy priorities on climate, the order would set climate change as a key consideration for U.S. national security and foreign policy. (snip)

Wednesday’s executive order will start the process for the U.S. to determine its new, more ambitious goal for how much to reduce carbon emissions alongside Biden’s goal for a net-zero carbon economy by 2050 — a goal meant to be even loftier than those laid out in the Paris Agreement.

A key component of Biden’s climate agenda has been to create clean energy jobs, with particular focus on manufacturing electric, zero-emissions vehicles. One of Wednesday’s orders would direct the federal government to purchase these types of vehicles for the government’s enormous fleet, and requires they be made in America.

Good news! Gas will go up, the cost of living will go up, and your taxes will have to go up to pay for replacing huge numbers of federal vehicles with EVs.

Biden will also announce that the U.S. will host an international climate summit on Earth Day this year, April 22, and task former Secretary of State John Kerry with “enhanced climate ambition” to increase the U.S. commitment and push other countries to reduce carbon dioxide emissions even more in the fight against climate change. Kerry in his position as special presidential envoy for climate will sit on the National Security Council.

So, upwards of, if we go by the UNIPCC COPS (climate change conferences), roughly 10k people taking fossil fueled trips, including on fossil fueled airplanes and private jets? Huh. But, see, China Joe will fight the climate crisis (scam) like no other President!

Biden Plans To Fight Climate Change Like No US President Has Done Before

Joe Biden is preparing to deal with climate change in a way no U.S. president has done before – by mobilizing his entire administration to take on the challenge from every angle in a strategic, integrated way.

The strategy is evident in the people Biden has chosen for his Cabinet and senior leadership roles: Most have track records for incorporating climate change concerns into a wide range of policies, and they have experience partnering across agencies and levels of government.

Those skills are crucial, because slowing climate change will require a comprehensive and coordinated “all hands on deck” approach.

On one hand this is correct: he will do more than others. But, like the rest, he won’t practice what he preaches in his own life.

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8 Responses to “Biden To Sign Another EO On Hotcoldwetdry, And Fight Like No Other President Has”

  1. drowningpuppies says:

    And those 11,000 oil field employees denied future employment because Joey cancelled with XL EO can just go “learn how to code” or something.

    #Unity [email protected]!

    Bwaha! Lolgf

  2. Jl says:

    Those laid-off workers needn’t worry-China Joe is trying to change the face of the 20 dollar bill. All is well…

  3. Est1950 says:

    Remember in the future when you are called a CLIMATE DENIER…

    You are a CLIMATE REALIST.

    When you are Called a SCIENCE DENIER

    You are a Science Realist.

    I realize the planet is getting warmer. So what is the solution? Take us off the oil standard and watch the USA become CHAD, SOMALIA, UGANDA? Poverty reigns as the country renigs on all its debts and cannot pay out anymore SSI, Pensions or welfare. Has no jobs and everyone is fighting in the hills for the food grown by Red states.


  4. Hairy says:

    Joe has high approval numbers
    EST 1950 any idea on WHY the planet is heating up so fast ?
    Every country realizes that this rise in temps will create more problems
    Capitalists do not seem to fear Biden
    The Dow has gone up dramatically since the election
    You are already an old man
    Realky do you care what life in the USA will be like in 30 years ? If you even are alive in 10 years just what do you envision American life to be like ?
    Teach is always fearmongeting about skyrocketing energy prices but tgat hasn’t happened since he started his blog (way back when he refused to even admit it was getting hotter!)

    • alanstorm says:

      “The Dow has gone up dramatically since the election”

      Actually, it’s just returned to the territory it was in before the COVID dempanic.

      …and now it’s dropped a couple percent, because Wall Street is starting to see the damage that president* Biden is causing with his dictatorial EO’s. (Funny how EO’s were a dictator’s tools just a month ago, according to Joe himself.)

    • Est1950 says:

      Hairy I don’t give a flying fuk why it is heating up. If people want to build electric cars and windmills I don’t care.

      Hairy any idea how your going to eat when you destroy OIL as the gold standard of the world and watch the USA collapse just because you are afraid of a warmer planet?

      JOE BIDEN is a CORPORATE SHILL. Now all of a sudden the DOW means something to you when under Trump it was evil that the Stock market climbed.

      Corporations and billionaires put biden in office. Why? So your hated corporations could get rich and keep the left on a leash.

      Aren’t you mad that Nancy Pelosi held up 2000 dollar checks to the little guy to hurt Trump. Aren’t you mad that the Georgia Senators all campaigned on 2000 dollar checks and now we get NOTHING. Not even willing to do another set of checks like they promised.

      Aren’t you mad that Biden’s administration is full of Corporate and Oil and PHARMA EXECS?

      Biden doesn’t care about YOU. He only cares about BIG TECH, BIG CORPORATIONS and BIG PHARMA as evidenced by the fact he now says NO TO MEDICARE FOR ALL AND NO PUBLIC OPTION.

      Boy are you duped brother. Don’t even you realize how much of a sheep you are for the leftist cause and that your being played like a fiddle by your party????? NO? Get out of your bubble brother and your eyes will begin seeing reality in America not what your spoon fed by CORPORATE OWNED MEDIA.

  5. Yoshi says:

    Contrary to the article, those mandated gubbernit EVs are NOT included in the “ buy American” illusion order. Keep on, Porter,

  6. alanstorm says:

    “net-zero carbon economy by 2050”

    I’m waiting for a blizzard of nuke plant building permits.

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