Fighting Hotcoldwetdry Could Define Kamala Harris As VP Or Something

During the Democratic Party primaries, despite all the talk that the base wanted climate crisis (scam) debates, the Democrats running on it, Jay Inslee  (who couldn’t even get his stuff passed in Washington where he was governor) and Tom Steyer, flamed out early and with virtually no support. Kamala flamed out early with virtually no support, as well. And, does Mother Jones realize that Vice President’s really do not do much beyond being sent on missions by the president? That they are virtually inconsequential?

Fighting Climate Change Could Define Kamala Harris’ Vice Presidency. Watch Our Interview With Her.

Kamala Climate ClownKamala Harris represents a series of historic firsts—she will be the first woman vice president, the first Black vice president, and the first Asian American vice president. She’ll also be the first-ever vice president who has devised a comprehensive plan to address climate change—and as the tie-breaking vote in the evenly split Senate, she’ll have plenty of opportunity to fight for the environment.

Harris’ home state of California has been hammered by longer wildfire seasons, blackouts from extreme heat, and drought. Harris doesn’t shy away from connecting these events to manmade climate change. When I sat down with her in Dubuque, Iowa, a year before she joined the presidential ticket, she was still in the midst of her own presidential campaign. “For me this issue of the climate crisis relates to every aspect of what we do,” she said.

Right, right, the blackouts have nothing to do with replacing viable, inexpensive, reliable energy sources with unreliable ones. We get a lot more heat down here in the South, and you don’t hear about blackouts, including planned ones, eh? Florida has plenty of wildfires, yet, no blackouts.

Her remarks to me in October 2019 captured some of the themes that are starting to define the Biden administration’s all-hands-on-deck approach to the climate crisis: It’s not something the Environmental Protection Agency can address alone. “Every branch has a role in this responsibility.”

Watch your wallets. And you butts! (which are stand ins for your freedom, liberty, and choice)

Harris’ climate plan didn’t get much attention during her presidential run, but it was impressive: Her vision of the Green New Deal included a staggering economic investment in clean energy and infrastructure. She spoke about the importance of including low-income and communities of color in the fight against pollution and climate change; her Climate Equity Act, introduced first in 2019 with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) in 2019, requires that any environmental legislation receive an equity score to assess its impact on frontline communities.

Neither demanded a vote on it, and, with Democrats controlling the House, AOC could have.

Another theme from my interview with Harris was her insistence that the Department of Justice should investigate and rein in manipulative oil and gas industry practices. Her actual record on that is more mixed: As California attorney general, Harris led an investigation into whether ExxonMobil misled consumers about climate change, but she did not go as far as to issue subpoenas. And although she has at times embellished her history of suing and winning against Big Oil, she has spoken forcefully about holding polluters accountable. “Let’s get them not only in the pocket book, but let’s make sure there are serious penalties for their behaviors,” she said. That means taking aim at the “whole apparatus built around them” that’s built to protect the dominance of fossil fuels. And, she emphasized, that may not just mean the major oil companies, but other players, like gas-reliant utilities. “I think everyone who is part of misinforming the public, misleading the public and false advertising should be held accountable,” she said.

Using the power of the federal government for partisan attacks on companies they do not like. Well, they still like them enough to consider using the products of those companies. I don’t see Kamala and other Democrats giving up their own use of fossil fuels. Nor the DOJ. Good luck operating without fossil fuels, and, again, those companies should refuse to sell their products to the White House and DOJ if they pull this crap.

I suspect there will be plenty of pieces on purges and the Kamala/Biden administration going after political opponents and private entities they do not like for the next 4 years.

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  1. Hairy says:

    Blackouts? Perhaps Cali needs to replace its privately owned power companies which are only interested in profits and shareholder value with a state owned utility that is more interested in providing power with the best results to the people of Cali rather than for highest short term profits? But of course that would be socialism if public power valued its.Customers first over profits, especially short term profits
    Teach whom do you think public power should be more interested in serving? Customers or investors?

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