UN Warns That Most Countries Aren’t Really Doing Enough On ‘Climate Change’

There’s a very interesting admission in this piece on the UN saying we could fix what’s going on (we can start with ending all UN sponsored Hotcoldwetdry in-person meetings and conferences, with their giant carbon footprints)

UN Warns World Is Failing to Prepare for Climate Change—But We Can Fix That

If world leaders don’t seriously step up their game to adapt to the climate crisis, we’ll see catastrophic human and economic losses everywhere, a new report from the world’s top global environmental authority warns.

United Nations scientists have told us time and time again that we must curb greenhouse gas emissions to slow climate change. But the fifth edition of the UN Environment Program’s Adaptation Gap Report, released early Thursday morning, says those efforts must be coupled with strategies to adapt to the warming world. That’s because even if emissions drop to zero, we still face a climate unlike anything humanity has ever seen.

Every facet of human life and every corner of the planet comes with adaptation options, and many of the tools we need to adapt to a more frenetic climate are already at our disposal. We can conserve wetlands and mangroves to help cope with surging sea levels, and address landslides and erosion by restoring peatlands—all of which would also lower greenhouse gas emissions. We can create urban green spaces to mitigate flooding during heavy rains and to counter the high temperatures of heat islands. We can even put houses on stilts to keep them above floodwaters.

Mixing real environmental concerns with a cult scam. Landslides and erosion have always happened. So have rising seas. A tiny greenspace in a city does little to reduce the much higher temps in urban heat islands, but, it’s nice they mention the UHI effect, which is real, vs anthropogenic climate change, which isn’t.

Here we go

But world leaders largely haven’t taken these opportunities. Of the more than 1,700 adaptation initiatives in the report, most were in the early stages of implementation. And only 3% have yet demonstrably lowered the local risks they aimed to address.

It’s not that nothing has been done. The authors note that 72% of countries have adopted at least one nationwide adaptation plan, strategy, policy or law, and that the Green Climate Fund—the UN’s grant-making body that provides resources for international climate action—has allocated 40% of its total portfolio to adaptation. Private funding for adaptation is on the rise, too. Adaptation projects are also getting more ambitious as well.

In other words, all these nations are great at making pledges, not so great at implementing them. It’s mostly lip service to the “Historic Paris Climate Agreement.”

Rich, highly carbon-polluting countries, in particular, need to up their investments for themselves and poorer countries as well. More than half of the adaptation projects that have been launched since 2015, the authors say, have been implemented by the world’s “least developed countries,” which the UN defines as low-income nations facing “severe structural impediments to sustainable development.” In particular, almost 15% of projects are located in small island developing states. They have minuscule carbon footprints, but are likely to suffer some of the climate crisis’ worst effects, and in some cases, could become completely uninhabitable.

Well, their part of Paris is mostly about being given money and infrastructure with zero strings attached, so, it’s easy for them.

But, mostly, no nation really cares about implementing Paris.

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3 Responses to “UN Warns That Most Countries Aren’t Really Doing Enough On ‘Climate Change’”

  1. Hairy says:

    Tge USA IS reducing its carbon footprint
    More coal fired power plants closed under Trump than Obama
    Investors aren’t willing to risk 3-4 billion dollars on new coal fired plants
    Total people working in the coal industry is down to 44000
    The carbon footprint of the USA declined 2% in 2019

  2. Jl says:

    Yes, we are lowering our carbon footprint-mostly due to fracking, which many crazy Dems want to stop. Meanwhile…


  3. Jl says:

    John-look how good all these stupid lib save-the-climate programs are working! But I’m sure your “offsets” that don’t do anything to reduce emissions will kick in sometime…..but it’ll just be a kick to the US Treasury https://twitter.com/ecosensenow/status/1350123931814907906?s=21

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