China Joe Plans To Fight Climate Crisis (scam) In A New Way Or Something

Will China Joe Biden require all his appointed minions to give up their own use of fossil fuels and only travel in electric vehicles? And switch out his giant limo for an EV one? Heavily limit his use of Marine One and Air Force One? Have a few meatless days a week at the White House? Keep the heat at the White House and executive agency building at 60 and the AC at 80? What will China Joe do?

Biden Plans to Fight Climate Change in a New Way

Joe Biden is preparing to deal with climate change in a way no U.S. president has done before – by mobilizing his entire administration to take on the challenge from every angle in a strategic, integrated way.

The strategy is evident in the people Biden has chosen for his Cabinet and senior leadership roles: Most have track records for incorporating climate change concerns into a wide range of policies, and they have experience partnering across agencies and levels of government.

Those skills are crucial, because slowing climate change will require a comprehensive and coordinated “all hands on deck” approach.

We did that with energy when I was governor of Colorado, and I can tell you it isn’t simple. Energy policy isn’t just about electricity. It’s about how homes are built, how they generate power and feed it into the grid and how the transportation, industrial and agriculture sectors evolve. It’s about regulations, trade rules, government purchases and funding for research for innovation. Coordination and collaboration among agencies and different levels of government is crucial.

This is written by climate cultist Bill Ritter, Jr, who was gov of Colorado from 2007-2011. And he’s pretty much giving up the game, which is that government will be involved in all manners of our lives with heavy handed dictates. Surprise! Do you really want Los Federales in charge of your food in this manner?

A coordinated approach also helps ensure that vulnerable populations aren’t overlooked. Biden has committed to help disadvantaged communities that have too often borne the brunt of fossil fuel industry pollution, as well as those that have been losing fossil fuel jobs.

If Biden helps the disadvantaged in the way Democrats have always helped them, the disadvantaged are in big, big trouble. Anyhow, Bill offers a few whines about the Trump admin and what China Joe could do when they take office (nothing about going after China and India), along with

The best way to tackle these sectors would be a comprehensive climate bill that uses some mechanism, like a clean energy standard, that sets a cap, or limit, on emissions and tightens it over time. Here, the problem lies more in the politics of the moment than anything else. Biden and his team will have to convince lawmakers from fossil fuel-producing states to work on these efforts.

Climate cultists sure love them some taxation, eh? Always thinking this will hit Other People, never themselves.

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