Climate Cult Group Says Failure To Tackle Climate Crisis (scam) Is A Human Rights Violation

If there were any elected politicians with any guts, they’d tell groups like Earthlife that they’d be happy to tax the heck out of the group, skyrocket the cost of living of members, and take away their liberty, choice, and freedom. But, politicians love this stuff because politicians want Power


JOHANNESBURG – Environmental group Earthlife said government’s failure to tackle the effects of climate change represent a violation of human rights due to its impact on the poor and vulnerable.

It said despite South Africa’s repeated declarations to address climate change, the state is still proposing further exploitation of coal, gas and oil.

Earthlife Director Makoma Lekalakala said this will not only aggravate the climate situation but also lock the country into a treacherous carbon-intense future.

“We have to hold our government accountable so that the laws regulating emissions that are there should be implemented because currently, there is no will to really implement those regulations that we have in the country,” she said.

It’s always about “holding government accountable” but never about holding themselves accountable, nor about convincing others to practice what you preach. Go figure.

Also, are planet is dying or something

A decade for ecological restoration of our dying planet

What is the biggest crisis our contemporary world faces that has put the entire life on earth at stake? Without a shadow of doubt, it is the ecological and environmental crisis. There has been another crisis in the cob of this crisis, which is taking a virile form—the climate change. Realising the rapidly warming of the earth and consequent climate change, the late Stephen Hawking, a well-known physicist and cosmologist, had warned that the earth would become a fireball in 600 years. The long-running studies have now made it clear that human beings are the biggest cause of global warming and climate change. It also means that the solution to this crisis is also very much in the hands of human beings.

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10 Responses to “Climate Cult Group Says Failure To Tackle Climate Crisis (scam) Is A Human Rights Violation”

  1. Hairy says:

    Teach the price of wind and solar keep dropping
    Not skyrocketing
    The cost of generation is only about 1/3 of your electric bill

  2. Jl says:

    “Human rights violation due to its impact on the poor and vulnerable….” Another idiotic rant from the climate clown show. When the price of bread goes up, it affects the “poor and vulnerable” more than others, so it’s a human rights violation. When the price of gas goes up it… get it, unless you’re a lib.

  3. Hairy says:
    Feb 11,2020
    Buffet signed a contract to provide solar at $20 per mega watt and store it for $13
    That is about 1/2 the cost of a NEW natural gas electric power plant
    Old coal plants must be replaced by NEW. Sources and solar is cheaper than NEW fossil powerThe useful service life of a coal plant is 30-50 years
    As for nuke unless you want big government to finance a nuke it ain’t gonna happen
    No private equity will insure construction bonds for a new nuke
    Blame those capitalists

  4. Hairy says:

    Ginni Thomas wife if supreme Clarence Thomas chartered 70 buses to go to tge Trump riot
    This riot killed 5 people including one policeman
    She shoujd be charged ?

    • Jl says:

      The Mayors of Minneapolis, Portland, Seattle and D.C. (all Democrats) stood by this summer and did nothing as the riots raged across their cities-in fact, several of them told the police to stand down. Should they be charged?

      • Elwood P. Dowd says:

        That’s up to the cities. If in fact it’s discovered that the Mayors (all Democrats) incited the riots perhaps they citizens can recall them.

        Why do right-wingers excuse the mob attack on the US Capitol (the seat of democracy) by pointing at the BLM protests/riots?

        Do you not understand the difference between local riots and an attack on the US Capitol??? Really?

        If a BLM protest had spilled over onto the WH grounds, the fences destroyed, with protesters ransacking the White House chanting “Hang Donald Trump!!” with Trump in the building, killing two agents in the process, would you just consider that no big deal? If an agent shot and killed one of the attackers would you elevate her to martyrdom?

        Sorry, but the far-right is anti-America and traitorous.

    • Jl says:

      So John, what offense is it to charter busses to go to a rally?

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