With Climate Crisis (scam) Book Coming Out, Bill Gates Bids To Buy Fossil Fueled Plane Company

If it wasn’t for hypocrisy, climate cultists wouldn’t believe in anything. Does this bit of hypocrisy actually surprise anyone?

Bill Gates is accused of hypocrisy after joining bidding war to buy the world’s largest private jet operator – one month before he releases his book preaching about climate change

Bill Gates has been accused of hypocrisy after entering a bid to buy the world’s largest private jet operator, just one month before he releases a book preaching about climate change.

The Microsoft boss’s company Cascade Investment entered the bidding war for Signature Aviation Friday, teaming up with Blackstone Group to make a $4.3 billion play for the British private jet servicing company.

Cascade and Blackstone are now going head-to-head with private equity firm Carlyle, which had already made an initial takeover approach.

Gates’ Cascade already owns a 19 percent stake in Signature making it the firm favorite to win the bid.

But news of Gates’ pursuit of the private jet firm has raised eyebrows given the company’s actions are at direct odds with his very vocal stance on climate change.

It comes just one month before Gates releases his hotly-anticipated book, ‘How to Avoid a Climate Disaster: The Solutions We Have and the Breakthroughs We Need’, where he sets out his plans for how the world can reach zero greenhouse gas emissions in time to prevent a climate crisis.

It also comes just months after he published a blog post lecturing the public that climate change ‘could be worse’ than the coronavirus pandemic.

Signature Aviation handles 1.6 million private jet flights every year. And every single private jet flight emits up to 40 times as much carbon per passenger as a regular commercial flight, according to a 2019 report by aviation firm Honeywell Aerospace.

But, see, according to Warmist dogma, this is meaningless, because Bill is just one person. If we all pitch in and give up our money, freedom, and choice to government, preferably by Government mandating all this, we could solve the climate crisis. This is about all of us, people, all of us!!!!!1!!!!

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8 Responses to “With Climate Crisis (scam) Book Coming Out, Bill Gates Bids To Buy Fossil Fueled Plane Company”

  1. Hairy says:

    That woman at theTrump riot that died after being trampled by the crowd?
    She died still clutching he DONT TREAD ON ME flag

    • Remember Ashli Babbitt says:

      Does that make you as happy as your comment sounds?

      How many Trump supporters do you think should die for demanding a fair election?

      • Hairy says:

        Hopefully more than the police they kill
        Kye Teach for the last 3 years Signature aviation as well as almost all other private jet companies have offered carbon neutral flights
        Don’t you think it is important to note ?
        Also that Air Force vet tgat was shot and killed ? Anyone see her multiple arrest rap sheet?
        As for the death of the QAnon woman that was trampled by tgat Trump mob I DO find it ironic that the rioters failed to respect her DONT TREAD ON ME. Flag
        Airline companies could do carbon offsets by raising their ticket prices by 2% I don’t think that will be noticed, let alone put them into bankruptcy

  2. Dana says:

    Don’t you understand? After the warmunists and the Green New Deal destroy commercial aviation, the elites will need their private planes to get around.

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