China Joe To Require Masks On Buses, Trains

Joe is laying out his COVID response, and plans on doing….things that are already being done

Biden lays out plan to combat covid in first 100 days, including requiring masks on interstate buses, trains

China Votes BidenPresident-elect Joe Biden on Tuesday laid out a three-point plan to begin defeating the coronavirus pandemic during his first 100 days in office, saying he will sign an executive order the day he is sworn in to require Americans to wear masks on buses and trains crossing state lines, as well as in federal buildings.

Biden also pledged to distribute “at least 100 million covid vaccine shots” during that time, singling out educators, who he said should get shots “as soon as possible” after they are given first to health workers and people who live and work in long-term-care facilities under current plans. He did not specify whether he meant 100 million doses or vaccinating that many people; the two vaccines nearing approval both require two doses.

The other goal of his 100-day plan, Biden said, is to enable “the majority of our schools” to reopen within that time and to remain open. He called on Congress to devote the funding needed to make it safe for students and teachers to return to classrooms.

Yeah, masks are already required on Amtrak, Greyhound, the trains, buses, and even boats going between New Jersey and NYC. And most that are in-state and in-city. It’s like Joe is unaware of what’s been going on for a goodly chunk of the last year.

As far as COVID shots, perhaps those 55 and older should be prioritized over teachers, so many of whom are sticking with their unions in not wanting to have to go back to class, happy to do virtual learning. Is Joe aware of unions resisting the calls to go back to the classroom? Of course, for lots of teacher’s, you can’t blame them, since so many schools in Democratic Party run cities are hellholes of violence.

Biden has said often and urgently that Americans should wear masks, and he reiterated Tuesday that he would work with mayors and governors, encouraging them to impose mandates for face coverings in their jurisdictions. But his remarks were the first time he committed to signing an executive order to require masks “wherever possible” in venues under federal authority.

Um, this has all been happening. Just try going into a federal building without one. 31 states, D.C., and Puerto Rico have mask mandates. In the states without one, cities have no authority, in most cases, to go above state requirements and mandate face masks.

Kinda strange that the Washington Post didn’t mention anything about all this. It’s almost like they’re cheerleaders. You can bet if it was Trump saying this stuff they would have resisted.

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13 Responses to “China Joe To Require Masks On Buses, Trains”

  1. Hairy says:

    Yes “most” city buses require the masks but now ALLwill or risk federal funding
    Much like Reagan did when he forced ALL states to mandate seatbelts even though “most”states already did
    Teach any idea why tge pentagon reprTedly refused the requests by both VA and MD to call up their national guards to help end the Trump riot ?
    Who rubs the pentagon? Isn’t it Trump ?

  2. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Last Wednesday President Trump invited thousands of citizens into the US Capitol Building and few wore masks as they toured the facilities.

    No doubt some of the tourists were Covid positive and likely left the virus on the thousands of artifacts and materials they handled.

    There were reports that some of the tourists were confused regarding restrooms and ended up urinating on the floor.

  3. dachs_dude says:

    And,like magic, COVID-19 will be gone, (from the media at least), and considered cured by our New Improved Lord and Savior, Joseph Robinette Biden after 100 days.

    People will still die, but they’ll go back to dying of heart disease, cancer and the seasonal flu.

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      Another prediction from the far, far-right that will be proven false. That it would disappear November 4 after the election? It’s worse now than ever.

      Americans are still dying of heart disease (800,000/year) and cancer (600,000), but fewer of influenza. There were some 300,000 additional American deaths in 2020 compared to previous years. We understand that conservatives don’t grok arithmetic but since there are 800,000 heart disease deaths per year and 600,000 cancer deaths per year in America how can all these deaths be included in the Covid deaths? We’d have 1.4 million Covid deaths instead of 370,000. Doesn’t add up.

      Influenza is interesting. The US usually sees 20,000-50,000 flu deaths a year but are seeing many fewer cases and deaths this year. It seems likely that Covid is more contagious than influenza and the safeguards (masks, social distancing, increased vaccines, hand washing, stay at home) has greatly reduced the spread of the flu. Good to know. This season saw a record number of flu vaccinations. The flu season in the Southern Hemisphere occurs earlier than our flu season and was nearly non-existent this year. It’s possible the safeguards work better against the flu than Covid. The Northern Hemisphere catches the flu from the Southern Hemisphere each year.

  4. Hairy says:


  5. Joey B says:

    Masks are for obedience training.

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      And, importantly, to prevent the spread of disease.

      • Dana says:

        But have they prevented the spread of disease? We’re seeing the highest numbers yet, when almost everybody is wearing the masks.

        I went to Kroger yesterday, in Richmond, Kentucky, and everybody I saw was wearing a mask . . . and Madison County was most definitely Trump country! Lexington, the Commonwealth’s second largest, and second most Democratic, city is having record numbers of positive tests, and everyone there is masked.

        I’m sure that you will make the argument that it would have been much, much worse without the masks, but there’s no control group to prove that; it’s an unprovable assumption.

        • Remember Ashli Babbitt says:

          Masks are basically bullshit. If they actually worked people who wore them would not get the Red Chinese Democommie Flu but they do. If lockdowns worked the scamdemic would be over. The numbers are faked and the idiots who repeat them are lying cowards afraid to face the Truth: The “experts” lied! Or at best were frequently mistaken. But then they couldn’t blame a disease on the President.

          Everything they say and support are LIES!!!! Stop listening. That’s why they cut off people’s Tweets and such. They are afraid of you hearing the TRUTH.

          • Elwood P. Dowd says:


            There is sooooo much you don’t understand.

            1. Trump lost
            2. Covid pandemic is real
            3. Earth is warming from CO2 we’re adding to the atmosphere
            4. QAnon conspiracy is false
            5. Masks work, but they’re not absolute protection

            How difficult is that to understand? Your belief in lies and conspiracies can’t be healthy. And since so many trumpians belief falsehoods it’s not good for the nation (as proved Wednesday).

            We understand that you’re angry and filled with hate. You think your perfect trump world is falling apart. But we’ll survive the time of trump and can begin to heal once he’s put out to pasture.

  6. Dana says:

    Our esteemed host wrote:

    As far as COVID shots, perhaps those 55 and older should be prioritized over teachers, so many of whom are sticking with their unions in not wanting to have to go back to class, happy to do virtual learning.

    Under the ‘tier’ system, those 70 and over are tier 1B, with 60 and over being 1C. But there are already problems in tier 1A:

    Vaccine rollout hits snag as health workers balk at shots
    Associated Press | January 08, 2021 11:21 AM

    The desperately awaited vaccination drive against the coronavirus in the U.S. is running into resistance from an unlikely quarter: Surprising numbers of healthcare workers who have seen firsthand the death and misery inflicted by COVID-19 are refusing shots.

    It is happening in nursing homes and, to a lesser degree, in hospitals, with employees expressing what experts say are unfounded fears of side effects from vaccines that were developed at record speed. More than three weeks into the campaign, some places are seeing as much as 80% of the staff holding back.

    “I don’t think anyone wants to be a guinea pig,” said Dr. Stephen Noble, a 42-year-old cardiothoracic surgeon in Portland, Oregon, who is postponing getting vaccinated. “At the end of the day, as a man of science, I just want to see what the data show. And give me the full data.”

    Alarmed by the phenomenon, some administrators have dangled everything from free breakfasts at Waffle House to a raffle for a car to get employees to roll up their sleeves. Some states have threatened to let other people cut ahead of healthcare workers in the line for shots.

    “It’s far too low. It’s alarmingly low,” said Neil Pruitt, CEO of PruittHealth, which runs about 100 long-term care homes in the South, where fewer than 3 in 10 workers offered the vaccine so far have accepted it.

    Many medical facilities from Florida to Washington state have boasted of near-universal acceptance of the shots, and workers have proudly plastered pictures of themselves on social media receiving the vaccine. Elsewhere, though, the drive has stumbled.

    While the federal government has released no data on how many people offered the vaccines have taken them, glimpses of resistance have emerged around the country.

    In Illinois, a big divide has opened at state-run veterans homes between residents and staff. The discrepancy was worst at the veterans home in Manteno, where 90% of residents were vaccinated but only 18% of the staff members.

    In rural Ashland, Alabama, about 90 of some 200 workers at Clay County Hospital have yet to agree to get vaccinated, even with the place so overrun with COVID-19 patients that oxygen is running low and beds have been added to the intensive care unit, divided by plastic sheeting.

    The vaccines were rushed to the market. They may well be perfectly safe, but no one can know the long term effects because there has been no long-term testing on vaccines developed just a few months ago.

    My wife got her first dose on Tuesday, and Wednesday was a rough day for her, but she did get over it in a day. She has said that a bunch of her co-workers have said that they won’t take it, because of the testing unknowns.

    Me? I’m over sixty, so I’m tier 1C. I have no idea when it will be available to me, though I would guess by the beginning of February. I will go ahead and take the vile concoction, because, by then, millions of guinea pigs will have been inoculated ahead of me, so if there are any bad short-term effects, we’ll know it by then.

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      There is no lack of demand for the vaccines, so let those who want them get them. Those that don’t, don’t. If you refuse the vaccine and subsequently contract Covid you are last in line for treatment. Freedom!

  7. alanstorm says:

    “Joe is laying out his COVID response, and plans on doing….things that are already being done”

    Just think of it as a different form of plagiarism. We know he’s good at that.

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