Climate Change (scam) Could Doom Amazon By 2064 Or Something

Another day, another prognostication of Doom. But, hey, we can stop this with a tax and you giving up your liberty, freedom, and choice

Amazon Rainforest to reach ‘tipping point before 2064’ and 25% will be destroyed – study

The Amazon rainforest is the world’s largest tropical rainforest, famed for its sheer size and diversity of species. However, the outlook for the tropical rainforest is looking increasingly uncertain, according to landmark new University of Florida research.

The study reveals much of the expansive area is caught between rapidly-accelerating resource exploitation and climate change-fuelled fires.

Lengthening dry periods will soon not allow the necessary five-year window of respite between dry seasons.

This will not allow rainforest canopies to recover from fires, encouraging the invasion of more flammable vegetation.

Dr Robert T Walker, a University of Florida geologist, said: “Southern Amazonia can expect to reach a tipping point sometime before 2064 at the current rate of dry-season lengthening.”

Now, see, if this does come to pass, the people involved in the study can say “see!” And when it doesn’t come to pass they’ll say “the policies government’s enacted stopped this!” And, in the meantime, they can get more funding from the taxpayers, and take fossil fueled trips down to the Amazon.

The number of Amazon rainforest fires in 2020 had exceeded the previous year’s fire season by October.

Yeah, and most of those were intentionally set, especially by those who are, sadly, clearcutting the Amazon, not because of the climate. We’re not dealing with rational people, we’re dealing with a doomsday cult.

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One Response to “Climate Change (scam) Could Doom Amazon By 2064 Or Something”

  1. Est1950 says:

    Amazon is now getting into drugs and are looking to buy not only CNN but AMC which owns over 1000 movie theaters with 11,000 screens. Putting them in competition with Hollywood. But fear not. Amazon is so woke leftist that half of Hollywood is literally owned now by China which is why wokeness on the left has such a Carte Blanche approach to American Civility. China owns part of Disney and Legendary entertainment not to mention A software company that is responsible for running half the world. Created of course in the USA.

    Top that off by the EU climbing back into bed with CHINA over trade while snubbing the USA even though Biden asked them to not do it. The EU understands one thing. They are tits up. Their socialist programs have China embedded in them so tenaciously that when Trump lost the world caved once again to CHINA.

    Congrats Globalists.

    As Abraham Lincoln often said: I defeat my enemies by making them my friends.

    The EU caved and once again became China’s buddy who is busy handing out money, while the USA stops because we are printing money at a historically insane pace.

    Who will collapse first? The USA or China. My bet is on the USA. The Fat lady be tuning up because the deep state consists of Right and lefties that know nothing besides power and money in their pockets.

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