What 7 Things Could China Joe Do To Tackle Climate Change (scam)?

Strangely, there isn’t anything about asking his fellow climate cultists to give up their use of fossil fuels, give up their own eating of meat, turning the heat down to 60, etc and so forth. Nor a recommendation that Joe, Kamala, and all his climate czars do the same

The 7 things Biden should do first to tackle climate change

When Joe Biden takes office, CO2 levels in the atmosphere will be higher than ever before in human history. The challenge will be far harder to solve than if the government had acted earlier. But it’s still possible for the U.S. to get on a path that will make it possible for the country to eventually meet the goals of the Paris climate agreement—and stop the climate impacts that are already happening from getting far worse. Here’s where experts say that Biden should start. (nope, I’m not taking the bait on this stupidity)

  • REJOIN THE PARIS AGREEMENT (yeah, we know this schtick)
  • COMMIT TO SLASH EMISSIONS IN HALF BY 2030 (let’s see Warmists do this in their own lives if they think it’s real)
  • UN-ROLLBACK TRUMP’S ROLLBACKS (mostly on overbearing federal regulations)

Then, we get into

A sweeping stimulus package can create jobs and rebuild the economy while also tackling climate change with investments in things like modernizing the electric grid and making buildings more efficient to save energy. “What we need to be doing is making sure that we connect the near-term imperative to the long-term needs to get to a net-zero economy, and invest in the clean infrastructure that puts us on that track rather than doubling down on fossil fuel investments,” Cleetus says. The focus should be on rebuilding infrastructure in the low-income communities that have historically been hardest hit by pollution, helping deliver immediate health benefits.

How nice, taking advantage of a global pandemic which has destroyed people’s lives and businesses via government rules to push a cult.

In many states, renewable electricity standards that require utilities to provide an ever-increasing amount of clean energy have helped ramp up solar and wind power. (In California, for example, a renewable portfolio standard started with a requirement of 20% renewables by 2017, then a new requirement for 50% by 2030, later bumped up to 60%; by 2045, the state will require 100% renewable electricity.) ….

Using California with their high energy prices and rolling planned and unplanned blackouts is probably not the best example.

California recently decided to ban the sale of new fossil fuel-powered cars by 2035, and the federal government could follow that example; electric cars are already on track to be as affordable as gas cars within a few years. The EPA sets emissions standards for passenger vehicles, so Biden could direct the agency to make those standards so strict that only zero-emissions cars would comply. A separate standard for medium and heavy-duty trucks could reach the same goal by 2045. Federal agencies could switch to electric vehicles, including the Postal Service. Federal grants could help cities switch to electric buses for public transit.

This one is concerning, because existing laws could give China Joe the ability to do things like raise CAFE standards so high that companies have to build only EVs. But, there is no such thing as zero emissions, not without all the imported steel, parts, components, etc. And people won’t be able to afford them.

And, lastly, SET STANDARDS FOR BUILDINGS AND INDUSTRY, so, essentially, artificially increase the cost of housing and business. While you can bet Joe won’t be limo’d around in an EV, but a big, armored, fossil fueled vehicle, as well as on fossil fueled helicopters and airplanes.

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3 Responses to “What 7 Things Could China Joe Do To Tackle Climate Change (scam)?”

  1. Hairy says:

    People will not be able to afford them??
    The avg cost of a new car in tge USA is 36000$ +
    Tgat is the same cost as a Tesla mod3 before any incentives or tax breaks

  2. Jl says:

    Now if only there were a valid reason to do all this….

  3. Conservative Beaner says:

    Well Biden and the rest of the Democrats could suddenly drop dead. That would relieve the world of the CO2 the worthless scum emit and the real brains could recommend solutions like GenIV nuclear power.

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