House Approves $2,000 Checks, What Will Senate Do Now?

Heck, by the time this post is set to autopost we might have an answer

House approves increasing stimulus checks to $2,000 for Americans, sends bill to Senate

The House on Monday approved giving Americans weathering the coronavirus pandemic $2,000 stimulus checks, substantially boosting payments from the $600 checks that were set to be given out as part of a COVID-19 relief package that President Donald Trump signed into law Sunday evening.

The bill, which passed in a 275 – 134 vote, needed the support of two-thirds of House members present — a feat hard to reach in such a divided Washington. Republicans did not whip or pressure lawmakers on vote, leaving it up to members to decide on the bill’s fate after House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., last week blocked a unanimous consent request by Democrats to increase stimulus checks to $2,000.

The measure will now head to the GOP-controlled Senate where its future remains unclear. Senate Republicans have for months stressed over increased government spending and are likely to oppose the measure despite Trump’s demands.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., said he would force the chamber to take up the measure Tuesday but only one senator would need to object to block the bill from passing.

A vote on this measure will force conservative lawmakers into an uncomfortable position: either cave on their long-held objections or snub a key demand of the president in the last weeks of his tenure.

Perhaps, but, remember that the other key demand was the removal of all the extra, crazy spending from the government funding portion. That’s what Republicans tried to remove in exchange for the $2,000. But, at this point, that won’t happen. Republicans really just aren’t strong enough, there are too many squishy ones in Congress, and now that Trump is going to be replaced with China Joe, they’re reverting back to form of get along go along. Plus, this is a losing situation. If Republicans block the $2,000, they will be excoriated in the media, which will conveniently forget the spending portion (just like in this USA Today article), and will surely be a big reason they lose the Georgia Senate races. And will not be a helper for 2022.

Just pass it and move on. This is not the fight to go hardcore on.

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2 Responses to “House Approves $2,000 Checks, What Will Senate Do Now?”

  1. Hairy says:

    Socialist Bernie Dandrrs has said he will filibuster tge Defense bill in order to support the 2000$ stimulus
    He had previously submitted a bill for tgat amount along with socialist AOC from the House
    Too bad Trump didn’t speak up at that point
    If he did it might already have passed
    Now what will Mitch the Bitch do only the Senate?
    Will he even bring it up for a vote ?
    Is Trump hoping to influence jurors on his upcoming criminal trials for tax and bank fraud?

  2. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    McConnell blocked the vote.

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