Climate Cultists Try A Utility Strike Or Something

See, now, if people were going to do an actual utility strike, they would stop using all power at their domiciles, right? So that they wouldn’t be generating revenue for the power companies, right? Not in Warmist World

Climate activists mount utility strike to urge the shutdown of New England coal plant

Santa is not the only one giving out coal this year. Climate activists like Johnny Sanchez and Sonja Birthisel in Portland, Maine, recently sent their utility company an envelope of coal instead of payment towards their electric bill. This symbolic act of defiance, organized by the No Coal No Gas coalition, is part of a broad New England consumer strike against utility payments to protest the continued burning of coal.

The Strike Down Coal campaign launched on Sept. 1 and aims to continue until ISO New England — the system operator responsible for running New England’s energy grid and power system — agrees to stop subsidizing coal. By withholding payments, activists hope to send the utility company a message that burning coal is unnecessary, not to mention financially and morally irresponsible. Fifty people are currently withholding payments, while more than 40 others have participated in orientation sessions, and dozens are acting as volunteer support. Many of the strikers have recorded videos of themselves mailing envelopes of coal to ISO-NE on social media, and some residents are donating their payments to support racial and environmental justice organizations.

So, wait, let me get this straight: they’re continue to use the energy from ISO New England, they’re just refusing to pay for it? Well, at some point, they will be forced to not use it, as ISONE cuts their power off.

“The strike is a powerful way that we can connect economic and racial justice to the atrocities of our utility system,” said Leif Taranta, an organizer with the No Coal No Gas coalition. “It’s time to demand that our ratepayer dollars go towards helping our communities, not destroying our livelihoods and our planet.”

Remember, this is all about anthropogenic climate change, right?

Strike Down Coal is a powerful direct action campaign that not only withdraws financial support from Merrimack Station, but also models a way for other consumers to exercise power against the fossil fuel industry. As students of such nonviolent tactics, Strike Down Coal’s organizing team (which includes me) believes this kind of direct action can force a large-scale industry change quicker than electoral or advocacy efforts. And when it comes to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, time is of the essence.

It’s really not powerful when the Warmists are still using the power. ISONE also has 7.2 million customers, so, 50 people withholding payments (and soon to be disconnected) is meaningless.

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9 Responses to “Climate Cultists Try A Utility Strike Or Something”

  1. The Neon Madman says:

    They are probably in the winter shutoff moratorium now, so they have no fear of being disconnected.

  2. Dana says:

    In Maine, the power company cannot shut off your service during the winter months for non-payment. They will have to wait until April 15th.

    However, that means three months of non-payment, and that means they’ll have a pretty hefty bill they’ll have to pay. I will be amused.

  3. alanstorm says:

    “In Maine, the power company cannot shut off your service during the winter months for non-payment. They will have to wait until April 15th.”

    Not a problem. when 4/15 rolls around, cut them off for as many months as they haven’t paid.

    “They are probably in the winter shutoff moratorium now, so they have no fear of being disconnected.”

    Sort of like people wearing RESIST! and “F%$* Trump!” t-shirts – in Portland. Not exactly showing bravery.

  4. Hairy says:

    80% of Maine’s electricity already comes from renewables the highest of any state
    They can do without the tiny amount generated by dirty coal
    Coal is a Victorian age power supply
    More coal fired plants have closed under Trump than under the last years of Obama
    No one wants to build new coal plants and the others are too old and too expensive to run
    It is good fir pizza ovens and I guess if Teach wants to heat his own house with it I don’t have a problem with it
    There are now only about 45000 people total working in the coal industry down 20% under Trump

    • Jl says:

      “Coal is a Victorian age power supply..”’. So is wind energy that is used for electricity, John. It was first used in the late 1880s, which happens to be…….during the Victorian age. So by your logic we should then get rid of wing energy being used for electricity. For once I agree with you, John-thanks for bringing that up.

  5. Hairy says:

    Maine gets less than 1% of its electricity from coal
    They can easily do without it

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