Climate Cultists Have Plan For A Global Citizen’s Assembly Or Something

I wonder if we can troll the hell out of this?

Global citizens’ assembly planned to address climate crisis

People around the world will have a chance to discuss responses to the climate crisis in a planned global citizens’ assembly to inform UN talks in Glasgow in 2021, organisers said on Thursday.

The project aims to build on similar initiatives in individual countries such as Ireland, France and Canada, where citizens’ assemblies have given politicians a steer by generating ambitious proposals on divisive issues.

“Young people are not just frustrated by rising temperatures and declining ecosystems; we’re also frustrated by the constant recycling of outdated political solutions,” said Susan Nakyung Lee, 19, a South Korean student working on the project.

The plan is to launch a core virtual assembly made up of 1,000 people chosen by lottery from around the world, in spring or early summer, to run for several months ahead of the Cop26 talks in November.

So, what if hundreds, if not thousands, of Skeptics get in the lottery, and get picked? That would be fun, right? My recommendation would be for all Believers to get rid of their own fossil fueled vehicles and travel and make their own lives carbon neutral.

Organisers are working with other groups to hold local events around the world to broaden participation and build a lasting platform to host deliberations on global heating.

They love them some events and chats and protests and conferences and stuff, but, they never really actually show they believe in what they’re pushing by modifying their own lives. Weird, right?

Although the assembly has no power to compel governments, supporters hope its recommendations will carry enough moral authority to influence policymakers.

Um, shouldn’t government be listening to We The People, rather than government dictating how we live our lives? Not in Warmist World.

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5 Responses to “Climate Cultists Have Plan For A Global Citizen’s Assembly Or Something”

  1. Hairy says:

    The average Americans fossil fuel footprint can be offset for less than 50 cents per day

    • Jl says:

      And the average American’s fossil fuel footprint would still be the same as if they hasn’t paid the tax.

  2. Est1950 says:

    The Supreme court turned down Texas. 7-2 I think I heard.

    As I said Trump is whistling past the graveyard if he ever thought any amount of fraud would overturn this election. The left is this evil thug holding the right’s wife hostage while having a knife to the throat.

    This entire thing including the left going after Trump’s family is Mafia elites telling The Don not to ever run for prez again. It is also telling everyone else who thinks about being a populus including Bernie Sanders to JUST TRY IT!!

    We will so fuk you up that you and your family and your gardener’s distant cousins will be in prison forever and ever.

    We know if this was Biden the left would erupt into civil war if the SC did this to them. They hope the right and their nice guy mentality will just let things keep on keeping on.

    There are red clouds in the morning. SC, Courts, GOP and DNC and progressives. There is no sunny day at the beach ahead nor is there sailors delight ahead for this country that is filled with Fascist NAZI leftists who have tried to destroy all our lives and livelyhood.

  3. Blick says:

    it is always amusing that environmentalists try to claim the “moral high ground”. The evolved human social animal uses environmental manipulation as a survival strategy. So everything humans do is natural. In Evolution and the Environment there is nothing Good or Bad — just natural. Some actions may be Beneficial (to whom?) or not beneficial for individual and species survival. For humans to be concerned about other species takes surplus ‘wealth’ (beyond survival needs) to spend on other species. The only species to even consider that action.

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      Environmentalism IS selfish. The objective is to save the world for humans, with the bias being that the “natural world” is best for us all.

      You’re right that humans are an animal species and therefore part of nature and the natural world.

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