CFACT Challenges Handsy Joe To Spend A Month Without Fossil Fuels

This should be a challenge to all those Warmists yammering about getting rid of fossil fuels. Let’s start here

Report: Biden Touts Climate Change Agenda While Making Huge Carbon Footprint on Campaign Trail

Former Vice President Joe Biden has made fighting so-called manmade climate change a pillar of his 2020 presidential platform, but reports show that he is leaving behind a huge carbon footprint traveling on the campaign trail.

In 2019, Biden said the country has to take “drastic action right now to address the climate disaster facing our nation and the world.”

But his actions speak louder than his words, according to E&E News:

So far the Biden campaign has offset roughly half of its emissions from the team’s transportation to rallies, fundraisers and other political events. A spokesman told E&E News that the campaign’s contract with Advanced Aviation to provide flights for Biden and his running mate, Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.), includes carbon offsets. The campaign’s payments to the Virginia-based jet company make up less than 55% of the more than $5 million that the campaign has spent on transportation and likely represent only a plurality of its overall emissions, according to campaign filings and interviews.

That’s disappointing to climate scientists, who would like to see Biden’s team — which is on pace to raise more than $1 billion before the final votes are cast in 12 days — match its political promises on climate change with commensurate action. Biden has said global warming is an existential threat.

“The time is now to be changing our behaviors and to follow through on our words and commitments,” Heidi Roop, a climate scientist at the University of Minnesota, said in the E&E report. “People who are in positions of leadership and positions of power, they need to start walking the walk.”

Well, see, it’s easy for rich people to pay for offsets, rather than actually practicing what they preach, especially when they can use Other People’s money via campaign contributions. And Joe Bastardi has a challenge for Joe

Joe Biden challenge: Spend a month without fossil fuels

Joe Biden wants to get rid of fossil fuels. This is a position that is either ignorant of facts, or simply preying on the lack of knowledge people have on this matter. IT IS NOT JUST ENERGY APPARENTLY, HE HAS NO IDEA HOW MANY PRODUCTS THAT MAKE YOUR LIFE EASIER RELY ON PETROLEUM!

Its not just the idea we are getting off fossil fuels as a source of energy. Products that are directly produced with petroleum or derivatives of petroleum are not even thought of by the average person, who is being indoctrinated by all this. Either Joe Biden does not understand this, or he does and is preying on the lack of knowledge on this matter by an increasingly indoctrinated public.

So here is the challenge to Joe Biden, win, lose or draw in the upcoming election, I want you your family and staff to spend 1 month off anything that has a link to fossil fuels.

Here is a list and it is still not a full one, but is a start.

Of course, we all know that for most climate cultists it’s always about making That Guy comply, never themselves.

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4 Responses to “CFACT Challenges Handsy Joe To Spend A Month Without Fossil Fuels”

  1. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Marc Morono’s CFACT is a global warming denialist group. Nice stunt, though.

    Human beings will transition from using fossil fuels to other energy sources that don’t result in CO2 pollution.

    It could be connies don’t understand what ‘transition’ means or deliberately play dumb.

    • Est1950 says:

      Transition is not a problem. Of course we will transition from almost everything ever created because something always comes along that is better.

      Biden will not end fracking as long as he is CANDIDATE JOE. Once he is sworn in, he will sign an EO banning fracking on day one. Because your communist lunatics owned by CHINA tell him to do it.

      Transitioning is not a problem. The time frame is. You see were all gonna die in 8 years now if we don’t stop fossil fuels in the USA. Not China. Not India. Not RUSSIA. Not CUBA or VENEZUELA but in the USA.

      So we all understand JOE is LYING BIDEN and will say anything to get reelected.

      TRANSITION? Yeah in like a year. Millions out of a job in the middle of a pandemic and if any voter thinks the left won’t force Lying Biden to end fracking soon, then they are deceiving themselves.

  2. Est1950 says:

    BIDEN has a plan to end the pandemic?


    Huh? BIDEN IS PURPOSEFULLY KILLING 100,000’s of thousands of people for political gain.

    He has a plan but won’t reveal it until he is sworn in. If that is so then JOE BIDEN IS A MASS MURDERER. HIS plan is like ADAM SCHIFF’s Evidence Trump colluded with Russians. It’s in his Trump Deranged Mind.

    Give us the plan JOE.

    That’s because you don’t have a plan and its already proven that locking down tighter than AREA 51 doesn’t work. So whats the plan JOE, or are you willing to kill more Americans for political power?

    You don’t have a plan. The Democrats don’t have a plan. The WORLD does not have a plan. WHO doesn’t have a plan…hell even they have said no lock downs are necessary. Don’t close borders. The CDC doesn’t have a plan.


    Biden says Ill do this and that and Trump doesn’t even have to say. Already done that. MORE PLAGIARISM on LYING JOE.

  3. Jl says:

    “Morano’s CFACT is global warming denialist group.” And Biden’s Democrats are a climate change alarmist group. So? Really didn’t think that one out too well, did you?

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