Democrats Call Long Early Voting Lines “GOP Voter Suppression”

Another day, more Democrats going full Barking Moonbat

Long Lines at Georgia Polling Place Prompt Hysterical Accusations of GOP ‘Voter Suppression’

Footage showing long lines of enthusiastic early voters in a Georgia county drew predictable cries of “voter suppression” from Democrats and Twitter pundits, while election experts said such allegations were baseless and lacked context.

A 70-second video of the line to cast early votes at Gwinnett County station on Monday, shared by an Atlanta Journal Constitution reporter, had racked up over 7.5 million views on Tuesday, with plenty using the footage of those waiting to decry the system.

Democrats seized on the opportunity as a PR stunt to promote their own legislation and cast the long line as evidence of Republican voter suppression.

“Republicans have spent decades making it harder for Americans to vote, and we’re watching the results play out in real time,” Senator Ron Wyden (D., Ore.) tweeted, pivoting to promote his own piece of legislation — which would pay voters $100 to wait in line for at least 90 minutes.

“These hours-long lines to vote are the *deliberate* design of gop leaders and rightwing judges to steal the voting rights of communities of color and a threat to democracy in every community,” Representative Bill Pascrell (D., N.J.) added.

It’s a nefarious plot to….make people voluntarily go out and wait in a line?

But none of the reactions made note of the fact that the Gwinnett line formed on the first day of early voting, after months of corporate hype about the importance of early voting, nor that it fell on a federal holiday. Neither was it mentioned that Georgia saw a record 126,876 people vote on Monday — a 41 percent increase over the first day in 2016.

So, a big nothingburger, right? Something that one expects on the first day of early voting? That people didn’t actually have to wait, since there are many more days of early voting? Of course, what none of the unhinged liberals discuss is the speed at which the line moved. And, do those people look like they’re being suppressed?

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18 Responses to “Democrats Call Long Early Voting Lines “GOP Voter Suppression””

  1. Dana says:

    In my 98% white county, I had zero wait at the early polling station. If there had been a wait, well I still had three more weeks to cast my ballot.

    I wouldn’t have voted yesterday had my wife not told me that while the polling place, across from the county courthouse, had been busy in the morning, there were no lines in the afternoon.

    The ballot counter stated that mine was the 164th ballot cast; in our small county, there were only 5,545 total ballots cast in the 2016 election. Donald Trump carried the county 4,236 (76.39%) to 1,108 (19.98%) for Mr Dowd’s preferred candidate. According to my precise ca’culations, 2.96% of the county’s total vote from 2016 has already been cast, in person.

  2. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Long lines at polls 3 weeks before election day scares the bejeebus out of Republicans. When more Americans vote, the GOP tends to suffer.

    98% white counties in southern-ish America generally support the GOP these days.

    • Est1950 says:

      The Elwood’s of the world believe that the very existence of a Conservative is a threat to democracy and the world. We breathe air he needs. We compete for resources he(Generic Elwood types) as a Beta Male is unable to acquire themselves without support from the government.

      The Elwood’s of the world believe that black people should be shackled to poverty and totally dependent upon the government for their monthly fix. This is why Universal healthcare is so important to them. As more people turn conservative as they age the more the Elwoods of the world want this country infiltrated by illegals who are then promised healthcare and welfare and a home and have to offer nothing but a VOTE to keep them in power.

  3. TX_Teacher says:

    So more people voting = voter suppression?

    Got it.

  4. Kye says:

    “When more Americans vote, the GOP tends to suffer.”

    Not this election Elwood. Them be Americans voting to stop BLM, riots, and SC packing by commies.

    You guys have spent weeks telling your people to stay home cause Bide/Whore are 16 points ahead. Those are Republicans who believe you!

  5. Nighthawk says:


    Um, take out the ‘social distance’ and the line really isn’t all that long. Has less than 200 people in it.

  6. alanstorm says:

    Shorter version: Democrats reveal yet again that they’re idiots, or they think YOU’RE an idiot.

  7. Est1950 says:

    Fear not my fellow Americans. It is only Conservatives that are filled with evil and hate.

  8. Est1950 says:

    And now for the communist Jimmy Dore who pretended to be funny up till about a month ago when he started to realize that the Left was pissing away another election to the GOP.

    This is actually funny because Wolf Blitzer beats down Nancy Pelosi for not helping the people and Nancy Pelosi’s response is priceless. She blames everything on WOLF BLITZER!!!!!!! Rather than answer his question as to why she is not willing to help the people she cares about.

    • Kye says:

      Nazi Pelousy IS helping the people she cares about: HERSELF. Like all NeoDemocommies all she wants is power.

  9. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Long lines discourage some voters from voting. GOPhers work hard to reduce the number of polling places, especially in areas with Democratic majorities.

    They reduce the number of polling places. They shorten hours. They fight early voting. They incarcerate Black voters. Trump wants his goons to intimidate voters at the polls. Requiring voter IDs and making them hard to obtain. Differential purging of voter rolls. Crippling the Post Office. Limiting ballot drop-off boxes. These work great in close races!

    • Kye says:

      They should work great in all races. First of all the number polling places was vastly reduced when the Democommies army BLM/Antifa burned down 23 cities. Nobody is shortening hours. There should be NO EARLY VOTING. Vote on election day. We want poll watchers to make sure you Nazi pricks aren’t stuffing the ballot box. BTW wasn’t it the NeoDemocommies who put The New Black Panthers with clubs at the polls in Philly You always project and blame others for what you do. ID’s should be required to make sure the correct person is voting. What’s your problem with that? Do you want to show up at the polls and find out you ALREADY voted for Trump? Huh? Do ya? ID’s are not hard to obtain ask any jogger on the street. What do you suggest we do to eliminate dead people and people who moved from the voting rolls? I know, as long as the dead vote Democommie it’s okay with you. Who the fuk is “crippling the post office”? Ballot drop off boxes should be limited they aren’t even needed.

      Why do you want every single voter fraud opportunity? Don’t you want a free and fair election? What is it about fraud, crime and corruption that is so attractive to you NeoDemocommies?

      Trump 2020 One person one vote!!

      Pennsylvania: Nearly 60,000 Mail Ballots Unaccounted for in Trump-Heavy County
      Posted at 8:30 pm on October 10, 2020 by Scott Hounsell

      Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, a county that Trump won by over 30 points in 2016, has had a “snafu” in the distribution of ballots. The ballots, which were supposed to be sent out this week to voters, never arrived.

      County officials blamed the lost ballots on an independent contractor responsible for distributing the ballots, saying that the ballots were not lost — rather, they were never sent out. The officials stated that the issue was resolved, and that ballots should begin being sent out Friday morning, but did not state when the process would be completed by or when they expected to be all caught up. They only said that they expected Mid-West Direct (the vendor) to be able to get through the backlog over the weekend, and for the process to run smoothly from that point forward.

      We all know that, if this were a Democrat-heavy county, this would have made national news. Trump won Pennsylvania by about 45,000 votes in 2016, so a 60,000-vote, alleged mistake could decide the outcome of the election for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. There should be more scrutiny placed on the mail vendor, Mid-West Direct, to ascertain exactly what may have led to the problem in the first place. It is not clear if Mid-West Direct only processes the ballots for mailing as provided by the county or whether or not they produce ballots and mail them from data provided from the county.

      If the ballots were to be provided this week and were not, this could lead to a challenge in the courts to extend the deadline for the ballots to be returned. In neighboring Allegheny County, home to Pittsburgh and a Democrat-heavy area, mailed ballots on September 24th, 12 days before Westmoreland County even disclosed the issue with the unsent ballots. That means that an argument can be made for an extension of at least three or four days for the delay, if not closer to 10 or 12 days, for the difference from other counties that distributed ballots earlier.

      This is the third, 6-figure voter mistake in a battleground state this week. Yet, somehow, we are supposed to have confidence in officials’ ability to conduct this process without screwing it up or opening it up to massive fraud. Excuse me for not buying it.

    • formwiz says:

      Long lines discourage some voters from voting.

      They do? You can prove this, of course.

      GOPhers work hard to reduce the number of polling places, especially in areas with Democratic majorities.

      Really? How and where? I would presume areas with Democrat majorities would have Democrats establishing the polling places.

      They incarcerate Black voters.

      For what? Vote fraud?

      Trump wants his goons to intimidate voters at the polls.

      you must be from Antifa. I wasn’t aware LEOs were considered goons by most law-abiding people.

      Requiring voter IDs and making them hard to obtain.

      And requiring a driver’s license to drive makes it more difficult to drive? You can get a non-driver ID from the same place you get a driver’s license and for less money.

      Differential purging of voter rolls.

      As opposed to integral? If you mean scrubbing all the corpses and people who moved out of state, that just hinders vote fraud.

      Crippling the Post Office.

      Seems to be cranking along just fine.

      Limiting ballot drop-off boxes.

      As opposed to just dumping ballots by the hundreds? Funny how it’s Democrats who always do that.

      These work great in close races!

      And that’s the only time vote fraud can work.

  10. drowningpuppies says:

    Three weeks for early voting.
    Anyone who wants to legally vote CAN!
    There is no excuse.


    • Kye says:

      Three weeks early voting is just begging for Democrat fraud. If you can’t vote on election day, tough. What is it that makes voting such a big fukin problem to everyone except white men? Everybody but us needs some sort of special accommodation so they can vote against our interests. And assholes like Elwood insist we give it to them or we’re “suppressing the vote”. If it’s that important to them then they should do like we do: get their asses up and go vote! Not hard. And if Nov.3 is inconvenient then fuk you, you lose! It ain’t hard and I’m tired of being told that making everyone else be responsible for their own actions is racist or suppressive. That’s bullshit. Apparently, some people are just too stupid to be able to vote on the right day.

      All that occurs with all these accommodations is FRAUD. Period.

      Trump 2020 Looks like the NeoDemocommies are in full blown panic.

      • Elwood P. Dowd says:

        When Kye goes out to vote on election day, how many bus transfers does he have to make? Does he need to tell his employer in advance that he will be two hours late or have to leave two hours early to vote? Does an 8 hr wait in line square with the guaranteed 2 hrs off on election day?

        Republicans don’t want the poor, the working poor or minorities (Blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, Jews, seniors) to vote which is why they erect barriers to voting.

        Placing the new polling place across town isn’t much of a deterrent to a wealthy white man does it?

        Men such as Kye cry fraud when all Americans are allowed to vote. As they readily admit, conservative white men prefer that only conservative white men rule, but that furloughed Black, Muslim school bus driver is just as American as a well-to-do white man.

  11. Jl says:

    Drama Queen strikes again-“they incarcerate black voters”.., no, they incarcerate black criminals-white ones, too. Shocking.. “Trump goons to intimidate voters….”. And the evidence of that is …..what? “Requiring voter IDs and make them hard to obtain..”. One thing libs seem to hate are laws that apply to everybody, like they’re supposed to. That, and along with the fact that there’s no evidence that voter ID suppresses any votes, our resident rocket scientist has no evidence that anyone is making it hard to obtain voter IDs. “Differential purging of voter rolls”. Where does it say they’re supposed to be purged equally? Or do dead people, illegals, felons, etc,. tend to show up more on Dem voter rolls or Republican ones? Yes, I thought so…

  12. Drew458 says:

    The lines would only be 1/6 as long if it weren’t for all the social distancing.

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