Climate Cult Seeks One Billion People To Practice A Little Of What They Preach

Why should they even have to ask? Shouldn’t Warmists be willing to make all sorts of changes in their lives without being told? Why do they have to beg for Other People to make little changes in their lives?

Campaign seeks 1bn people to save climate – one small step at a time

If a billion people around the world were to take a few small steps and make them into permanent lifestyle changes, global greenhouse gas emissions could be significantly reduced, a new campaign argues.

These actions can be as simple as eating local food, forgoing meat at some meals, and wearing clothes to last instead of throwing them away after a few outings.

The campaign, which is backed by businesses including Ikea, HSBC, BT and Reckitt Benckiser (owner of brands such as Cillit Bang, Gaviscon and Durex), is urging people to sign up to take at least one simple step that would reduce emissions.

Count Us In invites people to sign up online for the steps they want to take and a level of commitment, such as moving permanently to a different diet or promising not to fly over a specified period.

There are 16 steps on offer, of varying levels of difficulty. These range from having your house insulated, buying an electric car or solar panels and opting to fly less, to writing to political representatives and reusing and repairing belongings rather than buying new ones.

Some of the measures – such as turning down the thermostat and buying fewer new clothes – are ones that many people do routinely out of necessity rather than choice. However, the campaign aims to raise awareness among consumers that patterns of high consumption are unsustainable.

Shouldn’t card carrying members of the Cult of Climastrology be doing this anyhow? Oh, sure, they probably already take the easy route of bugging their friends and coworkers, but, putting up solar panels on their homes and buying an electric car are hard. Heck, biking and walking is apparently easy, but, most Warmists still opt for fossil fueled travel. Same with eating more plants. They would still rather have a burger. And are surely not happy with keeping the the AC high and heating low. Who wants to sweat and freeze?

Fortunately, there are celebs to spread awareness on ‘climate change’ tonight

The Pope and Prince William will join activists, artists, celebrities and politicians on Saturday at a free streamed TED event aimed at unifying people to confront the climate crisis.

The Countdown program will kick off on the TED channel at YouTube starting at 8.30 p.m.(IST) in California and features 50 speakers.

“You’ll be hearing from all different kinds of folks from all walks of life; from the front lines to the grassroots to the treetops,” actor Mark Ruffalo, who is among the Countdown hosts, said during a briefing ahead of the event. “They’ll be talking a little bit about the problems and a lot about the solutions.”

While Countdown will spotlight science about the climate crisis and how it is harming the health of the planet, it will be geared to things people can do to stop it, according to organisers.

Mostly, you can expect it to be about people getting out and voting for Democrats.

Countdown organisers have set a goal of mobilizing governments and citizens to cut greenhouse gas emissions in half over the next decade and get to net-zero carbon pollution by the year 2050.

“You can think of Saturday as a clarion call, a warning that we must reignite our efforts to take on this daunting challenge,” Anderson said. “But it’s also a day of hope that there is a pathway to do this and we must walk down it together.”

They’ve been doing this for 30+ years, and they still have to do this? Apparently, Warmists are not very good at actually walking the talk.

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One Response to “Climate Cult Seeks One Billion People To Practice A Little Of What They Preach”

  1. Dana says:

    Well, I must be green as f(ornicate), because I wear my clothes until they’re worn out or ruined, I have only four pair of shoes, three pair of which are at least four years old, and I installed a solar-and-wind powered clothes dryer. While I’m certainly no vegetarian, but we don’t have meat for every meal. I have a farm to maintain, and can go days on end without ever leaving my property.

    I guess I get a gold green star!

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