VP Debate: It Was A Mansplaining Night Or Something

There’s a reason that Kamala Harris flamed out of the Demokkkratic Party primary in December 2019: she’s not good at this. She rolled her eyes, huff and puffed, and, as Liz Peek notes “She constantly smirked and frowned and shook her head in derision while listening to Pence; no wonder Democrat primary voters decreed her “unlikeable.”” So, of course, since VP Mike Pence won the debate handily, liberals go to their typical wells

ABC’s Stephanopoulos: ‘A Lot of People Were Noticing Some Mansplaining Going on Tonight’

Wednesday following the vice-presidential debate, ABC’s George Stephanopoulos described Vice President Mike Pence’s performance as having included “mansplaining.”

Rahm Emanuel said, “I would just say that, in this case, right now, the Trump/Pence ticket has a 31% deficit with women voters. There is nothing that showed tonight that they not only narrowed that gap. If you are attacking your opponent, who happens to be a woman, you can do that, but the journalist who is asking the question, I don’t think that helped them with the women vote in general. So, I would say that while this will not change the trajectory of the race, that, therefore, is a loss for Donald Trump, who is somewhere in the double digits losing right now. And specifically among women. Mike Pence, I know him. You have a reporter and a woman candidate, and both of them you are interrupted, both of them you are attacking, not a good sign. ”

Stephanopoulos said, “Obviously Mike Pence, former television commentator, does have a very calm demeanor, but I think a lot of people were noticing some mansplaining going on tonight.”


Van Jones: ‘Pence Was a Mansplainer-in-Chief’

Jones said that 2020 Democratic presidential nominee Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) had a strong start to the debate and a strong finish, and in the middle, “had to walk that tightrope that you’ve seen women of color and all women have to walk of being strong, but not too strong. And she got run over by Pence, over and over again, the moderator did nothing about it. But she kept her poise. She kept her composure, and she did great tonight.”

He added, “Pence was a mansplainer-in-chief. He was Mr. Mike Mansplainer all night.”


Carville: Harris I Will Not Be Lectured Line Hit Home– ‘Women Hate to Be Lectured by Men’

Carville said, “What stood out to you tonight? ‘I will not be lectured.’ Senator Harris said that multiple times. Women hate to be lectured by men, and she drove that point home. The other thing that stood out to me: She referred to Vice President Biden as ‘Joe,’ a conscientious decision that was made. Two things that struck me again and again. And Pence was a radio guy. Remember, they were being seen all the time, even when they’re not speaking, and Harris was much better trained. She didn’t lose her cool, smiled, took notes. Pence grimaced the whole time. You’re on 100% of the time, radio debate she would have won 55-45. But it was television debate. I’m surprised that his people didn’t train him better for that. But she really won the not speaking, visual part of that debate.”

And then, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who literally uses AOC (and RepAOC) as her Twitter handles, who has never complained about having that moniker, had a hissy fit

(Fox News) U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez appeared to be closely watching the vice presidential debate Wednesday night, tweeting several responses to comments by Vice President Mike Pence during his confrontation against Sen. Kamala Harris.

Particularly irking the New York Democrat seemed to be Pence’s reference to her by her widely used nickname “AOC.”

“For the record @Mike_Pence, it’s Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez to you,” Ocasio-Cortez responded on Twitter.

Ocasio-Cortez also appeared bothered by what she saw as “gender dynamics” at work during the debate, in which Pence was the only male participant. She accused Pence of demanding answers for the questions he posed to Harris, while trying to avoid directly answering questions put to him by the debate moderator, Susan Page of USA Today.

For the record, then, it is Vice President Mike Pence. Really, though, is this a good look? First, this nation long ago divorced itself from Titles. We don’t do that. More importantly, are all these folks, and there were lots more, saying that women cannot compete with men in the political arena? That women aren’t strong enough to compete? That politics needs to be dumbed down for them to compete? That is not a good look, painting women as hothouse flowers who need to be protected. For all her faults, Nancy Pelosi never complains, and, let’s be honest, she’s more than held her own, at least in the House, because she hasn’t had to really debate anyone in decades, being in the safest district in the country. You don’t see Republican women complaining when they debate: they just fight back. If you want to be in politics, it’s a dirty, nasty business, and you best be able to hold your own.

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10 Responses to “VP Debate: It Was A Mansplaining Night Or Something”

  1. Hairy says:

    Surrender Monkey where are you ?
    Trump announces obeying Taliban’s surrender terms and agrees to pull all US troops out by Christmas
    Cut and Run?
    We must fight them there or they will come here?
    We are at the tipping point to victory!

  2. alanstorm says:

    ‘I will not be lectured.’

    IOW: ‘I am incapable of learning, anyway, so don’t bother.’

  3. Dana says:

    Mansplaining: the term used when a man explains something to a woman which she cannot refute but does not like. It was mansplained and therefore needs not to be credited.

  4. Nighthawk says:

    As much fun as it was to watch Pence own Harris last night, it’s just as fun to watch the MSM tripping over themselves trying to make her performance anything but the abysmal failure it was.

  5. formwiz says:

    No Jeffery.

    I guess he’s hiding from the fact the ticket is done. If she’s the back up, people have no excuse voting D.

    PS Trump says in-person debate or none at all. Since they’d be socially distanced, Gropin’ Joe would have no reason not to show up.

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      Porter Good’s Defender, Lil Silbey Obsession!, says blah, blah, blah.

      Typhoid Donnie has infected some 20 of his associates and the WH is described as a “ghost town” these days. So the Commission on Presidential Debates has every reason to keep Donnie Fomite away from conscientious human beings.

      Following his previous on stage debacle, mini-stroke Donnie didn’t want another debate anyway.

  6. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Rasmussen had Trump down 12 points in yesterday’s poll. FOX had Trump down 10 points.

    All consistent with Trump’s drop in approval. He’s got almost 4 weeks to win Americans over.

    65% of Americans say the country is going in the wrong direction. That’s an incumbent’s nightmare.

    96% of Americans say they’ve made up their minds. But The Don has boat parades!!

    • dachs_dude says:

      And Polls had Hillary Clinton projected to win the election with a 98% certainty. What are the Dems going to come up with next? This virus didn’t work too well, not even on Trump himself.

      After the election, with Trump still in office and Pres for the next 4 years, what are they gonna do?

      Hillary, Obama and Company will ALL be going to jail, (rightly), for treason, spying, election interference. Dems will be decimated at the polls all down the ticket as people would rather NOT have their cities burned and looted and highways blocked and innocents harassed, beaten and killed because they were in the wrong place or for the wrong political views.

      Dems like you will still not understand why you lost.

    • dachs_dude says:

      By the way, the Boat Parades are spontaneous and are not paid for by “The Don” or the RNC. They’re a genuine, (a foreign term to Dems), celebration.

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