You Had A Ham ‘N Cheese Sandwich So It Might Be The End Of Us All

This kind of stuff might have gone over well when it came to nuclear weapons, as they were tangible. You could see the effects. ‘Climate change’? No one really sees a slight 1.5 F increase in temperatures as Doom. Maybe in theory, but, when the greatest example of a movie, The Day After Tomorrow, shows it creating an ice age, people tune out in reality. But, cult’s never stop. And it’s all your fault

Welcome to the Anthropocene Age. Will it be the end of us?

Many people may not know that we’ve slipped into a new era: the Anthropocene Age. This new geologic age marks when humans began to permanently change the planet. This age offers the promise and wonders of our creative genius yet also the seeds of civilization’s complete destruction. And we are about to find out which path will prevail.

Our intellect, technology, ambition and desire for a better life have propelled us forward with rapid changes. And for the last 70 years, our unsustainable lifestyle fed on increasingly greater amounts of fossil fuels.

In 1988, we found that our road to progress had hit a huge pothole. Dr. James Hansen, then director of NASA’s Institute for Space Studies and our top climate scientist, testified before the U.S. Senate that due to our burning of fossil fuels, the Earth was warming. At full tilt. If we continued to burn fossil fuels, emitting greenhouse gasses, it would lead to both significant and damaging changes to the Earth’s climate. We’d witness rising sea levels, temperature spikes and devastating droughts.

The warning signs have cautioned us for almost 100 years, and Hansen’s testimony — 30 years old now — was clear, accurate and undeniable. Yet his warning, which ached for prompt action, was virtually ignored.

Alerting people to the problems associated with climate change and global warming has been ineffective. The fossil fuel industry deliberately sowed confusion about the truth of climate science. Consequently, ignorance, widespread apathy and outright hostility have prevailed. The fossil fuel industry — and those invested in it — kept the public from recognizing the dangers of climate change. Climate science, if properly understood, demands swift action to stop or at least slow the use of fossil fuels, that is coal, oil and natural gas.

I’m looking forward to the Hartford Courtant explaining how they plan to stop using fossil fuels to gather and disseminate the news, and make all their operations carbon neutral. Maybe spending a couple million for solar panels?

Thankfully, we still have time to avoid the worst consequence. Yes, we have started down the wrong road. But yes, we still have an opportunity to write a different ending to our story where the cliff is avoided.

The question is: Do we have the courage to act? Will we work to save ourselves from the calamity of climate change and global warming? It is up to us to act now.

Just say yes to leaders who will fight against climate change, yes to green energy and less consumption, yes to investing in solar and wind energy, yes to a shared planet that we can live in during the Anthropocene Age and beyond it.

Guess not. Some days I really want to give these climate cultists what they want, just so I can hear them complain “wait, I thought this would be a utopia! Why are my taxes so high? Why did my cost of living go up so high? Why did I lose all this freedom, liberty, and choice? Why can my news outlet no longer afford to operate?”

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