Democrats Hide “Deferred Action” For Illegals, Importing Cheap White Collar Workers In COVID Relief Bill

Now that we can see it, we can see what’s in it, and a lot seems barely related and unrelated to Bat Soup Virus relief, House Democrats are simply using the pretense for some of their wishes. The entire thing starts out with providing relief SNAP and food and all sorts of things that are simply liberal wish lists, then on to students and schools. Then they codify that any worker can, by law, use any vacation or other leave as sick leave. And changing the terms of intermittent leave that may already be in force between and employer and the employee. It just goes on and on, till they actually get to the so-called Hero Act. There is a 12 moratorium on evictions and foreclosures. It suspends negative credit reporting. And then lending for “people of color”, because Dems think POC aren’t capable of doing it themselves.

And things like the Jabara-Heyer No Hate Act, which has nothing to do with COVID, and sets up hate crime snitch lines, among others. What could go wrong? And “environmental justice” grants. And so much more

House Democrats Hide Amnesty, White-Collar Inflows in Coronavirus Bill

House Democrats have buried a huge amnesty for several million blue-collar illegal aliens in their coronavirus bailout bill, which also creates a new pipeline to pump foreign workers into U.S. healthcare jobs.

“They are going to make legal the hiring of illegal aliens — it is in the text on page 2030,” said John Miano, a lawyer with the Immigration Law Reform Institute, which opposes amnesty for illegal workers.

The 2,154-page bill says:

During the [healthcare emergency] period described in subsection (e), an alien described in subsection (d) shall be deemed to be in a period of deferred action and authorized for employment for purposes of section 274A of the Immigration and Nationality Act.

These are illegal aliens who are “engaged in essential critical infrastructure labor or services in the United States prior to the  period described in subsection (e) and continues to engage in such labor or services during such period.” It’s estimated there are at least 3-4 million illegals engaged in food supply and other “critical” labor and services.

And once an illegal is given deferred action, we see that it is almost impossible to get them off it and deport them, even if they’ve killed or raped someone.

The legislation also allows employers to import many nurses and doctors to work in lower-wage staffing companies, even though many American nurses, doctors, and medical experts have been laid off during the coronavirus crash, even though many Americans are training to become healthcare workers.

Starting on page 2034, the bill offers fast-track green cards to foreign doctors, nurses, and scientists, including many who arrive on temporary H-1B, J-1, or O-1 visas…

The resulting flood of the compliant and cheap foreign worker will allow the executives in hospital chains to sideline American nurses and doctors, he said. Under the Democrats’ bill, executives “can go out there and say ‘I’m going to bring in a bunch of nurses and I’ll certify the [promised] wage based [on wage rates in] Tupelo, Mississippi,’ and then send them to [high-wage worksites in] New York or Silicon Valley.”

Wages for Americans in healthcare careers would be “totally undermined … That’s clearly what’s intended here,” he said, adding:

The purpose of this is to bypass the American labor market entirely and to turn the American labor market into a third-world labor market .. The people in management level are able to undermine higher wages in the professional class in America.

“What this bill tells you is that Wahington is totally controlled by lobbyists … They rule the roost,” said Miano. “Manipulation of immigration policy is one of the major reasons why we have all increases in wealth flowing to the extremely wealthy in this country.”

We’ve long known that one of the things keeping wages down is cheap foreign worker, whether illegal or illegal. Sadly, Republicans are in on this scheme, too.

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  1. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Either they’re in the bill or not, so not “hiding”.

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