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Apparently, The Climate Crisis (scam) Is Sexist

Hey, remember all the articles about a lack of black people in the Cult of Climstrology, especially in leadership positions (let’s face it, the CoC is primarily composed of middle to upper class white people)? Well, looks like the CoC is also sexist Q&A: Why Women Leading the Climate Movement are Underappreciated and Sometimes Invisible […]

If All You See…

…is sunlight which is brighter due to climate change reflecting off a rising sea, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is The Last Tradition, with a post on the Jacob Blake shooting being justified, and that he was sexually assaulting a woman.

If (Hardcore Marxist) BLM Really Matters, We Need To Do Away With Stand Your Ground Or Something

And now the gun grabbers are using uber-Marxist Black Lives Matter to reduce gun rights and the right to self protection If Black Lives Truly Matter, Stand Your Ground Laws Must Go Now that pointing firearms at peaceful Black Lives Matter protesters is the magic ticket to a speaking slot at the GOP convention, and we […]

Cape Cod Vacationers Greeted By Climate Crisis (scam) Lunatics

Looks like they took a page from their European partner nutters in Extinction Rebellion. One has to wonder how effective this kind of display is, especially when all people want to do is get to their house/hotel room, and may be rather cranky from all the traffic Demonstrators greet Cape Cod travelers with climate change […]

Say, Has The Chance For Police Reform Already Closed?

Yahoo News’ Mike Bebernes is asking the question, and, while he gives some interesting reasons why there has been little reform, he misses the biggest one Has the opportunity for police reform already closed? The police killing of George Floyd in late May ignited a nationwide protest movement that saw thousands fill the streets in […]

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