Bummer: RNC Forgot To Mention A Play To Solve ‘Climate Change’ (scam)

And Republicans forgot to even mention the climate crisis (scam)! How rude!

Republicans at the Convention Did Not Lay Out a Plan for Climate Change—Much Less Acknowledge It

The Republican National Convention, dominated by veneration of Donald Trump and bleak warnings of the dangers of socialism, has completely ignored the climate crisis, an omission that has disturbed some conservatives who warn the party risks being left behind by voters.

Convention speeches have included Eric Trump praising the beauty of the Grand Canyon, a region his father’s administration has proposed opening to mining for uranium, while several speakers have attacked Joe Biden, the Democratic presidential nominee, as a threat to oil and gas worker jobs.

But Trump’s renomination event has not laid out any plan for the climate crisis, nor even any acknowledgment of it. “It is disappointing,” said Danielle Butcher, chief operating officer of the American Conservation Coalition, an organization of young conservatives. “To see no mention of climate change at the RNC, no update in the official platform? It feels unrepresentative of science [and] of the progress we have made as a party.”

Butcher said the Republican party’s base has shifted to become more concerned by the climate crisis, with young conservatives placing particular importance upon the issue. “Trump may not be on board yet, but there is movement, and we’d love for him to join us,” she said.

In reality, it barely got mentioned at the DNC. Mostly it was just mentioned in passing as a buzz phrase, not laying out a long platform of Things To Do, at least during the speeches. Anyhow, why would Republicans mention what is a scam, one that people care about in theory, but not in practice? They talked about actual important things, things that are real. So a few young Republicans care along with a few older ones (who see power in passing some legislation)? Let them practice it in their own lives.

Trump should mention it: he should mention how much it will cost Americans, how much their taxes will go up, how much freedom and choice they will lose. He should lay out a plan for more natural gas and nuclear energy, as well as money for research and development for wind and solar to make them way more efficient. And that if Warmists want more, they should make changes in their own lives, rather than forcing their beliefs on Other People.

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2 Responses to “Bummer: RNC Forgot To Mention A Play To Solve ‘Climate Change’ (scam)”

  1. Professor hale says:

    There are lots of things that are favored by democrats that the republicans didnt mention. Democrats have their own campaign to announce their agenda. Why would they think the republicans would care about democrat issues (other than to mock them).

  2. Est1950 says:

    Why the Democrats and polls are deluding themselves.

    YOUGOV Poll. Biden leads by 9 percent.

    The sample size:

    30 percent are white, 16 percent are black, 23 percent hispanic and 25 percent other.

    Yet 69 percent of the nation is white. 11 percent is black, 16 percent hispanic and 4-5 percent other.

    So already they are way under sampling whites. Way over sampling Blacks and Hispanics and certainly they lost their minds in the other category which most likely would include a large Muslim block which makes up less then 1/10th of 1 percent of the electorate.

    Too attain the 50 percent for Biden 99 percent of the answers were counted.

    To attain the 42 percent for Trump only 82 percent of the answers were used!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I can do this with poll after poll. The left is once again setting themselves up for failure, a shocking loss and surely Trump and the Russians stole the election again, when their own pollsters are flat out lying to them in polls they conduct.

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