NBC News: Looting Proves Black America Deserves Reparations Or Something

NBC News is a pretty big operation, wouldn’t you say? So, they can totally come up with some cash, right?

Chicago looting proves Black America deserves reparations — here’s why

The summer of 2020 has been a summer defined by agitation. What started in Minnesota following the police killing of George Floyd spread quickly across the nation. This past week, Kenosha, Wisconsin, became the latest flashpoint, as protesters clashed with police and armed vigilantes over the police shooting of 29-year-old Jacob Blake. One of those vigilantes has been charged with killing two protesters and injuring another.

But another Midwestern city — my city — was the center of attention three weeks ago.

In the early hours of Aug. 10, caravans from across the city ransacked high-end stores in and around downtown after rumors circulated on social media that Chicago police had shot and killed a 15-year-old Black boy on the South Side. Police did shoot 20-year-old Latrell Allen, who is Black, the day before. Police allege Allen fired gunshots at them, but officers were not equipped with body-worn cameras, and no other footage of the incident has been made available. Allen is expected to recover.

Interesting. NBC opinion writer Carlos Bellesteros only seems to care about these killings, not the, say, the 55 shot and 10 killed this weekend in Chicago. Anyhow

Images of people walking in and out of department stores with their hands full of products transfixed a confused nation. Mayor Lori Lightfoot called the looting “an assault” on Chicago, while the Rev. Jesse Jackson said it was “humiliating” and “morally wrong.”

But young Black activists pushed back. “When protesters attack high-end retail stores that are owned by the wealthy and service the wealthy, that is not ‘our’ city and has never been meant for us,” Black Lives Matter Chicago said in a statement after the looting. “These protests can only end when the safety and wellbeing of our communities is finally prioritized.”

An excuse for theft.

Prioritizing Black communities has always been a problem for Chicago. Since arriving en masse during the Great Migration more than a century ago, Black Chicagoans have been violently relegated to the margins, exploited at every turn and expected to do more with less. Racism in Chicago even shocked Martin Luther King Jr., who said he had “never seen — even in Mississippi and Alabama — mobs as hostile and as hate-filled” as the ones he saw here.

So, the Democrats who run Chicago treated blacks badly and still do? Huh. Carlos says that the housing business in Democratic Party run Chicago is racist, from housing values to loans to how much banks put into black neighborhoods. And white businesses are worth more than black ones. And whites make more (well, yeah, since the white Dems keep blacks down in the projects). So

All of this amounts to a historic pattern of perpetual, systematic looting of Chicago’s Black community. As of Aug. 13, at least 42 people had been charged with felonies in the alleged looting three weeks ago. How many bankers have been charged for stealing from Black families?

Only loaning 12 cents in black neighborhoods for every $1 in white neighborhoods isn’t “stealing”: it wasn’t their money to start with. Not much of an argument, right?

Activists say money for those initiatives should come from police coffers. In 2020, the operating budget for the Chicago Police Department hit $1.65 billion, the largest police budget in the city’s history. Most of that money is earmarked for salaries and overtime pay for the 13,000 or so sworn Chicago police officers, giving the city more cops per capita than New York or L.A.

And you know what happens? Those police officers will have their patrols prioritized so that they are spending way less time in those lower income neighborhoods. Response time to emergency calls will take longer, and ambulances will not come if they do not think the area is safe.

But the looting shows Chicago’s legacy of plundering Black wealth will not fade away on its own. Reparations of all kinds must be made to Black Chicago.

OK: when do white Democrats pony up? They run the town, right?

BTW, no one tell Democrats pushing for reparations that this kind of money, given because it is “owed”, would mean blacks would be less beholden to the Democrats.

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8 Responses to “NBC News: Looting Proves Black America Deserves Reparations Or Something”

  1. Est1950 says:

    Ken Buck doubles down on Rand Paul’s call for investigation into funding of violent protests
    ‘The Justice Department needs to open an investigation into who is funding these violent riots’

    IF the US government is not already looking into this with every agency on the books then we have the most inept government on the planet.

    But then of course we do. Its the deep state. The FBI undercover should be following these kids home.

    As I heard one person yelling at the media while his business was on fire. He said “We should follow these people home and burn their houses down and see how they like that.”

    It’s coming to that. More deaths. More cops killed over the weekend.

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      More cops killed over the weekend.

      Two officers were shot in St. Louis this weekend, and one, Tamarris L. Bohannon, died. The other was treated and released. Both officers were Black. The killer is white. The motive is unclear. The killer was captured alive.

      • Est1950 says:

        For your viewing pleasure. This list is only through June, 5th.


        More than 700 officers injured in George Floyd protests across US.

        I wonder how many protestors have been injured by COPS in that time?

        SAY THEIR NAMES: of the 20 people killed in the George Floyd Riots. This is not an Updated list.


        This is not Donald Trumps America. This is 60 years of Democratic rule.

        In China the people have become hopeless and maniac. https://atheistuniverse.net/forum/topics/is-china-a-compassion-less-country-if-so-why?groupUrl=atheist&

        Since your an Atheist Elwood you will love an article written by the Atheist universe.

        In relation to the societal impact that is happening in China, the same can be said for blacks, whites and others who have been herded onto the poverty plantation and fed a constant stream of hopelessness. This is not a Police problem. It is a democrats harvesting poor votes for power while they make big promises and do nothing.

        This country is fuked up. Perhaps we can get a super majority and 37 states will change the constitution to allow Trump to be president for 12 more years. Mabey 16. Perhaps if people in DC actually gave a care about people instead of how much money they can make we would have a much better country.

        Blacks and whites would have hope and not hopelessness.

        • Professor hale says:

          Regarding China and hopelessness. Why is this news? China has never treated their peasants as anything other than serfs. Even communism just changed the names and uniforms, but the serf-peasant-slaves were still never going to enjoy any sort of quality of life. Only a naive western journalist would apply western standards of living and expectations to them.

          • Est1950 says:

            Perhaps it is not news to YOU. It is however news to those kids from Jr. High to College who have had program after program of Communist China progaganda shoved down their throats.

            In the 60’s-80’s Russia worked hard to undermine America from within. With the collapse of the USSR Communist China took over that task in the early 90’s with several programs.

            There are dozens of programs around the world including the Belt and Road Initiative, 1000 Talents programs, Confucius Institute as well as several programs to indoctrinate youths in Jr. High and High School not only in America but in countries around the world.

            It may not be news to you but it is certainly something that needs to have the light shined on repeatedly and our brainwashed children and young leftists that will be in charge when the next great generation dies will leave this country vulnerable to 30-50 years of brainwashing by the USSR and CCP of China.

            I only point out the facts for those that would care to read them.

  2. Est1950 says:

    A VOTE for any Democrat in any office is a vote for AOC, RIOTS, Illan Omar, Looting, Allayna Pressley, Arson, Rashita Talib, Death and Destruction.

    Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden Do not run the party. Rioters, looters and arsonists who will execute you on the street do.

    Any vote for Any democrat in any city is a vote to continue the summer of LOVE. The summer of peaceful protests.

    Joe Biden will be a batshit crazy leftist because his party will demand it. They will be bring Portland to your doorstep if elected.

    But just not them. Join the 6 mayors of the 6 most Democratic cities In Minnesota that just sent Donald Trump a letter endorsing him for president. They understand. The rest of you need to understand too.

    Democrats equals communism and NONE of them are moderates. They are crazy and insane leftists that will lie to you to get voted into office. Don’t fall for their lies. If you want insane leftists then by all means vote for them, but don’t be fooled. They are NOT MODERATES.

  3. Jl says:

    Sorry-even if they received reparations, which they won’t, they’d still loot..

  4. Jl says:

    “Looting proves Black America deserve reparations..”. A father tells his child “son, the more you do opposite of what we your parents tell you to do, the more allowance you’ll get….”

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