Excitable AOC Uses Double Tropical System To Push Her Green New Deal

You remember the Green New Deal, right? It was the one which AOC’s chief of staff said wasn’t even about climate change

This would be the same GND that has been around since February 2019, and has not been voted on in the House. I can’t even find any discussion on it in committee. Nor has AOC demanded a vote on it. And, remember, she pitched a fit when it was voted on in the GOP controlled Senate, where every Democrat voted present, including the Senate sponsor, Ed Markey. Heck, she even forgot that Markey sponsored it, wondering why they were voting on HER bill introduced in the House. She also can’t explain how her GND would stop tropical systems. Unless forcing Everyone Else to take the train (you don’t think she takes the train, right? Nothing so plebeian for her, she surely flies first class).

Meanwhile, the Earth will soon be above 130F all the time

Earth was 130 degrees this week. It will be much hotter one day.

As a heat wave roasted the western United States this week, temperatures in California’s Death Valley soared to a blistering 130 degrees Fahrenheit, marking the hottest temperature measured anywhere on Earth since 1931 and the third hottest day ever recorded on our planet, period.

“Recorded.” How far back does that go? And there really weren’t that many fossil fueled vehicles in 1931, and CO2 was well below the so-called doom threshold of 350ppm.

But Earth has seen warmer days in its past and it will experience them again in the future. During so-called hothouse periods, when the atmosphere was supercharged with greenhouse gases, the planet was much warmer than it is today and the worst heat waves were correspondingly nightmarish. And while human carbon emissions haven’t pushed Earth into a new hothouse state yet, climate change is making heat waves more frequent and severe, meaning Death Valley’s extreme temperatures are unlikely to stand for long. Earth won’t be as scorching and uninhabitable as Venus anytime soon—temperatures there are hot enough to melt lead—but heat that challenges the limits of human tolerance will occur more often as the century wears on, scientists say.

And in the very, very distant future, Earth might actually become like Venus.

So, um, what caused it to be so much warmer in the past, and why is that different from today? They don’t even attempt to say why there is a difference, they just expect people to take it on ClimaFaith.

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11 Responses to “Excitable AOC Uses Double Tropical System To Push Her Green New Deal”

  1. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Porter typed: Excitable AOC Uses Double Tropical System To Push Her Green New Deal

    Gulf coast Americans, east coast Americans and Californians may be thinking the scientists are right, and that Donnie (scam) and the Minions are wrong.

    • Kye says:

      Ya think so? Cause I don’t and I live on the East Coast. You’d be surprised how often “the minions” are correct if you’d open your closed mind once in a while.

      Trump 2020 Let the light of truth burn away the leftists.


    • formwiz says:

      Kinda doubt it.

      People on the East Coast (if they’re not Lefties) are pretty smart. And crying about high temps is a joke. Summers with 100 degree days and 100% humidity have always been in the cards.

    • Dana says:

      Perhaps they might believe that global warming climate change is real, but does that mean they want to see themselves and their children and their friends made poorer to stop it?

      Polls always show support for measures to fight global warming climate change, if it doesn’t cost people money. When they get asked if they are willing to see their sparktricity bills increased by any significant amount to do so, support drops off dramatically.

      Remember how the good citizens of very blue Washington state voted concerning Governor Jay Inslee’s carbon tax initiatives? Rejected, by landslide margins, twice, because they realized that, even though the costs would only fall on those wicked ol’ corporations, they’d just be passed down to consumers.

      There are a lot of things that people support when there’s no cost to themselves.

  2. Liljeffyatemypuppy says:

    Democrat Logic:
    If there isn’t a problem, create one.

    Lolgf https://www.thepiratescove.us/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_cool.gif

  3. Est1950 says:

    Many experts have concluded that the likely outcome of the 2020 Presidential election is that the Democrats will steal the election via mail in fraud.

    By Jan 20, 2021 there will still be no declared president.

    Nancy Pelosi will then become the new president while they continue to litigate 1000’s of local, state and national election including the presidency.

    Trump will be forced by the Surpeme court to step down and hand over the government to Nancy Pelosi who is number 3 in charge after Trump and Pence.

    And now you know why the left phoned in Joe Bidens Speech. Why they are not campaigning. Why they are not spending money. Why they are literally just waiting for the fiasco of mail in Voting.

    the Democrats fully intend to steal the 2020 with voter fraud through mail in ballots that are harvested and this year even the dead will indeed be voting.

    • formwiz says:

      Mail in fraud has voided several elections. since it’s the Demos’ thing, it will probably just alienate more people toward them.

      Besides, the way things are going, I think Trump will win by a much bigger margin than anyone believes.

  4. Est1950 says:

    COME ON MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!


    New Jersey..EIGHT.

    Now its not about death its about new cases.

    Many experts are claiming we probably already have reached herd immunity when you consider that about 1/4th of the country already has coronaviruses immunity from catching colds years ago from the corona virus colds that were going around.

    Herd immunity is here. Hydroxy works early and the democrats want to destroy your life and then do to YOU what they have done to black people for 80 years. Herd you on the plantation with the promise of free stuff.

    • formwiz says:

      No, the “new” cases are as phony as the old deaths. False positives are between 50 and 100%, depending on the test, and people counted as positive who haven’t even been tested.

      Only the old geezers wedded to TV news believe it.

      • Est1950 says:

        13 cases reported after Sturgis where 1000’s of bikers showed up. Herd immunity is here.

        Open the fuk up. The reason YOU have lost everything….you meaning those of you who are now broke because of the democrats locking down the country like victorian england used to lock the pants of their women.

        But the wailing and gnashing of teeth. 13 cases OMG the world is doomed. Shut down South Dakota and hide in your bunker until November 4th.

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